“Swimming Battle” ep 12~ Yu Die:” Gao Hai Fei…you’ve been fired! I don’t need you anymore!”

Someone poisoned the Marlins swimming team’s lunch and the Flying Fish swimming team are blamed for it. And if things weren’t bad enough, Hai Fei’s company needs him or it could go bankrupt. When she found out about Hai Fei’s problems at the company she broke up with him.

Episode 12

While Xiao Mi and Shan Shan were cooking for the flying fish swimming team, the principal called them to his office. When they’ve arrived at the principal’s office, he wasn’t there. They wait for him until he comes.

The principal called the two girls and went to the kitchen. When he was coming out from there, the principal met Ke Qi.

During lunch time, Ah Fei and Yu Die hear the ambulance and rushes over to the kitchen. Arrived there they see the paramedics taking the sick Marlins swimming team members. The Marlins swimming team members were poisoned, but the Flying fish swimming team where alright. Knowing that the situation isn’t good for them, Ah Fei took all the food to be tested. Unfortunately Ah Fei, Yu Die and the whole Flying fish swimming team are blamed to be the once that poisoned their rivals food.

When Yu Die and the teenagers went to see the Marlins swimming team at hospital, the coach Hei accused them of poisoning her team’s lunch in from of the reporters that were there.

Ah Fei:”Violence doesn’t solve anything.”

Ah Fei arrived with the test results. The Marlins swimming team food was indeed poisoned intentionally. Coach Hei keeps blaming the Flying fish swimming team. While they were arguing there, Ke Qi remembered having met the principal, but she didn’t say a word.

The problems at school aren’t the only problems around Ah Fei. As soon as he arrived home, Ah Fei sees Fiona who was waiting for him to tell him that there are problems at the company and if he doesn’t return to fix the emergency the company could lose millions. What Ah Fei can’t suspect is that all the problems at the company were created by Fiona to force him return to the company and stay away of Yu Die.

Because Ah Fei refuses to let go of the swimming team and return to the company, Fiona went to see Yu Die. She brought Yu Die at the company, showed Yu Die the people who were working hard and told Yu Die that if Hai Fei won’t return at his rightful place than Haida could go bankrupt.

Later when she met Ah Fei, Yu Die can’t stop thinking about Fiona’s words. Yu Die blames herself for making Ah Fei’s life difficult just to save the Flying Fish swimming team and the high school.

Yu Die:”I don’t want you to suffer anymore.”

Ke Qi is suspicious of the principal so she went, at night, to see if she can find any evidence in the principal’s office before she tells coach Hei everything. At the school, Ke Qi met Ah Luo who was there with the same mission.  The files of the day of the incident were deleted so Ah Luo took the hard drive to try and find the deleted files.

When Ah Lou told him about the missing files, Ah Fei realized that he didn’t pay too much attention to the principal, who is intending to sell the school. Ah Fei asked Ah Lou to find someone that can keep an eye on the principal.

Things are hard on Ah Fei. He can’t let down Yu Die and the Flying Fish team so he will keep helping them. But his business needs him too.

The Flying Fish team where offered to be models, but because of the scandal with the food poison they were changed for the Marlins swimming team. When Ah Fei went at the place where the photo shot was taking place, he saw Yi Lei, Er Tai, You Yu, An Zhou and Yu Die taking care of everything the Marlins swimming team needed. If the Marlins swimming team needed something to drink, then someone from the Flying Fish team will go buy it. If the Marlins needed more oil, then the Flying Fish team will put the oil on them. Ah Fei gets angry and sends his boys to school.

Because Yu Die keeps insisting on making the Flying Fish swimming team be the Marlins swimming team’s assistants without thinking about the boys feelings, Yu Die and Hai Fei got into a fight. Yu Die takes advantage of the situation and fires Ah Fei from his position of Flying Fish swimming team. She also breaks up with him

Yu Die:”Why are you never willing to support me? Gao Hai Fei…you’ve been fired! I don’t need you anymore!”

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