“Shopping King Louis” ep 4 ~ Louis:”Are you confessing your feelings for me or what?”

Louis keeps searching for his lost memory, but he can’t seem to remember anything. Meantime Baek Seon Goo and his wife saw Louis. Baek Seon Goo asked one of his people to look into Louis accident and found out that Louis wasn’t the man who died in the car accident. Someone else was driving Louis car at the moment. Bok Shil adapted to her new job. With Louis help, Bok Shil has a product that could become a hit soon. She is so excited that she tells Ma Ri her idea. Unfortunately, Ma Ri stole Bok Shil’s idea and presented it as her own.

Episode 4

Louis:”I want my memory back.”

Bok Shil found Louis and brought him back. She is furious that he lost all her money, but she can’t let him leave since he doesn’t have where to go. But at the house Bok Shil noticed that Louis bought a lot of useless things just to spend money.

Seeing Bok Shil so furious, Louis goes downstairs to eat dinner with In Sung. Another upset person is Geum Ja. She leaves In Sung and Louis eating dinner and goes to Bok Shil. She encourages Bok Shil to let go of Louis because he is ruining her life.

Together with In Sung, Louis went to the department store to find out for whom it was made the underwear with his name on it. But there he was seen as a pervert and asked to leave. While walking around the department store, Louis met Ma Ri’s mother who recognized him.

Louis came to have lunch with Bok Shil. In front of the company Louis met Joong Won and while they were talking Baek Seon Goo saw them. Baek Seon Goo is the one that arranged for Louis to die. Now he believes that Joong Won sensed something and saved Louis. For that Baek Seon Goo asked someone to look into Joong Won and find out if Louis really died or if Louis is alive.  Then he sent his wife to visit Louis’s grandmother and see if there is something strange there.

Louis comes home and sees a chair that he likes thrown on the street. He brings it home and while he sits there, Louis makes In Sung hold an umbrella for him. When Bok Shil arrived home, she found the laundry hanging outside, the house a mess and Louis sleeping on his new chair. She gets angry and starts cleaning while scolding Louis. He apologizes and they start cleaning together. Pleased that Louis helped her, Bok Shil paid him. She gave Louis his first earned coin with his own work.

Bok Shil:”Why do you have to be so handsome?”

The next morning, while Bok Shil was holding the umbrella for Louis, In Sung and his mother came by. Bok Shil had asked Geum Ja to bring some garlic for Louis to peel and get paid.

Louis peels the garlic, but his neck and eyes hurts so he buys a massager and goggles. Because he spend triple the amount his going to receive for the peeled garlic, Bok Shil runs home and scolds Louis again.

After dinner Louis and Bok Shil talk outside about Bok Shil’s day at work. Then Louis gives Bok Shil an idea about a product to be promoted at the company. Louis explained everything to Bok Shil about the new bottle that the company should produce as their next item. But unfortunately Bok Shil made the mistake to tell everything to Ma Ri, including the detailed explanation that Louis told her. Ma Ri stole Bok Shil’s idea and introduced it as hers at the meeting. Bok Shil is shocked that Ma Ri, whom she thought was an angle, stole her idea.

The only one, beside Bok Shil and Ma Ri, that knew that the Gold Line Bottle was actually Bok Shil’s idea was Joong Won. He saw Bok Shil preparing for her presentation one night.

Depressed Bok Shil goes home. She gets off the bus and it’s raining. She plans to run home, but suddenly Louis showed up with an umbrella. He had come to pick up Bok Shil. When she saw Louis all of Bok Shil’s stress disappeared. She starts crying.

Bok Shil:”I’m just happy.”

Louis:”Are you confessing your feelings for me or what?”

Louis hugged Bok Shil and consoled her. But the happiness disappeared as soon as they arrived home and Bok Shil saw that Louis forgot to get the laundry inside when it started to rain.

In the morning when she woke up, Bok Shil is impressed to see Louis drying her sneakers.

Arriving at work, Bok Shil sees on her desk a present. Someone gave her a pair of shows. Thinking that they are from Ma Ri, Bok Shil wanted to throw them away. But they were from Joong Won so she kept them and wore them happily. Days passed and Bok Shil adapted well to her new work.

Secretary Kim wants to buy a massager and looks online for one. He reads the reviews and sees a review that Louis made to earn some money and it was signed with Louis’s signature “shopping king Louis”.

Bok Shil is sick! Louis went to buy her cold medicine and took care of her the whole night. In the morning when he woke up Bok Shil had already left for work. Worried about Bok Shil,  Louis goes to the company to bring Bok Shil something to eat. At the company Louis met Baek Seon Goo who had just found out that Louis is alive.

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