“Something About One Percent”ep3~ep4~ Jae In:”Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you.”

Da Hyun and Jae In decided to date each other for six months. They wrote a contract with what each other wants and the next Da Hyun saw that Jae In kept his word. He gave Da Hyun everything she wanted. On their first date, Jae In took Da Hyun at the classical music concert where she fell asleep. When he took her home, Jae In kissed Da Hyun. The next day they meet again, but this time it’s Da Hyun’s turn to decide what they will do.

Episode 3

Da Hyun goes to work and sees that Jae In provided the school with everything she asked for, a school bus, books for the children, a mirror for the dance class. Later Da Hyun met Jae In and thanked him for everything.

Jae In:”I was just keeping up my end of the deal so make sure you do the same.”

Since it’s their first date and Da Hyun is hungry, they go eat. Jae In proposed to eat something at the hotel’s restaurant, but Da Hyun didn’t want it. She even said what she doesn’t like there and proposed something simpler, but it was at a restaurant where one couldn’t see the food getting cooked or sense the cooking smell.

After dinner Jae In dragged Da Hyun to a classic music concert. She was well dressed and her hair wasn’t done so Da Hyun was embarrassed to go inside. Still Jae In dragged her inside. But he is also embarrassed to be seen with her too. When he saw some reporters, Jae In asked Da Hyun to not act like she knows him and not even turn her head towards him.

During the concert, Da Hyun fell asleep. Jae In pulled Da Hyun’s head on his shoulder and woke her up. Then he put his hand on her shoulder and dragged her closer to him as if he was hugging her. He whispered her that if she will fall asleep again there, he will kiss her.

Jae In:”Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you.”

Realizing that she missed something when they’ve wrote the dating contract, Da Hyun asks Jae In to rewrite it. At the concert, Da Hyun realized that she forgot to put in the contract that they can’t have any physical contact. But Jae In starts making fun of her saying that if they are in a serious relationship there should be some physical contact.

Jae In:”We should wait a bit longer before sleeping with each other.”

Suddenly Da Hyun’s mother calls her. She arranged for Da Hyun to meet another man in the weekend. Hearing the conversation, Jae In grabs Da Hyun’s phone and talks to Da Hyun’s mother. He introduces himself as Da Hyun’s boyfriend and tells Da Hyun’s mother that they are in a serious relationship so Da Hyun doesn’t need to meet other men.

It’s late and Jae In drives Da Hyun home. In front of her house, Da Hyun gave Jae In a present. Actually it was a present paid by Jae In. He saw Da Hyun buying it earlier and paid for it.

Da Hyun get out of the car and leave. Jae In also let, but on his way he realized that Da Hyun forgot her keys and returned. He plays with her by not giving her the keys back and at the end Jae In kissed Da Hyun.

Episode 4

Da Hyun forgot her keys in Jae In car after their date. He returns with the keys and kisses Da Hyun. She gets upset and kicks him. The next morning news about Jae In going at the concert with a woman appeared.

Da Hyun meets Ji Soo, who brings her flowers and while she was with Ji Soo she kept calling Jae In. Unfortunately Jae In was in a meeting and couldn’t answer. When he saw the lost calls, Jae In called her back and they’ve met. Da Hyun reclaimed him for letting the news appear. Even if they fought about the article, Jae In is smiling happily because for the first time in his life he received emoticons…and they were from Da Hyun.

Seeing the flowers Ji Soo gave Da Hyun earlier, Jae In gets angry. He made new rules for their relationship. Da Hyun isn’t allowed to meet any other men, besides the men in her family, except Jae In. On their way out, the angry Jae In took the flowers from Ji Soo and threw them away.

Later, Jae In took Da Hyun to another event sponsored by his hotel. But that’s not the way Da Hyun sees a date. Because it’s her turn to decide what they will do on their date, Da Hyun takes Jae In away with her.

Da Hyun:”Don’t you dare fall for me.”

Da Hyun took Jae In to a children café. There she bought some toys to get them ready for the children in her class. Jae In sees a child begging his mother for a toy and remembers a sad moment from his past. Then he goes downstairs and buys the toy for that child. Back at the table, Jae In finished the model set that Da Hyun was struggling so hard to make.

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