“Prince Of Wolf” ep 13 ~ Shu Pei:”My first love…is now.”

Shu Pei organized Zhe Ming’s birthday and invited all the people that Zhe Ming’s cares for. During the party they’ve played a game and everyone thought that Mimi would chose Zhe Ming, but she didn’t. Mimi keeps pushing Zhe Ming away. Seeing that Shu Pei decided to confess her feelings for Zhe Ming.

Episode 13

Both Zhe Ming and Mimi can’t seem to fall asleep while thinking about the words that the designer’s wife said. Zhe Ming went to see Mimi. He took her with him and tried to resolve their misunderstandings. He asked Mimi why she left wolf mom necklace and went aboard without saying a word, without answering any of his messages. But Mimi doesn’t say a word.

Zhe Ming:”Why was I still hoping that she will send me off?”

Few days later is Zhe Ming’s birthday.  Shu Pei, who organized a surprise party for him, took Zhe Ming out. Arrived at the location, Zhe Ming sees all his loved once singing “Happy Birthday” for him. Mimi was also invited and she came. But seeing Mimi and Hao Wei close, Zhe Ming gets jealous.

The first present Zhe Ming opened was Mandy’s present. Inside the box, Zhe Ming found all the presents Mandy would buy for his birthday every year since he got lost. Mandy starts crying, while explaining each gift, because she missed a lot of her son’s life.  Even on Qi Hong’s face one could read a small remorse for abandoning Zhe Ming on the mountains.

Zhe Ming:”I’ll be the one protecting this family.”

The group of youngsters decided to play badminton. The girls chose their partners. Everyone was expecting Mimi to choose Zhe Ming, but she chose Hao Wei. Upset Zhe Ming chose Shu Pei so Zi Zi and Jiang Ping were paired together. During the game, She Pei fell and Zhe Ming was really worried about her. Later Shu Pei talked to Hao Wei and asked him to give up on Mimi because Mimi and Zhe Ming are clearly in love with each other. But Hao Wei can’t give up yet.

On her way back to her room, Shu Pei fell again and sprained her ankle. Zhe Ming came running to Shu Pei. He carried her back and took care of her ankle.

At night everyone gather together to play truth or dare. They ask questions, but all of them chose to drink instead of answering. The only one that answered the question was Shu Pei.

Shu Pei:”My first love…is now.”

Shu Pei has a heart to heart conversation with Mimi. She asks Mimi about Mimi’s feelings for Zhe Ming. And Mimi said that it is all in the past. Then Mimi’s phone ringed. Her tests are ready and Mimi has to go see her doctor. At the hospital Mimi received a bad news, her illness got worse. Mimi’s survival rate is 30%. She needs an urgent bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately not even the transplant is a guaranty that she will live. Desperate, Mimi blows the whistle that Zhe Ming gave her.

Mimi:”Zhe Ming, I miss you so much!”

Zhe Ming is at home playing cards with Shu Pei. At the moment Shu Pei wanted to confess her feelings for Zhe Ming, he heard the whistle. Shu Pei tried to stop Zhe Ming from leaving, but Zhe Ming turned his back and left to find Mimi.

Zhe Ming:”Shu Pei, wolves only have one mate for their entire lifetime.”

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