“The K2″ep2 ~ Anna:”Shoot her!”

The banner hanger ran away and was lucky enough to meet an old couple that accepted him into their family. Everything was going well when someone paid to kill him showed up. He fights the man that killed him and found out who send the killer. He goes to Yoo Jin’s house and threatens with killing her if she won’t leave him and the people around him alone. At Yoo Jin’s house, he also met the girl that begged him to save her in Spain.

Episode 2

The banner hanger managed to run away. He took a bus away from Seoul. At the bus stop terminal he stole a soldier uniform so that the police won’t check him. He safely passed the policemen dressed as a soldier.

Since the JSS bodyguards lost him, the leaders have to report to Choi Yoo Jin. At the meeting chief Jo revealed who the banner hanger is. He told Choi Yoo Jin that the banner hanger was a soldier that he trained. The banner hanger was the best soldier from PMC Blackstone and the best mercenary in Iraq so he can’t be caught so easily, but he could be useful for them. Chief Jo tried to convince Choi Yoo Jin to get the banner hanger on their side instead of killing him, but Yoo Jin refused. She wants the banner hanger dead.

Anna ran away from her keepers again. While running a car was about to hit her and she stopped. Since her mother’s death Anna suffers from a flash light phobia. Inside the car was a worldwide known designer. He liked Anna, took a picture of her and posted in online to ask people that know her to bring her to him. Afraid that the designer could find Anna, Choi Yoo Jin gave the order for Anna to return to Korea. Anna is the only tool Choi Yoo Jin has to control her husband, Jang Se Joon. If anything happens to Anna, then she won’t be able to control him so she can’t order Anna’s death. But if the designer finds Anna and finds out who Anna is, then Anna will be brought in front to all the media in Europe and cloud be saved from Choi Yoo Jin.

While she was sitting on the street, all scared, in front of the designer’s car, Anna remembers some parts from her childhood. She remembers giving her mother some pills and telling the policeman that she killed her mother.

Anna:”I killed my mom!”

The banner hanger walks on the highway. He sees an old couple trying to fix their car. He gets closer and tries to fix the car. Then he tags along the old couple. They fed him and let him stay for one night at their place.

In the middle of the night, the banner hanger woke up from a nightmare. He was dreaming about something that happened while he was in Iraq. When he woke up, he heard the grandmother crying. That day was her son’s death anniversary. Then he drank some alcohol with the grandfather. The next day he helped the grandfather clear his orchard. Things were going well for the banner hanger. The old couple even asked him to stay with them and help them. Unfortunately something happened!

The banner hanger went to the store to buy something and when he returned found a stranger trying to set fire on the old couple. He fought the stranger and forced the stranger to say who send him.

Stranger:”All the people who help you hide will die.”

Anna was brought to Korea. She woke up from the drugs that were given to her and sees Choi Yoo Jin. She gets agitated and in the middle of her discussion with Yoo Jin, Anna told Yoo Jin that she remembered what happened the night her mother died.

Anna:”Mom didn’t committed suicide!”

The banner hanger showed up before Choi Yoo Jin. He threatened her with killing her if she won’t leave his and the people around him alone. But Yoo Jin was prepared too. Soon the whole room was filled with her bodyguards. They were surrounding the banner hanger and pointing their guns at him.

The banner hanger:”You’ll soon regret this!”

The bodyguards tied the banner hanger, but he managed to release himself. He fought the bodyguards, took a gun and returned inside to where Choi Yoo Jin was.

Banner hanger:”This is that second meeting I was talking about!”

While he was holding a gun pointed towards Yoo Jin, Anna came out of her room telling him to shoot Yoo Jin.

Anna:”Shoot her!”

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