“Something About One Percent”ep7~ep8~ Da Hyun:”Do you want to marry me?”

Jae In and Da Hyun are out in the park, playing. They’ve got closer and closer. But the time their contract has to expire is getting near and Jae In doesn’t like that. After their date, Jae In takes Da Hyun home and they saw that a thief broke in. Worried about Da Hyun’s safety, Jae In took Da Hyun to his house.

Episode 7

Jae In and Da Hyun went to dinner. She gave him the opportunity to explain why he didn’t show up for their date. At the restaurant, Da Hyun found out about the problems Jae In has at work and understood him. Since now they are on good terms again, Jae In pulls Da Hyun next to him and holds her hand. While they were sitting beside each other, Jae In fell asleep on Da Hyun’s shoulder. Seeing Jae In like that, Da Hyun is worried that he doesn’t eat or sleep properly.

Jae In:”I finally fell alive again.”

When Jae In took Da Hyun home, she made him promise that he will go home and sleep without thinking about work.

The weekend came and Jae In sent his employees home early.  He is on his way to meet Da Hyun when his ex girlfriend showed up before him. She wants them to get back together, but Jae In treated her coldly and left. Arrived at the park where he was supposed to meet Da Hyun, Jae In insists that they should go at his hotel. There is an event there and he wants to see the guests reactions. But Da Hyun is disappointed. That’s not the kind of date she wants. While Da Hyun sits there disappointed, Jae In sees a child falling on the ground while a bike was coming towards him. Jae In jumps up and saves the little boy. Da Hyun is impressed by Jae In’s actions and rewarded him with a “good job” stamp that she used for her students.

Da Hyun and Jae In have fun in the park, roller skating.  Either skated before, but it doesn’t matter as long as they are spending some time together. While they were at the park, Da Hyun’s mother called her. Da Hyun’s mother wants to meet Jae In and invited him over to their house. Jae In is willing to meet Da Hyun’s mother, but Da Hyun doesn’t want that and jokes around marrying Jae In.

Da Hyun:”Do you want to marry me?”

On Jae In’s birthday, Da Hyun rented Hyun Jin’s store and prepared a surprise party for Jae In. Only the two of them celebrated so Da Hyun prepared the cake, sang for Jae In, wished him happy birthday and they took pictures together. It’s the first time Jae In celebrated his birthday in about 23 years since his older brother died. 23 years ago, on Jae In’s birthday, his cousin died and Jae In was adopted into the family.

After they’ve had cake, Da Hyun gave Jae In his presents. She explained him why she didn’t bought him a necktie and the meaning behind a necktie as a present.

Da Hyun:”You’re mine!”

Hearing the meaning of a necktie as a present, Jae In insisted to get from Da Hyun a necktie as a present and a kiss.

Episode 8

Da Hyun texted Jae In to cancel their date because something urgent came up. Sun Woo told Da Hyun’s mother that Da Hyun is dating a rich man. Da Hyun’s parents don’t want their daughter to marry a rich or a poor man, they just want someone at the same level with they. Upset that her daughter is dating a rich man, Da Hyun’s mother came over. To calm her mother, Da Hyun told her the truth, that she is just meeting Jae In because of a contract that will expire in two months. Da Hyun calls her dates with Jae In a business and assured her mother that she and Jae In will never get married.

The next day, after her mother left, Da Hyun met Jae In. He had come to introduce himself to Da Hyun’s mother, but was one step too late. He doesn’t like the fact that Da Hyun already thinks about breaking up with him and calls their relationship a business.

Because Da Hyun canceled another date, Jae In went to her school. He entered the classroom and observed the class. After the school was over, Jae In told Da Hyun’s students that he is their teacher’s boyfriend.

Jae In:”I’m her boyfriend!”

Afraid that rumors about them will start around her school, Da Hyun gets upset with Jae In, but Jae in calmed her down. Later they play around the school’s park. While playing in the park, Jae In kisses Da Hyun.

When Jae In took Da Hyun home, he noticed that her door was opened. He goes inside and sees that a thief broke into her house. Because he is too worried about Da Hyun’s safety and she is too scared to sleep in her house alone, Jae In took Da Hyun to his house.

Walking around Jae In’s house, Da Hyun entered Jae In’s room while he was changing his clothes. Embarrassed she ran out. Later Da Hyun had mixed feelings when Jae In got into his study room to work while she was in his room. She felt unattractive and didn’t know if that was a good or a bad think. She goes to the kitchen to get something to drink. When Jae In came out of his study room, he found Da Hyun, drunk, playing in the living room. He sits behind her, holding her in his arms while she rested her head on his shoulder. Then Da Hyun confessed!

Da Hyun:”I think that I like you, Jae In! I like kissing you too!”

After her confession, Da Hyun fell asleep.

In the morning, when she woke up, Da Hyun remembered her confession and was embarrassed. She comes out of the room and sees a puppy on the ledge. She jumps on the ledge to save the puppy and fells down. Jae In sees her and runs to save her. Luckily he caught her. But because Da Hyun fell on Jae In, he hurt his hand.  But Da Hyun also got hurt. Forgetting his pain,  Jae In takes care of Da Hyun’s wounds. Then Da Hyun helps him get dressed…since he can’t move one of his hands.

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