“Shopping King Louis” ep 1~ep2 ~ Louis:”I’m afraid of being alone.”

Shopping King Louis is a drama about the lonely hair of a rich family, Louis, and the poor but energetic Bok Shil. After his parents died in a tragic accident when he was a child, Louis was raised by his overprotective grandmother. Since the grandmother had her fortune read and was told that she has a powerful fortune that kills her loved once, Louis grandmother send Louis to France. Since he has a lonely life, Louis tries to fill his emotional void by spending money without any care.

When his grandmother fell ill, Louis returned to Korea. He gets into an accident and loses his memory. At that time Louis met Bok Shi, who had recently moved to Seoul from a rural area. She has no house or money, spending her nights at the sauna. Bok Shil can’t leave Louis alone and takes him with her.


Seo In Guk      as   Louis/ Kang Ji Sung

Nam Ji Hyun          as     Go Bok Shil

Yoon Sang Hyun   as     Cha Joong Won

Im Se Mi                as     Baek Ma Ri

Episode 1

Louis is an immature and spoiled young man who spends his days and nights buying everything just to spend money. Once he goes shopping, Louis just picks everything that is new, rare and limited edition.

Louis:”They talk to me!”

One day, while he was watching TV, Louis sees Bok Shil. She is a poor girl who works hard to feed her family. Seeing the pure and energetic girl smiling, Louis can’t take his eyes of her. Bok Shil goes on the mountain to pick up medicinal herbs and lives with her grandmother and her brother in a house without electricity. Her biggest wish is to buy a refrigerator one day so she won’t have to cook everyday during summer.  Few days later, Bok Shil comes home from the mountain and finds her grandmother dead.

Left alone after her grandmother’s death, Bok Shik packs her bags and goes to look for her brother. He had left home a while ago and doesn’t know that their grandmother died. On the train Bok Shil met an old lady. She shared her food with the old lady, but the old lady fooled innocent Bok Shil and stole Bok Shil’s bag.

Arrived in Seoul, Bok Shil sees Cha Joong Won and approaches him. The only think she has left on her is the wild ginseng she found on the mountain the day her grandmother died. Bok Shil tried to sell the wild ginseng to Joong Won and get some money. At first Joong Won didn’t want to buy the wild ginseng and considered Bok Shil crazy. But she insisted until Joong Won gave her some money. The rest she will get it after Joong Won will confirm that the ginseng she sold its real.

Louis grandmother fainted and was admitted to the hospital. As soon as he heard about his grandmother’s condition Louis returned to Seoul.  Before Louis arrived, his grandmother recovered and asked her secretary to prepare a party in which she will announce Louis as her successor.

Bok Shil searches for her brother, Bok Nam, around Seoul. She sees a homeless man wearing the same jacket at her brother and goes to him. The homeless man was Louis.

Episode 2

When his grandmother fainted, Louis returned to Korea. For the airport he took his car and drove as fast as he could. Unfortunately Louis was involved in a car accident. Louis car was found at the accident scene with his belongings and everyone thinks he died.

Bok Shil looks for her brother around Seoul and meets Louis, but he lost his memory after the accident. Louis is wearing Bok Nan’s clothes. He doesn’t remember who he is or what his name is. He is always speaking in English and French, not just Korean. Since the homeless can’t remember who he is and he is wearing her brother’s clothes, Bok Shil decided to take care of him.

Bok Shil takes the homeless with her at work. She is working as a cleaning lady at the company that Louis grandmother owns. Unfortunately no one that knew Louis saw him.

Since she doesn’t have a house, Bok Shil took the homeless man to the sauna she is living at. She shows him around and takes care of him. She even likes him after he washed up and Bok Shil saw that the homeless is actually handsome.

Louis:”I’m afraid of being alone. Please stay with me until my memory comes back.”

The next day Bok Shil went to work leaving Louis at the sauna. If he will leave with her than Bok Shil will have to pay for his entrance again at night. She left him a small amount of money for lunch and left. Instead of buying food with those money, Louis got only coffee. Then he went around the sauna and found some money that someone had lost.

When Bok Shil returned from work she found a woman fighting Louis. She lost her money and accused Louis of stealing from her. Because of that incident Louis and Bok Shil had to leave the sauna in the middle of the night. They see a convenience store and went inside to eat some ramen. Suddenly Bok Shil sees the old lady that stole her bag in the train and run after her. The old lady recognized Bok Shil run away. But Bok Shil is persistent and caught the old lady. Unfortunately Louis remained behind. He doesn’t know where he is and he is scared.

Impressed by the old lady’s story, Bok Shil let her go without recovering her money. But Bok Shil doesn’t remember where she left Louis. When she finally found Louis, he was beaten up by a gang of high school girls. While he was beaten, Louis remembered having met a gang that beat him up the day he arrived in Seoul. Bok Shil had to fight those girls, but in the end Bok Shil was beaten up and the high school girls took all her money.

After spending the night on the street Bok Shil went to work. She took Louis with her and let him sleep in the toilet. When he woke up, Louis left the toilet. First he met Joong Won who saw Louis wearing a counterfeit jacket from their company. Luckily Louis could run away from Joong Won. Then he took the elevator where Ma Ri saw him. She recognized him and run after him. But Louis ran away and with Bok Shil’s help he could get away from Ma Ri too.

On that day Bok Shil rented a rooftop apartment for Louis and herself. The next day at work she met Joong Won.

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