“Something About One Percent”ep5~ep6~ Jae In:”I like you because you’re plain, Da Da!”

Jae In and Da Hyun keep meeting and going on dates. On one of their dates, Jae In met Sun Woo, Da Hyun’s friend’s brother. He gets jealous and prohibited Da Hyun to meet and even mention Sun Woo. But as things were going well between them, Da Hyun hears Jae In talking about her with Hyung Joon and plans to get back at him. Jae In asks Da Hyun out to see a movie, but because of an urgent situation at the hotel, Jae In couldn’t make it. He goes to Da Hyun and apologizes for letting her wait for him in vain.

Episode 5

Da Hyun and Jae In are seeing each other again. But clumsy Da Hyun got lost on the way and was late for their date. When she finally arrived, they’ve entered the exhibit where she tried to keep her distance from Jae In and was looking around for journalists. Of course Jae In wasn’t pleased with Da Hyun’s behavior and put his arm around her shoulders.

Da Hyun:”We are dating after all…”

At the exhibition, Da Hyun met Jae In’s birth mother’s husband. Of course she doesn’t know the whole story behind Jae In’s family. Then they’ve met Da Hyun’s friend’s brother and Jae In got jealous.

Jae In:”I won’t acknowledge any male friends that my girlfriend may have.”

Jae In drags Da Hyun away from Sun Woo and prohibits her to ever get close to Sun Woo again.

Jae In took Da Hyun home and in front of her building there were police cars. Some thieves entered a neighbor’s house. Hearing that Jae In walks Da Hyun upstairs and entered her apartment. He checks the windows to see if Da Hyun will be safe there. Before leaving Jae In tries to kiss Da Hyun again, but she turned her head the last second.

At night Jae In meets Hyung Joon who gives him some tips about how Jae In and Da Hyun should date. He advices Jae In to take Da Hyun to a movie, because with his personality will never take her to the amusement park, to give her flowers, to hold hands on the street. While Hyung Joon was telling him what to do on dates, Jae In remembered that Da Hyun said the same thing once.

As soon as he got home, Jae In remembered what Hyung Joon told him so he called Da Hyun. But Da Hyun was talking on the phone with Ji Su. When finally Da Hyun answered her phone and Jae In found out that she talked on the phone with Ji Su, Jae In got jealous again and made a scene. After Jae In calmed down, Jae In and Da Hyun talked on the phone for hours.

Da Hyun and Jae In have another date. On the way to meet Jae In, Da Hyun hears Jae In talking about her with Hyung Joon. She didn’t like what Jae In was saying and got upset without knowing that the way Jae In talked about her means that he actually likes her.

Da Hyun:”I’ll show you what a real wolf looks like.”

Since Jae In called her “old fashioned “, Da Hyun changed her clothes before meeting Jae In and Hyung Joon. She changed into a sexy dress with a big cleavage. Both Jae In and Hyung Joon were surprised to see her dressed like that.

Episode 6

After she heard Jae In calling her “old fashioned”, Da Hyun changed into a sexy dress before going to meet Jae In and Hyung Joon. They were both shocked to see her dressed like that. Jae In starts making a jealousy scene again and tries to cover Da Hyun with his jacket. But Da Hyun refused. Seeing Jae In so jealous, Hyung Joon plays along with Da Hyun to make Jae In even more jealous.

In a moment that Hyung Joon left the table, Jae In forced Da Hyun to wear his jacket because all the men in the restaurant were looking at her. When Hyung Joon returned, Da Hyun left…without the jacket.

Hyung Joon:”Wow, she’s so sexy!”

When Da Hyun left, Jae In realized why Da Hyun was acting like that and went after her…with her purse that she forgot. He caught her, they’ve talked and resolved their misunderstanding. Later Jae In took Da Hyun to Hyun Jin’s store to get Da Hyun’s clothes back. While Da Hyun was changing, Jae In scolded Hyun Jin for giving that kind of dress to Da Hyun.

Jae In:”I like you because you’re plain, Da Da!”

At night while she was with Da Hyun, her friend Hyun Jin send a picture with Da Hyun wearing another dress to Jae In.

Jae In misses Da Hyun so he texts her to meet later for dinner and a movie. But something urgent came up at the hotel, a bomb threat. While Jae In was trying to solve the urgent problem at the hotel, he was also meeting the people he had schedules with. After one of those meeting, a business partner fainted. He had a heart attack. Luckily Jae In saw him in time and send him to the hospital.

The bomb threat was a joke. But Jae In was so busy and his phone’s battery died that Jae In forgot about his date with Da Hyun, who was waiting for him for hours. When he finally arrived at the meeting place, Da Hyun had already left. He went to her house and waited until Da Hyun arrived.

Da Hyun is upset that Jae In left her waiting and turned off his phone. When she arrived home, he was waiting for her in front of her building. He tried to explain why he didn’t show up for their date, but the only thing that came out of his mouth was that something came up at work.

For days and night Jae In kept working and working. When he finally had few minutes free he called Da Hyun, but she didn’t answer. One day when she was meeting Ji Su, Tae Ha saw them.

Jae In went to Da Hyun’s house to talk to her, but she wasn’t home. She was out with Ji Su and she couldn’t answer her phone because she had dropped it. Jae In’s been waiting for Da Hyun for more than an hour when she finally arrived home. She gave Jae In the opportunity to explain why he didn’t show up for their date and went to dinner. After dinner, Jae In wanted to hold Da Hyun’s hand and he fell asleep on her shoulder.

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