“Prince Of Wolf” ep 10 ~ Zhe Ming:”Mom, don’t leave me behind anymore!”

Everyone looks at Zhe Ming different. They think Zhe Ming is violent so he took wolf dad and returned to the Wolf Mountain. Shu Pei goes to Mimi to see if Mimi knows something about where Zhe Ming is and he finds out from Mimi that Zhe Ming got lost as a child and was raised by wolf mom and wolf dad on Wolf Mountain. Realizing that Wolf is Mandy’s lost child, Shu Pei rushes home and tells the Du family that Wolf is Du Zhe Ming. The next day Mandy went on the mountain to get Zhe Ming home.

Episode 10

The company organized a fan meeting for Wolf. But at the fan meeting there was shown a video with Wolf attacking some people on the street. Those people attacked Wolf and wolf dad first and Zhe Ming was only defending himself. Unfortunately for Zhe Ming the video was arranged to show that Wolf is violent and attacks people out of nowhere. After seeing that video all of Wolf’s fans left disappointed.

The only once that defend Wolf are Shu Pei and Mandy. But Qi Hong and his father don’t want to hear anything. Qi Hong insisted and convinced his father that it’s better to terminate their contract with Wolf. Meantime Wolf was with Mimi. She was consoling him and Zhe Ming was telling Mimi what really happened the night he attacked those people.

Zhe Ming is called at the company where he is announced that the company intends to terminate the contract with him. He looks at his grandfather and at Mandy and ask them if they believe them. Disappointed that they don’t believe in him, Zhe Ming asked them to terminate the contract.

Wolf:” Since you guys don’t want me anymore, I won’t stay here any longer either.”

Arriving home, Zhe Ming and Mimi saw the villagers making a scandal after seeing the video with Zhe Ming attacking people. To not create more trouble for the Tian family, Zhe Ming thanked Tian mother and Tian father for taking care of him and wolf dad and told everyone that the next morning they will return to the Wolf Mountain.

Mimi and Zhe Ming tell goodbye to each other. Because of what happened they have to break up. Zhe Ming gave Mimi a whistle and told her to use it when she needs him. No matter how far they are from each other, as long as he can hear the whistle sound, Zhe Ming will come running to her.

Mimi:”I will wait for you.”

Zhe Ming left presents for everyone and left early in the morning. Shu Pei came by to ask Mimi if she knows something about Wolf and wolf dad. Since Wolf doesn’t have a contract with Du Shi Corporation anymore, Mimi revealed Shu Pei that Wolf was lost as a child on Wolf Mountain. He was found and raised by wolf mom and wolf dad. Surprised to hear Wolf’s story, Shu Pei asked if Wolf still remembers his name. And he does! Wolf remembers that his name is Zhe Ming.

Shu Pei rushed home and told Mandy and the grandfather that Wolf’s name is Zhe Ming and he was raised by wolves on Wolf Mountain. Meantime, Qi Hong found from Mimi that Shu Pei plans to tell his family about Wolf being Zhe Ming. Qi Hong called Hao Wei and told him to be prepared because the cousin that was lost, Du Zhe Ming, has shown up.

The next day, Mimi accompanied Shu Pei and Mandy on Wolf Mountain to find Zhe Ming and bring him back home.

When they’ve met, Mandy told Zhe Ming how much the whole family, including his uncle who loves him, Qi Hong, looked for him. She showed Zhe Ming the handkerchief Zhe Ming used to clean wolf mom’s wound the day he got lost.

Zhe Ming waited all his life for his mother to come and get him. But now when she finally came for him, Zhe Ming isn’t happy. He keeps remembering Mandy’s expression after she saw the video with him attacking someone.

Zhe Ming and Mandy talk again. She insists for Zhe Ming to return home with her, but Zhe Ming ins’t willing to let wolf dad alone. They argued on that matter and Zhe Ming leaves. When he left, Mandy was so upset that she fainted.

Zhe Ming:”I’m not going back!”

Mandy is still unconscious and has high fever. Shu Pei is so worried about Mandy that she scolded Zhe Ming for treating his birth mother like that. Worried about Mandy, Zhe Ming picked some medicine herbs and made a paste out of them for his mother.

It’s time for Mandy, Shu Pei and Mimi to return home. Zhe Ming doesn’t leave with them. He can’t leave wolf dad alone. But knowing how much Zhe Ming suffers more than anyone, wolf dad encouraged Zhe Ming to go with them.

Zhe Ming:”Mom, don’t leave me behind anymore!”

Zhe Ming returned home. Hao Wei watches his grandfather hugging with love Zhe Ming, bowing his head and apologizing to Zhe Ming. He can’t compare with Zhe Ming in their grandfather’s heart. The grandfather always treated Hao Wei coldly. He said that it’s impossible for him, as an elder, to apologize to Hao Wei.

Hao Wei watches with jealousy how the family treats Zhe Ming. He knows that Zhe Ming could take everything from him. He goes to Zhe Ming to welcome him back. He tells Zhe Ming that from now on they will be brothers.

As things were going well, Mimi was accepted to a job as a photographer. The only inconvenient is that she will have to leave Taiwan for a year. Thinking how much Zhe Ming needs her, Mimi thinks of rejecting the job.

The next day it’s a party at the Du family house. Zhe Ming hears people talking bad about him, but still he doesn’t want to leave. At the party, Hao Wei invited Zhe Ming to drink together. Zhe Ming refused because he had to go and meet Mimi, but Qi Hong and Shu Pei, who didn’t know about Zhe Ming’s date with Mimi, insisted so much that Zhe Ming gave in.

Mimi was waiting for Zhe Ming when she received a picture from an unknown number. In that picture there were Zhe Ming and Shu Pei sleeping. She was sleeping in Zhe Ming’s arms and Zhe Ming seemed to kiss her. What Mimi didn’t know is that Qi Hong was the one that send the picture after arranging Zhe Ming and Shu Pei the way he wanted to make Zhe Ming and Mimi break up.

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