“The K2″ep 4 ~ Yoo Jin:”The enemy of your enemy is your friend, right? “

Je Ha sees Park Gwan Soo and imagines killing him. But he can’t! Je Ha’s PTSD doesn’t let him kill anyone anymore. Still, few days later, Je Ha tried to kill Park Gwan Soo, but failed. Then Yoo Jin approached him and proposed him to join forces and to ruin Park Gwan Soo together. Finally Je Ha accepted Yoo Jin’s offer and became the JSS bodyguard in charge of watching Anna.

Episode 4

Je Ha is in the elevator with a JSS bodyguard. Suddenly Park Gwan Soo entered and Je Ha recognized him. Park Gwan Soo was at Blackstone the day Ranya was killed. He takes a gun from Park Gwan Soo’s bodyguards, fights them and is about to kill Park Gwan Soo. But it was all Je Ha’s imagination. He reaches his hand for a gun to do as he imagined, but his PTSD kicked in. Je Ha can’t breathe! The JSS bodyguard took him out and told him who Park Gwan Soo is.

After he was discharged from the hospital, Je Ha prepared his plan to kill Park Gwan Soo. The day has come! Everything is ready and Park Gwan Soo is going directly the way Je Ha wanted him too. Unfortunately a child got between Park Gwan Soo and the trap Je Ha put. Luckily the child wasn’t hurt!

Park Gwan Soo’s bodyguard recognized Je Ha from the night he was hanging the banner and killed the cleaning lady. Je Ha also recognized him. The two men start fighting. When the other bodyguards come in, Je Ha runs away. He had a jumping rope prepared on the rooftop. When he jumped, Je Ha saw chief Jo and Yoo Jin waiting for him.

Yoo Jin gave Je Ha an offer he couldn’t refuse. Both of them hate Park Gwan Soo and want him dead so they should join forces and destroy their common enemy.

Yoo Jin:”The enemy of your enemy is your friend, right? JSS will become your gun. Become the bullet.”

Je Ha took Yoo Jin’s offer and will become one of JSS bodyguards. He goes to JSS to remove his cast and then to training. At the training, Je Ha beat up the master, humiliating him in front of the other trainees. Then he went to chief Jo’s office to receive his command. There Je Ha was rude with the team leader.

Je Ha needs to take a shower before going to his new job, but the other bodyguards aren’t receiving him well. They attacked Je Ha in the shower and were all beaten by Je Ha. Later Kim Je Ha is introduced officially to the other bodyguards as K2. But no one is happy that Je Ha is one of them.

K2’s first mission under JSS is where he doesn’t need to work with a team. Je Ha will protect Anna, during night. When Anna saw him, she recognized the stranger whom she begged for help in Spain and tried to kill Yoo Jin few days ago.

The lady that takes care of Anna explains Je Ha that Anna has a sever panic disorder. Sometimes flickering lights trigger it, but big flashes of light are terrible for Anna. They keep the curtains on during the day because of Anna’s disorder.

Anna can go outside during daytime, but if she faces strong beam of light, like sunlight or camera flash she can get short term amnesia.  She only walks around night time. Anna spends an hour in the bathroom around 9 pm. While she is in the bathroom, the cook and Mi Ran, the bodyguard, search Anna’s room for anything that Anna could use to commit suicide and clean her room. On top of her panic disorder, Anna also has sociophobia and that is why she hates meeting strangers or the people attending her. Before Anna comes out of the bathroom, around 10pm, everyone goes to their rooms. Anna comes down, she eat alone.

All that K2 has to do is watch the surveillance cameras and make sure that nothing happens to Anna.

Anna opens her door and sees Mi Ran and the cook eating ramen. After her shower, Anna goes to the kitchen. She is looking for something, but she can’t find what she is looking for. From the surveillance room, Je Ha keeps talking to her and giving her indications. Unfortunately there aren’t microphones in the house so they can’t hear each other.

After looking for a while, Anna found what she was looking for, ramen. She is so happy that she found the ramen and starts dancing.  Anna then looks for a pot to cook her ramen. She found one! She puts water in it and goes to the stove, but the gas valve was turned off. From the surveillance room, Je Ha kept talking to her and telling her what to do. He gets frustrated when Anna put too much water in the pot and couldn’t find the gas valve even if it was right in front of her.

Je Ha:”How is it that a girl doesn’t know how to make ramen of all things? Should I make ramen for her?”

Disappointed that she can’t cook the ramen, Anna took the ramen package and another plate to her room. Later, Je Ha goes outside for a small break and sees a strange shadow on the rooftop.

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