“Shopping King Louis” ep 7 ~ Louis:”Only I can eat what Bok Shil makes.”

Bok Shil comes home and finds out that a criminal attacked someone in her house. Thinking that the victim is Louis, Bok Shil goes to the ambulance. Luckily the victim wasn’t Louis! But Louis is called at the police station because he is a suspect. There he sees the picture of the shoe’s sole that the criminal was wearing and realized what kind of shoe that way. He tells the policemen what kind of shoe the criminal was wearing. Until the time the criminal will be caught, Louis and Bok Shil will stay with Joong Won.

Episode 7

Bok Shil is on her way home when she sees ambulances and policemen. Someone was killed in her house. Thinking that the person who was hurt was Louis, Bok Shil gets into the ambulance with the victim. When she realizes that the victim wasn’t Louis, Bok Shil calls Louis. Because Louis wasn’t answering his phone, Bok Shil called In Sung. Both Louis and In Sung were together. In Sung was the one that found the victim and Louis had just come home from waiting for Bok Shil at the bus stop. The police asked some questions to In Sung and Louis then left. But then detective Nam arrived. He is shocked to see that the house where a lot of crimes occurred lately is the house Louis and Bok Shil live in.  He runs over and is relieved to hear that both Bok Shil and Louis are fine.

The night of the murder, Bok Shil and Louis slept with In Sung and Geum Ja. The next morning, Louis treated Geum Ja, In Sung and Bok Shil as his maids.

The police suspects Louis as the killed so they brought him to the police station. Bok Shil came to. Louis is interrogated because on the murder weapon were found Louis fingerprints.

Louis:”Perhaps…I’m a bad criminal.”

Hearing what happened, Joong Won hurried to the police station. Both Joong Won and detective Nam guaranteed for Louis and Bok Shil so they were released for the moment. While they were still there, detective Nam brought his superior the photo of the shoe mark that the criminal was wearing the night of the attack. Seeing the mark, Louis realized what kind of shoes the criminal was wearing and tells the detective. The criminal was wearing cycling shoes…expensive once.

Since they can’t go in their house, Joong Won let Louis and Bok Shil stay with him until the criminal will be caught. From the police station they went to pick up some belongings from their house. Louis and Bok Shil each carry a flower pot while Joong Won ends up carrying all the bags.

At the house, Joong Won keeps following Bok Shil everywhere. He brings her blankets and they argue which one should make the bed. While arguing they fall on the sofa and Louis sees them.

Louis:”Bok Shil, don’t stay close to Mr. Cha!”

While Louis and Bok Shil stay at his house, Joong Won is like their butler. He orders them food, he cleans after them, he washes the dishes and he makes Louis coffee. But Bok Shil doesn’t feel well. She and Louis are staying at Joong Won’s house for free so she wants to at least cook something for Joong Won.

Bok Shil woke up early to prepare breakfast. Louis, who couldn’t sleep at all because he feels jealousy every time Joong Won is around Bok Shil, comes at the kitchen. He wants to help, but Bok Shil is afraid that he could cause some troubles so Louis ends up looking at Bok Shil cooking.

Joong Won is awake too. It’s time for breakfast, but Louis doesn’t let Joong Won eat anything that Bok Shil made.

Louis:”Only I can eat what Bok Shil makes.”

Later, when Joong Won and Bok Shil had to go to work, Louis followed them. He doesn’t let Joong Won and Bok Shil be alone at all.

Meantime butler Kim went to Seoul. While watching TV, butler Kim and Louis’s grandmother saw Louis on a show. Then other night when Louis was running on the streets covered the patches from Joong Won’s house to Bok Shil, he was filmed. Butler Kim went to the broadcasting channel to start his search for Louis.

While Bok Shil was making dinner and Louis was eating, Joong Won was doing laundry. He finds a coin with a sticker on it in the washing machine and brings it to the table. When he sees the coin, Louis grabs it. The coin fell on a oven and Louis burned his fingers while getting it. He treasures that coin because is the first coin Bok Shil gave him.

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