“Shopping King Louis” ep 9 ~ Louis:”A storm it’s on its way.”

Louis comes home and some men dragged him with them. They are Baek Seon Goo’s men and they have the order to bring Louis home. Louis returned home, to his grandmother and his butler. He returns to see Bok Shil the following days. But things turned the other way soon when detective Nam told Bok Shil that Bok Nam is dead.

Episode 9

Detective Nam met Ma Ri’s mother and found out everything about Louis. The same time Louis and Bok Shil where going home, when Louis said that he has something to do first and left.

Louis:”A storm it’s on its way.”

Louis went to buy Bok Shil flowers, but the flowers shop was closet. He returned home, but on the stairs there were 3 men waiting for him. The men dragged Louis with them. Worried that something might have happened to Louis, Bok Shil and In Sung went to search for him. Unfortunately they only found one of Louis’s shoes.

When Seon Goo found out that his wife told detective Nam about Louis, he sent his men to pick Louis up and brought him home to his grandmother. When he arrived, Louis’s grandmother hugged him and didn’t let anyone else touch him. But Louis starts having a headache and fainted.

Worried about Louis, Bok Shil and In Sung went to see detective Nam. At the police station, they found out who Louis really is. Later Joong Won came too. He is also surprised to know who Louis is.

Bok Shil:”I’m glad Louis found his family.”

When Louis woke up, he can’t stop thinking about Bok Shil. He asks butler Kim if he has a girlfriend or if he is married. Joking, butler Kim saying that Louis is 40 years old, has a wife and three sons. But when Louis wanted to leave the house to go see Bok Shil, both butler Kim and butler Heo stopped him.

Bok Shil comes home, after a hard day at work. She sees a red carpet on the stairs and tries hard not to step on it. Suddenly she hears Louis’s voice. He rolled the red carpet especially for her so she shouldn’t avoid it. She steps on the carpet and runs to Louis’s arms.

Louis still fells great at Bok Shil’s small rooftop apartment. He realizes that he has to leave that small apartment and move into his own house. But he can’t leave Bok Shil behind. He asked Bok Shil to move in with him, but Bok Shil refused.

Louis:”Move into my house and live with me.”

At night, Louis can’t seem to fall asleep. His house is too big and it feels empty. He calls Bok Shil and they talk on the phone for a while before falling asleep.

Meantime detective Nam drove on the road between the airport and the place where Louis’s car was involved in an accident. He took all the surveillance cameras from the street and the black boxes from the drivers that were on that street the day of the accident. Looking at the footage, detective Nam notices that Bok Nam was with a gang following Louis’s car the day of the accident. Later both Louis and Bok Nam were together beside Louis’s car….but they were wearing each other’s clothes. He continues to watch the footage and sees that Louis and Bok Nam switched places. Bok Nam took Louis’s car and clothes and left Louis naked on the road.

The next day, detective Nam went to Bok Shil. He took Bok Shil with him and told her what happened to Bok Nam.

Detective Nam:”Bok Nam is dead! He’s the guy who died from the accident in Louis’s car.”

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