“Shopping King Louis” ep 10 ~ Louis :”Bok Nam died! He died instead of me, right?”

Bok Shil returned to her hometown after she found out that her brother died. Joong Won and Louis went to see her at the house in the mountains. But Bok Shil was cold with him and send him away. On his way back to Seoul, Louis had a small accident and hit his head. At that moment he remembered that Bok Nam took his car the night of the accident.

Episode 10

Louis is curious as to why Seon Goo didn’t say anything when they first met the day Louis brought porridge to Bok Shil. But Baek Seon Goo was prepared! Both him and Ma Ri had lies prepared for when Louis will ask them why didn’t they recognized him while meeting.  And the innocent Louis believed all their fake stories.

Louis’s grandmother came to see Bok Shil. She has to thank Bok Shil for taking care of Louis all this time. They recognized each other the moment they saw one another. They met in Busan a while ago. After she consoled Bok Shil for Bok Nam’s death, the grandmother asked Bok Shil to break up with Louis. If they will continue to see each other, they will both suffer thinking that Bok Nam died instead of Louis.

That night Bok Shil wrote her letter of resignation, wrote letters for Joong Won and Geum Ja, sent a text to Louis and left Seoul. She returned to her hometown.

Since Bok Shil left, Louis doesn’t have an appetite. But butler Heo and butler Kim used Louis’s love for Bok Shil to make him eat.

Louis:”I just miss Bok Shil.”

Louis can’t take it anymore! He can’t accept that Bok Shil abandoned him so he went to her rooftop apartment. There, Louis found out from In Sung that Bok Shil returned to her hometown and went after her.

Another person who came looking for Bok Shil is Joong Won. He is worried that Bok Shil isn’t well after she found out that her brother died. They eat together and Joong Won does all her work without letting her get tired. He even had to go to the river and get so water. He wanted to cut some wood, but he doesn’t know how so Bok Shil showed him. While staying at Bok Shil’s house, Joong Won complains about everything and that reminds Bok Shil of Louis.

While Joong Won and Bok Shil were starting the fire, Louis arrived. Seeing them together, Louis got upset and hit Joong Won. Then he apologized. Both Louis and Joong Won are spending the night there.

Louis and Joong Won are sharing a room. Before going to bed, Louis puts some pain relief patches on Joong Won. Then they both got scared of a spider.

In their room, Joong Won tried to convince Louis to give Bok Shil some time alone. He tells Louis that Bok Shil is going through a rough time and she needs to be alone. Unfortunately either Joong Won or Bok Shil wants to tell Louis that Bok Nam was the one that died instead of him.

The next morning, Bok Shil coldly sent Louis away.

Bok Shil:”Louis, disappear from my life, please! I hate you!”

Hurt, Louis returned to Seoul with Joong Won. On their way Joong Won was about to tell Louis the reason Bok Shil pushed him away so coldly. But then they were involved in a small car accident. When the accident happened, Louis hurt his head and remembered his encounter with Bok Nam.

Louis :”Bok Nam died! He died instead of me, right?”

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