“Prince Of Wolf” ep 11 ~ Mimi:”In my heart, there’s no you.”

Mimi received an offer to go to America and improve as a photographer. After Qi Hong got between Mimi and Zhe Ming, Mimi left for America without saying a word to Zhe Ming. After a year, when Mimi returned, Zhe Ming was totally different. He was cold and sarcastic. He was even avoiding her.

Episode 11

Mimi and Zhe Ming had arranged to meet at the wishing tree. But Qi Hong and Hao Wei got Zhe Ming and Shu Pei drunk. Then Qi Hong took a picture of Zhe Ming and Shu Pei sleeping in each other’s arms and sent it to Mimi. After seeing the picture, Mimi decided to go to America for an year. Mimi clearly heard Zhe Ming telling Shu Pei, a few day ago, that he was going to propose to her. Still she decided to believe in a picture that came from an unknown number. She didn’t tell Zhe Ming anything and just left…..

When he woke up, Zhe Ming remembered about his date with Mimi. He ran over, but it was too late. He then went to Mimi’s house, but by the time he arrived, Mimi had already left for the airport. ..Funny how in dramas one can find a airplane ticket available at whatever hour they one… At the time Zhe Ming was the most devastated, Hao Wei showed up to show his true colors.

Time has passed and Zhe Ming improved a lot. Now he is a director at the same level as Hao Wei. He is smart and he seems to be able to find better options for their products than Hao Wei. Because one of their bicycles doesn’t sell well, Hao Wei proposed to close the production line. Of course Zhe Ming was against it. The report didn’t convince Zhe Ming and he is sure that he can find a better solution instead of closing the production line. At the end of that meeting, the grandfather announced that in one month he will choose his successor. Zhe Ming and Hao Wei have one month to find solutions that will benefit the company. The one who will find the best solution will be the successor.

During the year she was away, Mimi kept in touch with Hao Wei. They talk to each other and Mimi tells Hao Wei everything she does…with details.

Mimi’s work as a photographer received a prize. Shu Pei found an article about Mimi and her work and showed it to Zhe Ming. But he is distant towards everything related to Mimi. Hao Wei’s words from the day Mimi left that Zhe Ming can’t be there when Mimi needs him the most affected Zhe Ming. He is upset with himself for being late at his date with Mimi under the wishing tree.

Because he needs someone that he can trust, Zhe Ming called Jiang Ping and offered him a job.  From Jiang Ping, Zhe Ming found out that Mimi in returning and went to the airport.  He and Mimi saw each other. They looked at each other’s eyes. Zhe Ming goes towards Mimi, but passes her as if he does not know her. Zhe Ming had actually come to the airport to pick up Shu Pei who was returning from Japan.  For a moment Mimi had the hope that Zhe Ming came for her, but she saw Zhe Ming and Shu Pei happy with each other. Then Hao Wei arrived to pick up Mimi.

Shu Pei took Zhe Ming to a photography exhibition. All the money raised from selling the pictures there will be donated. Zhe Ming looks around and sees a picture with a child and a wolf. That picture made his heart skip a beat, remembering him of his childhood. He insisted to buy that picture even if that wasn’t for sale. Zhe Ming wanted so badly to buy that picture that he wanted to talk to the photographer, without knowing that the photographer was Mimi. At first Mimi refused to sell the paining saying that “art is priceless”, but everyone insisted to sell it since the money will be donated that she had to accept. Zhe Ming paid a large amount of money for that picture saying sarcastically what Mimi said earlier. Then, in front of Mimi, Zhe Ming said that he is giving that painting to Shu Pei as present.

Zhe Ming:”Art is priceless. The things I spend my money on are mine!”

Mimi:”In my heart, there’s no you.”

At the factory that Hao Wei proposed to be closed is a protest. The employees found out that the factory is closing down and are angry. Zhe Ming and Shu Pei run over to calm the spirits. Mimi, who has to interview Zhe Ming, went also. She saw Zhe Mign protecting Shu Pei from the angry employees and then promising the people that he will find a way to save the factory.

For days Zhe Mign overworked himself so Shu Pei dragged him home. They are living together now. She sent Zhe Ming to rest until she cooks dinner and waits for Mimi, whom she invited over. When Mimi arrived, Shu Pei went to call Zhe Ming, but found him fainted and with fever. With the excuse that she will go to the pharmacy to get medicine for Zhe Ming, Shu Pei left the house letting Mimi and Zhe Ming alone.




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