“Shopping King Louis” ep 6 ~ Louis:”I’m going to keep you safe.”

Louis is on his way to meet Bok Shil when a car comes directly towards him. He fells on the ground and the driver comes out. The driver was Ma Ri! She is shocked to see Louis and gets scared when Louis opens his eyes and starts talking to her.Joong Won found a way to take Louis to his house. At Joong Won’s house, Louis starts acting like he was in his house. He has a familiar feeling! The next day Joong Won’s parents come to visit and when they saw Louis there they start believing that their son and Louis are in a relationship.

After a long waiting someone that knows Bok Nam finally called Bok Shil. She went to see the person that called her, but that person doesn’t want to give any information without getting any money from Bok Shil.

Episode 6

Ma Ri hears and Bok Shil is going to see a movie. Thinking that Bok Shil will go with Joong Won, Ma Ri follows her. On the way to the movie theatre, Ma Ri wasn’t paying attention while driving when Louis showed up in front of her.

Louis is lying on the ground and people gather around. They make Ma Ri come out of her car and when she sees Louis lying there, Ma Ri is shocked. Suddenly Louis opens his eyes. He sees the flower he got for Bok Shil ruined and asks Ma Ri to give his the money for the flower. Ma Ri gave him the money. At that moment Geum Ja appeared. She makes a scene about Ma Ri hitting Louis with her car and giving just a small amount of money. Geum Ja made Louis lying down on the ground while she asks for more money.

Geum Ja:”Be quit and lie down!”

Later when she heard that Louis was involved in an accident, Bok Shil dragged him to the hospital. As soon as Bok Shil and Louis arrived home, Ma Ri called Louis.

Louis:” Do you like me? Do you miss me that much? You can like me all you want, but I don’t like you.”

By the way Louis talked to her, Ma Ri remembered the old Louis…She goes to her father which told her that the stranger she hit with her car is actually Louis. But Louis lost his memory and they shouldn’t tell anyone that Louis is alive. Seon Goo tells Ma Ri that as long as Louis is gone the company will be inherited by Ma Ri.

Louis’s been giving reviews about all products online. He became a celebrity online and everyone asks for his opinion before buying something. Secretary Kim is more and more suspicious that  “shopping king Louis” could be Louis and talks about his suspicions with Louis’s grandmother. Together secretary Kim and the grandmother decided to look into shopping king Louis and see for sure if he is or not their Louis.

Meantime Louis gave a bad review about a new product that Gold company launched. Joong Won asked his team to investigate and they’ve reached to Bok Shil. Since the phones both Louis and Bok Shil use are on Bok Shil’s name, she was found out to be guilty. But Joong Won realizes that it wasn’t Bok Shil and went to see Louis. taking advantage of this situation, Joong Won told Louis to move into his house and he will protect Bok Shil. But if Louis won’t move away from Bok Shil’s house than Bok Shil could lose her job.

Louis wrote that he will not use the name “shopping king Louis” online in return of Joong Won buying a fridge for Bok Shil. Then Louis packed his bags and move into Joong Won’s house.

As soon as they’ve entered Joong Won’s house, Louis acts as if he was at his own house. He even knows how to use the expensive things inside Joong Won’s house.

Louis:”This feels familiar.”

Louis gave the note with all the words that seem familiar to him and brought his flash backs to detective Nam. He asked the detective to investigate and find out who he is and Nam Joo Hyuk started working on it.

Because they couldn’t watch a movie together the other day, Louis invited Bok Shil to the theatre. He chose a cheap movie without knowing that the movie was scary one. They left the theatre early and continued their date. They ate some street food, they looked at jewelry and they talked about their next date. But hearing that Louis moved into Joong Won’s house without discussing it with her, Bok Shil was surprised.

Arriving home, Bok Shil found out from In Sung that Louis sold himself to Joong Won for the expensive fridge.

On the first night away from each other both Louis and Bok Shil can’t seem to fall asleep. They think about each other and text to each other.

Bok Shil:”I miss you!”

Louis:”I miss you so much!”

The next morning, during breakfast, Louis gave Joong Won some advices about style and changed Joong Won’s necktie. After Joong Won left for work, Louis took a bath and played around.  Later when Joong Won’s parents came to Joong Won’s house, they found Louis sleeping naked into their son’s room. Thinking that it’s funny, Louis made Joong Won’s parents think that they are in a relationship.

Joong Won comes home from work really tired. He finds his house a mess, Louis sleeping and In Sung cooking. He makes them clean and gets Louis a job. From now on Louis will work on delivery trucks. When he came home, Louis’s body was in pain so Joong Won put patches on all of Louis’s body.

Since he can’t move his body, Louis called In Sung over. On his way to Louis, In Sung saw a suspicious man on the alley. Scared he went to Louis and told Louis about the murder that happed in Bok Shil’s house before she moved in…the killer wasn’t caught yet. Hearing that story, Louis jumps out of the bed and runs over to Bok Shil. She was fine, but he will not return to Joong Won’s house. Louis is happier living with Bok Shil.

Louis:”I’m going to keep you safe.”

The next day Bok Shil received a call from someone that knows Bok Nam. Together with Louis, they ran over to meet that person. The caller was the girls that beat up Louis and Bok Shil a while ago. Unfortunately they didn’t want to tell Bok Shil anything about Bok Nam until Bok Shil pays them.

Ma Ri borrowed Bok Shil the money and she went back to see the girls that knew Bok Nam. She went where the girls told her that she will find Bok Nam, but Bok Nam stopped going there a while ago. Meantime the serial killer went inside Bok Shil’s house and hit Louis.  When In Sung came over, he saw Louis lying on the floor full of blood.

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