“Shopping King Louis” ep 3 ~ Louis:” Louis…she called my name.”

Louis meets a neighbor and gets his first friend ever. Meantime Bok Shil met Joong Won and recovered the money for her wild ginseng. With that money Bok Shil and Louis went shopping. The following days, Louis and In Sung went to give flyers of Bok Nam. After that Louis saw something that brought his flash back’s of his memory. But then Louis was fooled and lost all of Bok Shil’s money.

Episode 3

“In my new beginning, she was there.”

It’s raining outside and Louis is stuck to stay inside the house. But he sees a little bug and gets scared. He runs outside and stays there, under the stairs to not get wet. Suddenly a man approached him. They went eating and got friendly with each other. Meantime Bok Shil met Joong Won at the company. When she saw him, Bok Shil grabbed Joong Won’s collar and asked for her money, the payment for her ginseng. But Joong Won pushed her and Bok Shil fainted. Worried, Joong Won took Bok Shil at the hospital and discovered that she suffers from malnutrition. Then when Geum Ja came to bring Bok Shil’s clothes from the company, Joong Won found out what a hard life Bok Shil has.

Since his parents already sold the wild ginseng for the right amount, Joong Won paid Bok Shil her money and he even promoted her. When Bok Shil arrived home smiling, she got rid of the bug that scared Louis. But seeing her smiling like that, Louis has a flash back with Bok Shil’s face from the documentary he saw with her while he was in France.

With the money Bok Shil got, she and Louis went shopping. They’ve got everything they needed around the house from frying pan to blankets. Then they went clothes shopping, they had something to eat. Before going home, they’ve bought phones for the both of them.  There are a lot of things that Bok Shil doesn’t know, but the amnesic Louis still remembers everything from the time he was the shopping king.

On their way home with all the heavy bags, Bok Shil and Louis met In Sung. He helped them carry the bags and accompanied them to the convenience store to buy what they were missing.

Back at the house Louis gets upset because Bok Shil put a curtain to separate the room. Later when Bok Shil was doing laundry she sees Louis’s underwear with his name on it. They realize that the amnesic name must be Louis and they start calling him that.

Louis:” Louis…she called my name.”

Bok Shil leaves for her new job. Louis accompanied her to the bus station and because Bok Shil didn’t want to wear one of the dresses they’ve bought the other day, Louis made her a flower from a scarf to improve her looks.

At work, everyone is curious why did Joong Won hired someone like Bok Shil who doesn’t even know how to use a computer. But Ma Ri uses Bok Shil to let everyone believe that she is a saving angel.

Back at the house Bok Shil has to clean the house while Louis watches TV. He is watching a documentary about trips to Europe. He sees a familiar alley and tells Bok Shil about it.

In Sung and Louis went to give flyers with Bok Nam. Then they went around the market and bought clothes. Suddenly Louis sees something that gives him flash back from his childhood and the car accident. He has a headache!

In the morning Louis keeps following Bok Shil around their small house.

Louis:”Because I like you.”

While he was waiting for In Sung to come, Louis received a phone call from a scammer. Innocently Louis believed everything the scammer said and lost all the money in the back account. Because he lost all the money, Louis left a note.

Louis:”Don’t look for me!”

Being on the streets Louis sees a dog that brings him flash backs from his childhood. When he was a child, Louis had a dog named Koboshi. While he was following the dog, Bok Shil appeared.

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