“Shopping King Louis” ep 8 ~ Louis:”I’m more than her boyfriend!”

Butler Heo and butler Kim went in search of Louis. They are close to meet him! Meantime, Joong Won needs a part timer in his department and hires Louis. He did a good job and everyone is impressed with him. Ma Ri also saw him! She was shocked! Unfortunately for all of Louis’s enemies, detective Nam is close to find out who Louis is.

Episode 8

Baek Seon Goo found out that Bok Shil and Louis are living with Joong Won and went there in the middle of the night. Bok Shil and Louis hide under the desk while Baek Seon Goo and Joong Won talk.

Realizing that they are causing troubles for Joong Won, Bok Shil tells Louis to pack his belongings because they will leave. But Joong Won insisted that Bok Shil and Louis should stay.

Louis:”You don’t like Bok Shil as a woman, right?”

Butler Kim and butler Heo are following Louis’s steps. They’ve arrived at the flower shop from where Louis bought a flower fro Bok Shil the day Ma Ri run him over with her car. At the flower shop, butler Kim is sure that Louis is alive when the seller told him the Louis bought an orange rose. Hearing about the orange rose, butler Kim remembered a conversation he had with Louis. At that time Louis said that he will give an orange rose to the woman he will fall in love with because orange rose means “first love”.

Later butler Kim and butler Heo went to the market. A seller left a comment saying that Louis just bought a t-shirt from him. At the market butler Kim was about to find Louis, but unfortunately he fell and the distance between Louis and himself grew apart.

Joong Won’s department needs a part timer to help them so he called Louis. Happy that he will receive a lot of money, Louis went home, got dressed with Joong Won’s clothes and went to work. One of the employees there recognized him and told that he is Bok Shil’s boyfriend.

Louis:”I’m more than her boyfriend!”

Without knowing that Louis is just a part timer, Lee Kyung Kook brought Louis the coffee Louis asked for. The others make fun of Lee Kyung Kook for preparing coffee for a part timer, but soon when Louis identity will be revealed thinks will stay differently.

When Ma Ri saw Louis in her department, she was so shocked that she pushed some boxes on him. Then Ma Ri run to her father to tell him that Louis is at the company. Coming to his senses, Louis tells everyone that a woman pushed the boxes on him and that woman is the same woman who ran him over with her car. Unfortunately no one believed Louis, except Bok Shil and…Lee Kyung Kook.

The work that Louis did impressed everyone in the office who now thinks that Louis could be an expert in their work line.

The criminal was caught and Louis even received a reward for the clue he gave the police about the culprit. Now Louis and Bok Shil can return to their rooftop house. With the money he got, Louis bought food for everyone. He had dinner with Bok Shil, In Sung and Geum Ja while he ordered some food for Joong Won too.

Louis:”I’m happy to be just with you. I’m happy that you’ll cook only for me now.”

Because Bok Shil wanted to see the sea, Louis took her. They are happy to spend the day at the beach and Louis starts dancing when he hears a familiar song. Then they play in the water, where Bok Shil lost a shoe. Louis finds her shoe, but when he heard that those shoes were a present from Joong Won, Louis threw away Bok Shil shoe.

Since they are wet and Bok Shil needs a pair of shoes, Louis buys clothes for the both of them and shoes for Bok Shil. Later, while they were walking around books, Louis picks up various books and realizes that he can read various languages like Japanese, Spanish or German.  Impressed by himself, Louis asks Bok Shil to film him while he was reading. Suddenly he picks up a French book and seems familiar to him “In search of lost time”.

While filming each other and talking about the most memorable moment for them, Louis and Bok Shil got emotional. Louis gets closer to Bok Shil and kisses her.

While Bok Shil and Louis were enjoying their date at the beach, detective Nam found Ma Ri’s mother at her bookstore and asked her about Louis.

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