“Something About One Percent”ep1~ep2~ Jae In:”You need a man and I need you.”

Something About One Percent (2016) with Ha Suk Jin and Jeon So Min is a remake of  One Percent of Something (2003) with Kang Dong Won and Kim Jung Hwa. The story is about faith that leads a couple together.

Lee Jae In is handsome, smart and from a rich family. His only flaw is that he is really arrogant.  He runs a hotel and the employees fear him. But in front of the hotel’s guest Lee Jae In is the most courteous man in the entire world. Jae In always gets what he wants and never lost anything…until his grandfather decided to teach him a lesson.  The grandfather met a nice woman and gave her the entire fortune and Jae In has to marry her. Kim Do Hyun is a strong willed school teacher .

Episode 1

Kim Da Hyun is a teacher. One day when she took her students out, Da Hyun heard a noise. She went to check it out and saw an old man lying unconscious on the ground. She took the old man to the hospital, paid his hospital bill and didn’t accept any money in return. The old man couldn’t go without paying Da Hyun back so feel better he gave Da Hyun an apple.

In the weekend Da Hyun goes to an expensive hotel for an arranged marriage meeting. On the hallway she bumped into Jae In. He is good looking , smart and comes from a wealthy family. The hotel is his! His employees fear him. Jae In is also really arrogant. But with the hotel guests he is the sweetest and most courteous man in the world.

The old man that Da Hyun helped the other day is Jae In’s grandfather. He is so grateful towards Da Hyun for saving his life that he changed his will. The lawyer called Jae In to his office and announced him that the grandfather changed his will again. The grandfather left his entire fortune to the one that will marry Kim Da Hyun.

Together with his lawyer, arrogant Jae In went to the school where Da Hyun works. Before the lawyer got the chance to explain Da Hyun why they are there looking for her, Jae In revealed his arrogant side while asking Da Hyun how she seduced his grandfather to get all the money.  But Da Hyun doesn’t get intimidated by him easily.

Da Hyun:”I’m sure you get into tons of trouble with that nasty temper of yours.”

The entire time they were in the same room Jae In and Da Hyun argued with each other. Jae In must be arrogant, but he doesn’t find it easy to fight against Da Hyun. She isn’t easy to handle. The only thing they agreed with was the marriage. Either of them wants to marry the other.

Because his grandfather wasn’t answering the phone, Jae In went to see him. The grandfather insists the Jae In marries Da Hyun. If Jae In won’t marry her, then the other grandson, Tae Ha will be given the choice to marry Da Hyun and inherit everything. Feeling like he will lose everything, Jae In gave in and agreed to date Da Hyun for six months before making a decision.

The next day Jae In went to look for Da Hyun.

Jae In:”This is just coincidence. It’s not fate.”

Episode 2

Jae In accepted to date Da Hyun for six months so he went to see her. They went to a coffee shop to talk, but they still can’t seem to get on the same page. Because Da Hyun till believes that she is scammed, she asks Jae In to take her to his grandfather and have a conversation in three. But the grandfather refused, Jae In is all alone in this. They return to the coffee shop where Jae In proves Da Hyun that he is who he is saying to be. Unfortunately Da Hyun still refuses to have any type of relationship with him.

Jae In:”I don’t play losing games.”

Jae In calls Da Hyun and they meet again. He keeps talking about the money and power Da Hyun will have if she accepts him. Still Da Hyun isn’t interested. She is willing to accept the money, but if she has to marry someone like Jae In to get the money then she has to refuse them.

The weekend came and Jae In met his mother at the hotel. While they were having lunch together, Jae In sees Da Hyun. Her mother arranged another meeting for her. Seeing Da Hyun happy with the man she is meeting, Jae In couldn’t stay still. He went to their table and ruined the meeting making the other man think that Jae In and Da Hyun are dating.

After the man she was meeting left, Da Hyun’ s mother called her. The mother scolds Da Hyun for not telling the family that she is dating someone.

Jae In and Da Hyun talk calmly. They both tell what they want and they agree with dating for six months.

Jae In:”You need a man and I need you.”

On her way out, Da Hyun didn’t pay attention on the street and a car was about to hit her. Luckily for her Jae In was there and saved her.

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