“Swimming Battle” ep 10 ~ Ah Fei:”Finally I can announce that we are a couple!”

Ah Fei found out why Yu Die lost her memory when she was 11 years old. Unfortunately there is a possibility for Yu Die to develop a mental illness if she recover her memory.

Fiona offered a part time job to Yu Die and the whole swimming team. While they were doing their part time job, Fiona appeared and pretended that she didn’t know Ah Fei was there. Like that she forced Ah Fei tell her that he is coaching the swimming team. Also Fiona pretended to support Ah Fei.

Episode 10

When Yu Die was 11 years old, coach He took Yu Die and his wife camping. He was planning to bring the swimming team there in the near future so he went to look around. Coach He was so focused on remembering the road and taking pictures that he didn’t even realized that a storm was coming. When he finally realized, he returned to the camping site. There he found Yu Die and his wife being taken away by the water. Luckily Yu Die’s mother saw a branch and told Yu Die to hold tight. To make sure that the branch won’t break, Yu Die’s mother let go of that branch. She was taken away by the water and got drowned. As a result Yu Die suffered so much and blamed herself until her brain decided that it’s better for young Yu Die to forget that horrible experience, including her mother and the fact that she knows how to swim.

Realizing that Ah Fei is teaching Yu Die how to swim and that Yu Die is starting to remember her past, coach He revealed everything to Ah Fei. He even begged Ah Fei to help him protect Yu Die and stop her from remembering her mother’s death.

Ah Fei went to see Yu Die’s medic from 16 years ago. He was shocked to find out that the fact that Yu Die didn’t remember her trauma for so many years is a sign that she isn’t ready to face it. If Yu Die remembers her pain she could develop a mental illness and go back to the autistic state she was after her mother’s death.

Yu Die helped the swimming team train until Ah Fei arrived. But once Ah Fei arrived, the high school principal also brought them an upsetting news. The Haitao Marlins will have to train in their swimming pool for a while.

Fiona came to ask Yu Die a favor. She is hosting a party and needs some help. Fiona asked Yu Die to come together with Ah Fei and the swimming team to help her at the party and they will be paid for their work. Since the swimming team needs new equipments, Yu Die agreed.

Shan Shan and Xiao Mi sneaked into the swimming pool to see what kind of training does the Black Witch with the Marlins swimming team. Unfortunately for them, Ke Qi saw them and locked the door behind them. To not get caught, Shan Shan and Xiao Mi hid into the locker room when the Marlins swimming team arrived. Ah Lang saw them! He helped the girls get out without being seen. But Ah Lang told the Flying Fish swimming team, especially Yi Lei, that Xiao Mi entered the swimming pool to see him. Upset, Yi Lei left.

The night came and Yu Die took the swimming team and Ke Le to Fiona’s party for part time jobs. Ah Fei came too. He and Fiona met, but Fiona didn’t say anything in front of Yu Die. Suddenly there is a noise. At that party there are also Yi Lei’s father and his wife. She insulted Yi Lei and his mother.

Yi Lei went outside upset. His father followed him and consoled him. For the first time Yi Lei’s father said in front of someone outside their family that Yi Lei is his son. Later Xiao Mi also went to talk to Yi Lei. They talked about Yi Lei’s relationship with his father. Because Yi Lei was in a good mood, Xiao Mi explained him why she went to spy the Marlins swimming team and they’ve made up.

After the party, Ah Fei explained Fiona why he was there with the Flying Fish swimming team. Fiona pretended that she didn’t know anything about Ah Fei coaching the swimming team. She pretended to understand Ah Fei and support him. She even insisted that Ah Fei shouldn’t reveal his true identity to Yu Die until they are dating to be sure that Yu Die falls in love with the penniless swimming coach and not the president of Haida, Gao Hai Fei.

Ah Fei:”Please don’t treat Yu Die as a gold digger.”

Yu Die is about to fall when Ah Fei caught her. They’ve kissed and decided to announce everyone that they are a couple. Before announcing everyone, Ah Fei reveals Yu Die his true identity. She gets angry and slaps him! Luckily for Ah Fei that was only his dream.

Ah Fei:”Finally I can announce that we are a couple!”

Yu Die called Ah Fei to help her with her swimming training. He went and didn’t stop her. He decided to continue helping Yu Die swim, even if she will recover her memory.

Ah Fei:”I’ve decided to help Yu Die fulfill her wish.”

The next day, while the Flying Fish swimming team where watching the video that Shan Shan and Xiao Mi took with the Marlins swimming team training, Ah Lang came angry. He took the phone and deleted the video. Ke Qi had already told the Black Witch what Shan Shan and Xiao Mi did and Ah Lang wanted to help them. Later when the Black Witch confronted Ah Fei and Yu Die and they’ve searched all the phones, they didn’t find anything.

Ke Qi has a black belt certificate so she offered to teach the girls some self defense classes. She chose Er Tai as a partner to show the girls what they should do if there are attacked on the streets.

Yu Die and Ah Fei went to buy new swim trunks and equipments for the swimming team. Then they’ve went shopping. Yu Die wanted to buy cologne for Ke Le. He always smells like fish so Fiona won’t fall in love with him like that. But Ah Fei got jealous and insisted to buy himself the cologne for Ke Le. To make Yu Die give up the idea of buying the present for Ke Le herself, Ah Fei asked her to buy cologne for him.

Ah Fei:”The prince will always, always, be by the little mermaid’s side.”

Later, Ah Fei took Yu Die to see kissing fishes. There he confessed Yu Die who he really is.

Ah Fei:”The real president of Haida Enterprise is me…Gao Hai Fei!”

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