“The K2″ep1 ~ ”I didn’t kill her!”

The K2 is a drama about a former soldier, now a bodyguard , who was abandoned by his country and the illegitimate daughter of a presidential candidate.

Kim Je Ha is a patriotic former elite soldier. He is athletic, martial arts skilled and ice cool nerves. After being framed of killing a refugee in Irag, at the base is was working at, Je Ha is arrested and abandoned by his country. He managed to run away, arrived to Europe through Turkey and finally back home in Korea. Returned to his homeland, Je Ha is hired as a bodyguard by Choi Yoo Jin, the wife of a presidential candidate.

Choi Yoo Jin is known as a friendly and charismatic woman to the public, but behind her friendly and kind look lies an ambitious and ruthless woman who is willing to get her way at any costs.

Go Anna is the presidential candidate illegitimate daughter and Choi Yoo Jin’s step daughter. Due to a childhood trauma, Anna is unable to communicate with the world. Choi Yoo Jin keeps her locked in a house and guarded by JSS bodyguard. Also Choi Yoo Jin uses Anna as a tool tol blackmail Anna’s father.

When Anna and Je Ha met and got closer, they decided to get revenge on the people that traumatized them.


Ji Chang Wook      as    Kim Je Ha

Song Yoon Ah       as    Choi Yoo Jin

Im Yoona               as    Go Anna

Jo Sung Ha            as     Jang Se Joon

Episode 1

A little girl can’t seem to fall asleep. She sees the light of a car that stopped in front of her house and thinking that it was her father, she goes downstairs. She sees the door moving and gets scared. She calls for her father, but he didn’t answer. Then she hears some noise coming from her mother’s room and goes there. She calls for her mother, but there was no answer. The little girl enters her mother’s room, and sees her mother lying on the floor. Someone was behind the little girl.

The following day, a woman dragged the little girl after her to a church where she left the little girl with the nuns. The years passed and the little girl grew up. She is a young lady now, still living with the nuns in a monastery from Spain.

One day the young woman ran away from the monastery. She runs on the Spain’s streets until she bumps into another Korean. Seeing that the man she bumped into in Korean, the girl asks him for help. She clings on the strange man and begs him to help her until the once following her arrived.

Girl:”Please, save me!”

The girl runs away, but her follower caught her. He is about to take the girl with him when the stranger appeared again. The stranger told the girl to run away while he stayed to fight the girl’s followers. But unfortunately the man whom the stranger fought and killed was a policeman.

When the stranger gets out of the subway, he sees the girl locked in a car and guarded by another policeman. The girl was asking him to help her again, with tears in her eyes. But the stranger turned his back and left.

Months passed and the stranger is back in Korea. He does any work he can find. One night he is called to fix a banner on a building. While he was hanging of the building, the stranger sees a candidate for the presidential cheating on his wife. But that wasn’t the candidate’s biggest problem. His mistress already had him drugged and her partners were inside the building.

Few minutes later, the stranger sees some masked men fighting the building’s bodyguards and killing the cleaning lady. After the cleaning lady was killed, the stranger broke the window and got inside. The stranger fought the masked men until the police arrived, but unfortunately he was at the wrong place at the wrong moment. Now the stranger became the target and people want to kill him. The assemblyman that was cheating on his wife and his wife send bodyguards to kill the banner hanger. But one of the bodyguards recognized the banner hanger and asked his superior to not call their men back. The stranger is a man that chief Jo trained while working for the special forces.

Chief Jo:”Please recall the men, all those men my die of his hands. You’ll soon come to realize what I’m saying.”

The banner hanger is getting ready to disappear. Suddenly the JSS bodyguards arrived. He fights the JSS bodyguards without problems and defeated them in a blink of an eye. Then he threw away his phone and left the town.  Chief Jo hurried over and when he arrived he was relieved. No one was death. Chief Jo feared that his former trainee will kill all the bodyguards that attacked him, but luckily the banner hanger didn’t kill anyone.

Meantime the girl in Spain keeps running away from the monastery. Suddenly she stops and starts remembering something that makes her scared.

Girl:”I didn’t kill her!”



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