“The K2″ep3 ~ Je Ha:”I’m useless now!”

The banner hanger fights for his live! He went to Choi Yoo Jin, fought her bodyguards, threatened her and saw Anna, the girl who begged him to save her in Spain. To get out safely from Choi Yoo Jin’s house, he took her with him. Unfortunately there were others who wanted Choi Yoo Jin dead. While trying to get away from the once that were trying to kill Yoo Jin, the banner hanger and Yoo Jin were involved in an accident. When he woke up, in the hospital, the banner hanger received chief Jo’s visit. Chief Jo gave him a new identity, Kim Je Ha and offered him a job as a bodyguard.

Episode 3

Choi Yoo Jin is threatened with a gun by the banner hanger she wants death. Suddenly Anna comes out of her room and screams at him to shoot Choi Yoo Jin. Then, after Anna was dragged back to her room, the bodyguards entered. The banner hanger holds the gun at Yoo Jin and threatens to kill her if the bodyguards won’t leave the room and go outside to prepare a car for him. After the bodyguards went out, the banner hanger removed the gun from Yoo Jin and took out from a flower pot his phone. He said that he recorded everything that happened that night and everything that Yoo Jin said. Also he said that he is sending the video to the prosecutors, the reporters and the Blue House. But luckily for them he didn’t send the video to anyone yet. He set the video to be sent in 24 hours if he will die. So if Yoo Jin doesn’t want anyone to know about her true colors than she should pray that the banner hanger stays alive.

When he left the banner hanger took Yoo Jin with him. She tries to negotiate with him. She wants him to tell her his price in order for her to get the video he just recorder. But the banner hanger isn’t stupid. He knows that as soon as Yoo Jin will have that video, he will be dead.

Suddenly a motorcycle appeared. The men on the motorbike hacked into the car and speeds up. The remote control that the hackers are using can work only within 20 meters. The banner hanger knows that and asks Yoo Jin to move to the passenger’s seat. He drives the car and speeds up. He can’t lower the speed, but he can increase it to break free from the hackers. While he speeds up, he asks Yoo Jin to keep pressing the window button until the window will open. She does as he said!

While they were getting far away from the motorbike, the window opened. The banner hanger stops the car in the middle of the road, takes his gun and shots the motorbike so that Yoo Jin’s bodyguards will understand that he isn’t with them. And chief Jo understood the message!

Unfortunately before Yoo Jin’s people could stop the motorcycle attackers and accident happened. Luckily for Yoo Jin, the banner hanger got her out of the car before it exploded.  But he was too hurt and fell on the ground unconscious after something that flew from the exploding car hit him.

Yoo Jin:”We can’t let that man die!”

The banner hanger woke up in the hospital. He was tied up and one JSS bodyguard was guarding him from inside while others were outside his door. Suddenly chief Jo comes in. He unties the banner hanger and asks the bodyguard to leave them alone.

Left alone chief Jo gave his former trainee a new identity, Kim Je Ha. Alongside with the new identity, chief Jo offered him a job too. He wants Je Ha to work as a bodyguard for JSS security. But Je Ha refused!

Je Ha:”I’m useless now!”

Chief Jo knows that Je Ha suffers from PTSD, but still he wants Je Ha on his team…at least until the presidential election. Then he will be able to help Je Ha get a life and stop being a runaway.

Je Ha:”If nobody touches me, nobody will get hurt.”

Je Ha refuses to work for JSS security. He refuses to be loyal to someone again and he once again betrayed. He returns to his room with the bodyguard that is in charge of guarding him. In the elevator Je Ha sees the other presidential candidate, Park Gwan Soo. He recognized Park Gwan Soo and remembered Raniya, the refugee for whose death he was blamed. He fights every bodyguard in the elevator and points a gun towards Park Gwan Soo.

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