“Shopping King Louis” ep 5 ~ Louis:”My body feels heavy and tired, but my heart feels hot.”

Louis comes to the company and meets Baek Seon Goo. Later Joong Won comes to visit Bok Shil at the house and gets jealous when he finds out that Bok Shil and Louis live together. Because he likes Bok Shil, Joong Won invited Louis to live at his house. Joong Won and Ma Ri had to go on a business trip to Busan and Joong Won took Bok Shil with them. When he heard that Bok Shil left with Joong Won, Louis run over to Busan. Returned to Seoul, Bok Shil wants to go at the cinema. But on his way there, Louis is involved in a car accident.

Episode 5

Bok Shil was sick so Louis took care of her the whole night. He went to buy medicine for her and took care of Bok Shil’s fever.

Bok Shil:”I was scared all throughout the night, but Louis protected me.”

When Louis woke up, Bok Shil had already left for work. He went there to give her some porridge, but when he arrived at the company, Louis met Baek Seon Goo, who is shocked to see Louis. At the second their eyes met, Baek Seon Goo had just found out that the person driving Louis car at the time of the accident wasn’t Louis, which means Louis is still alive. Louis goes to Baek Seon Goo and greets him. When Bok Shil comes down from her office, Louis even introduced her to Baek Seon Goo. Scared that Louis could offend the president of the company, Bok Shil drags Louis away.

Bok Shil and Louis leave the company holding hands and one of Bok Shil’s coworkers saw them. She ran to the office and told everyone that Bok Shil’s boyfriend came to pick her up. Meantime Bok Shil is feeling tired so Louis offers to carry her home.

Louis:”My body feels heavy and tired, but my heart feels hot.”

Happy they go home, but the happiness didn’t last long. When they’ve entered the house and Bok Shil saw the house dirty, the happiness disappeared. She wants to clean the house, but Louis wants Bok Shil to eat first. They fight over eating or cleaning first until the hot porridge is spilled on Louis. He takes off his clothes and Bok Shil helps him wipe the hot porridge. At that moment Joong Won entered the room.

To leave Joong Won and Bok Shil alone, Louis went downstairs to In Sung and Geum Ja. But hearing Geum JA saying that Joong Won likes Bok Shil, Louis gets jealous.

At the house, Joong Won is shocked to hear that Bok Shil and Louis live together. When Bok Shil told him how she met Louis and why she is living with him, Joong Won tried to convince her to let Louis go. Later Joong Won talked to Louis and tried to convince Louis to move with him instead of living with Bok Shil.

Louis:”Are you bragging about your nice house? You’re the worse.”

At night Louis can’t fall asleep knowing that Joong Won likes Bok Shil and wants him out of Bok Shil’s life. He tells Bok Shil that Joong Won wanted Louis to move into his house. Then Louis asked Bok Shil to not like Joong Won back or he will be sad.

Louis:”You can’t like him, even if he likes you..or I’ll be sad.”

That night Bok Shil told Louis that she is afraid of thunder because her parents died in front of her due to a landslide on a rainy night, when she was a child. Louis consoled her.

Joong Won and Ma Ri were supposed to go on a business trip to Busan. Ma Ri was excited since she seems to like Joong Won at the moment. Unfortunately for her, Joong Won asked Bok Shil to accompany them.

When he heard that Bok Shil is going to Busan with Joong Won, Louis couldn’t stay still. He went to Busan too. Arrived in Busan, Bok Shil goes for a walk on the beach. Louis and In Sung arrived too and called her to ask where she is. Because she didn’t know where she was, Bok Shil asked an old lady. That old lady was Louis’s grandmother.

Before Louis arrived where Bok Shil is, Baek Seon Goo managed to take the grandmother away.

Together with In Sung and Louis, Bok Shil visited Busan. They went to the market and had something to eat. Then they took pictures and went on the beach. The beach view seemed familiar to Louis, but he still can’t remember anything. Suddenly Louis hears some parents calling their little boy, Ji Sung. He has a headache and some memory flash backs. He gets up, but he fell on the ground. When he got up, Louis hugged Bok Shil with all his might.

Bok Shil got her contract extended and a credit card. As a present Louis went shopping again. He bought a bag, shoes, clothes and a vacuum cleaner. But everything was too expensive so Bok Shil sent him to return everything and get a refund.

Being front the mountain area, Bok Shil never went at the cinema so she asked Louis to take her. She arrived at the cinema, but is late. He stopped to buy Bok Shil a flower. Excited, Louis goes to the cinema. But on the way an accident happened. Louis was hit by a car!

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