“Shopping King Louis” ep 11 ~ Louis:”You’re alive, Bok Nam!”

Since he knows that Bok Nam died instead of him, Louis can’t see Bok Shil anymore. He goes at Bok Shil’s house, when she is at work, to clean the house. He watches her from far when she goes to work and he paid Geum Ja to prepare good food for Bok Shil everyday. But he can’t go on like that for long so Louis decided to return to France for a while. Before leaving, Louis saw Bok Nam. He is alive!

Episode 11

Louis:”I can’t go see her anymore!”

It’s been a month since Louis and Bok Shil met. He knows not that Bok Nam died instead of him so he can’t see Bok Shil anymore. But he returned to work at the company. He goes at the company to replace Joong Won, who resigned his job. As soon as he entered the office, Louis recognized Lee Kyung Kook, the one that treated him nicely even when Louis was a simple part timer.

At the office, Louis sits at Bok Shil’s old desk and cleans it all day long.  Meantime Bok Shil opened her own company. For now there are only two employees, Joong Won and herself.

In Sung is Louis’s chauffer now. Every day they stop by Geum Ja, who now is the owner of the building in which Geum Ja, In Sung and Bok Shil live. Louis goes in, sits on the floor and remembers the times he and Bok Shil didn’t have anything and had to put newspapers on themselves to get warm.  He stays there remembering his time spend with Bok Shil until it’s time for Bok Shil to come home. He gets up, puts everything in place, puts some coins in Bok Shil’s piggybank and leaves.

Geum Ja and In Sung come often with food for Bok Shil. They always say that Geum Ja cooked too much so they are giving Bok Shil their leftovers, but actually Louis gives them money to make food for Bok Shil.

Everyday Louis comes over, when Bok Shil is at work, and cleans her house. At night he watches form far until Bok Shil turns off her lights and goes to bed. In the mornings, Louis watches from across the street Bok Shil getting the bus to work.

Detective Nam came by Bok Shil’s office to congratulate her. Seeing Bok Shil and detective Nam so friendly, Joong Won got angry. But they ignored him and continued with what they were doing.

Ma Ri received an orange rose from a secret admirer. The rose is from In Sung, but Ma Ri thinks is from Louis and invited Louis to dinner. But Louis refused, he has a privet lesson.

Joong Won’s parents visited Bok Shil’s office and got angry because their son quit his perfect job for a small office. They’ve asked Joong Won to invite Bok Shil over for dinner and at that dinner Joong Won’s parents fell in love with Bok Shil. Joong Won’s mother is obsessed with healthy food and their nutrients. Seeing how much Bok Shil knows about food nutrients, made Joong Won’s mother fell in love with Bok Shil. She decided to make Bok Shil her daughter-in-law.

It’s crying hard outside. There are thunders and lightings. Louis remembers that Bok Shil gets sick when it’s raining with lightings and thunders and goes over to take care of her. But when he arrived, Louis sees Joong Won entering Bok Shil’s house.

Louis:“Bok Shil, my heart is aching terrible.”

Louis needs some time away from everything and everyone so he decided to return to France for a while. He says his goodbyes and asks Geum Ja too take care of Bok Shil as if Bok Shil was Geum Ja’s daughter. Then Louis send Bok Shil a mail telling her that he is leaving. After she read the mail, Bok Shil received a package with Louis notes.

Louis:”I miss you so much! It’s time to say goodbye.”

Butler Kim is looking for Louis everywhere, but Louis disappeared. He is in Busan taking the town tour bus. Suddenly Louis sees Bok Nam. He gets off the bus and runs to Bok Nam. But Bok Nam gets scared that Louis could take him to the police station and runs away.

Louis:”You’re alive, Bok Nam!”

Bok Nam:”I’m sorry about that time.”

Bok Nam runs away and Louis chases him. But Louis fell and hit his head. Bok Shil is also in Busan for business. On her way to the train station, Bok Shil sees Louis begging on the street. She goes over, surprised. Louis should’ve been in France, but he was begging. Louis has lost his memory again….

Louis:”Is my name Louis?”

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