“Swimming Battle” ep 11~ Ah Fei:”Repay me with your future.”

Ah Fei revealed Yu Die his true identity. She realizes that there were a lot of clues to Ah Fei’s identity, but she foolishly ignored all of them. But Yu Die insists of getting Ke Le and Fiona closer to each other.

Episode 11

Ah Fei confessed to Yu Die his real identity and asked Ah Luo to confirm. Not knowing how to react and how to face Ah Fei and also embarrassed that Ah Luo saw Ah Fei and herself kissing, Yu Die left. Thinking that Yu Die is upset with him, Ah Fei follows her. When they met again, they talked about everything that happened that night and Ah Fei realized that Yu Die isn’t upset with him for lying.

Ah Fei:”Repay me with your future.”

Ah Fei covered up the swimming team goggles because he wants to teach the boys blind swimming. He remembered an Olympic swimmer in which goggles got water and he had to rely on his muscle memory to finish the race. After training the boys went to the kitchen to eat what Xiao Mi and Shan Shan prepared. They find the Marlins boys in front of the door. The principle invited the Marlins swimming team to eat lunch with the Flying Fish swimming team. But there was nothing to eat. Shan Shan and Xiao Mi got into a fight with Ke Qi and no one cooked. Luckily there was some bread, some sausages, lettuce and mayonnaise and they boy made some sandwiches for themselves.

Yu Die and Ah Fei work hard to get Ke Le and Fiona closer. They bring Fiona and Ke Le out for exercise. The four of them went biking. While Fiona was trying to get between Ah Fei and Yu Die, an accident happened and Yu Die fell. While Ah Fei was taking care of her wound, Yu Die thought that it could be a good opportunity for Ke Le and Fiona to spend some time together.

Ke Le and Fiona left. Fiona likes Ah Fei, while Ke Le likes Yu Die. But Fiona’s love is like the feeling of possession. She has to have Ah Fei. Meantime Ke Le’s love for Yu Die is pure and sincere. He likes Yu Die, but if Yu Die is happy with another man, Ke Le is willing to support Yu Die’s happiness.

After letting Ke Le and Fiona alone, Yu Die and Ah Fei went on a date. While walking around the market, Yu Die and Ah Fei registered to an eating contest.

Everyone is leaving school when Ke Qi practically forces Er Tai to come with her. She often goes to pick up trash from the beach so she took Er Tai with her. She confessed that she likes him and threw away the button from Yi Lei’s uniform that she was holding since junior high. Yi Lei and Xiao Mi were so worried that Ke Qi could harm Er Tai that they followed them. When she heard about Yi Lei’s second uniform button being with Ke Qi, Xiao Mi was jealous. To make Xiao Mi feel better, Yi Lei ripped all of his buttons and gave them to Xiao Mi.

Everything that Ke Qi is doing to get Er Tai’s attention is actually the plan Ah Luo made for Ah Fei and Yu Die a long time ago. After Ah Luo threw away the plan, Ke Qi picked it up and used it.

Ah Fei took the Flying Fish swimming team to the beach. Since they have to share the swimming pool with the Marlins team, Ah Fei decided to take his boys to sea training. And he swam with them in the sea.

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