“Swimming Battle” ep 13~ Ah Fei:”I’m here! Don’t be scared!”

Ah Fei and Yu Die broke up since Yu Die pushed him away. Now Ah Fei is back at his company, trying hard to save it. But he keeps helping Yu Die and the Flying Fish swimming team from behind. When Ah Fei’s grandmother returned and his company seems to be on the right track, Ah Fei returned to Yu Die and the Flying Fish swimming team.

Episode 13

Yu Die pushed Ah Fei away so he could return to his company. And he did! Haida Enterprise needed Hai Fei and now he can focus on saving his company. But the Flying Fish swimming team needs him too. The boys are surprised that Ah Fei is missing and they fear that without Ah Fei they won’t be able to compete at the Mayor’s Cup.  Yu Die tries hard to give the boys the assurance they need, but she is also worried that she won’t be able to train them well without Ah Fei.

Ke Qi got some information about the Flying Fish team from Er Tai and gave it to Ah Lou. While getting the information from Ke Qi, Ah Lou saw a prosecutor coming with the police at the school. The prosecutor has come to interrogate the Flying Fish swimming team regarding the food poisoning of the Marlins swimming team.

Finding out that the prosecutor is interrogating the Flying Fish swimming team, Ah Fei went to the school with a lawyer. When the lawyer reclaimed the prosecutor that he was interrogating minors without a legal advisor, the prosecutor let the boys go. But Ah Fei saw that as an opportunity to see Yu Die and asked the prosecutor to interrogate Yu Die and himself.

Ah Fei:”The you right now, are you trying to be strong or is it because you have no feelings?”

Back at his office, Ah Fei watched the recordings with the Flying Fish swimming team training. Then he records his advices for them so the boys could listen and improve their swimming.

Ke Le found out what happened at the school and went running to Yu Die. Hearing that the prosecutor went at the school, Ke Le was worried about Yu Die. He found her crying. She didn’t know what to do next. She needs Ah Fei! She misses Ah Fei, but she can’t call him back.

Yu Die:”I really miss Ah Fei so much.”

Because he doesn’t understand why Ah Fei left when everyone needed him the most and Yu Die didn’t want to say where Ah Fei is, Ke Le went to see Fiona. She told Ke Le who Hai Fei really is and revealed that she created the mess to separate Yu Die and Ah Fei. Ke Le is able to see what kind of despicable person Fiona is. He realizes that Fiona is able to do anything as long as she can get what she wants.

Ke Le waits for Hai Fei in the parking lot. When Hai Fei appeared Ke Le hit him for hurting Yu Die and for disappointing coach He and Ke Le himself. Seeing the way Ah Fei talks, Ke Le realizes that Yu Die pushed Hai Fei away.

An Zhuo and You Yu don’t want to train anymore. They think that without Ah Fei, they won’t be able to compete in the Mayor’s Cup and want to leave. Ah Lang stops them. Because of Ah Lang insulting the Flying Fish swimming team, a fight started between the Marlins swimming team and Flying Fish swimming team. Ke Qi, Xiao Mi and Shan Shan run over and stop the boys. Then Ke Qi sets some rules to stop the boys from fighting in the future.

After their fight with the Marlins swimming team, the Flying Fish swimming team went to practice again. In their locker rooms, each of them found Ah Fei’s tips recorded. Realizing that Ah Fei didn’t give up on them, the Flying Fish swimming team’s spirits are high. They start training happily and got good results.

Ah Fei is working late again when Fiona brings him something to eat. Because Ah Fei is upset, Fiona puts her hand on his hand and consoles him. But then Ah Fei pulls his hand.

Ah Fei:”Fiona, did you disclose anything about the company to Yu Die?”

Fiona admits that she said something about the company’s situation to Yu Die and Ah Fei thanks her. He realized that he couldn’t be at peace helping the Flying Fish swimming team while the company he build was breaking apart. Thanks to Fiona, Yu Die made the decision that Ah Fei needed the most. Now, Ah Fei is calmer and knows what to do next with his relationship with Yu Die.

Part of the problem at Hai Fei’s company was resolved. But things aren’t on the right track yet. Luckily the other part of the problems was solved when Hai Fei’s grandmother suddenly returned. She brought Hai Fei and his team the solution for their problem and told Hai Fei to call dr. King, their partner. Hai Fei called dr. King and discovered that part of the information that was going between dr. King and his company was missing. He suspects Fiona for changing the data. But Fiona blames dr. King’s secretary who, fortunately for Fiona, went missing after suddenly resigning her job.

Fiona starts acting the role of the person who is blamed unjustly. She then blames Ah Fei for not being at the company while playing the swimming coach. Because of Fiona’s tears, Ah Fei stopped suspecting her. Like a fool, Ah Fei trusts too much in Fiona.

Unfortunately for Fiona, things didn’t go her way until the end. While Fiona was trying to convince Ah Fei to have dinner with her, her father and his grandmother, the grandmother came in and encouraged Ah Fei to go help the Flying Fish swimming team. Then the grandmother talked to Fiona about the way Fiona used to bring Ah Fei back to the company.

Everyone is happy to see Ah Fei at the swimming pool. Even Yu Die is relieved. He gives new advices to the swimming team boys. Then Ah Fei turns his attention towards Yu Die. He hugs her and assures her that he is always there for her.

Ah Fei:”In the future, no matter what happens, you aren’t allowed to push me away anymore. I’m here! Don’t be scared!”

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