“The K2″ep 5 ~ Je Ha:”You’re enemies are watching.”

Yoo Jin’s aunt died and the whole family met for the will reading. When he sensed that something was wrong, Je Ha went inside and took her out of there safely. At night, back at the house where he has to watch over Anna, Je Ha prepared Anna what she wanted to eat the most.

Episode 5

Je Ha sees a strange shadow on the rooftop and goes to check it. Anna was on the rooftop, eating the uncooked ramen with a kitty. He watches her without getting closer when suddenly Anna started to cry thinking about her mother.

Early in the morning, K2 left Anna’s house to go and follow Park Gwan Soo. Then he went to report everything to chief Jo, who took K2 with him to a funeral. Choi Yoo Jin’s aunt had died and JSS bodyguards have to go at the funeral with Yoo Jin and her husband. But the temple staff blocked all bodyguards from entering. They are all outside the temple.

Since Yoo Jin and Jang Se Joon can’t go inside alone, K2 and the team leader followed them inside.  When he got the opportunity, Je Ha gave Yoo Jin a pen. If she was to feel like something was wrong she should press the pen once. If she feels like she will be in danger, then Yoo Jin has to press the pen twice. If something like that will happen, K2 will rush inside to save her.

Yoo Jin met her entire family for her aunt’s will reading. When she entered the locked room with all her relativities, Yoo Jin pressed the pen once and Je Ha and the team leader were able to hear everything that was going on inside. At the most important moment Yoo Jin lost the pen and her brother turned off the transmission. Yoo Jin is being targeted from all parts by her family. They want to get her power.

K2 sensed that something wasn’t right and went inside without being called. When K2 entered the fire alarm went on so the door of the locked room could be opened.

Yoo Jin:”He’s not a hunting dog! He’s wolf! I’m sure that I won’t be able to tame him.”

Leaving the locked room, Je Ha stopped Yoo Jin for a second. He told her to straighten her back and to lift her head since all her enemies are watching her.

Je Ha:”You’re enemies are watching.”

It’s night again and when everyone went to their rooms, Je Ha entered the kitchen. He boiled some water for Anna and went to the surveillance room. When Anna came in the kitchen and saw the boiling water she could make some ramen. Seeing her happy makes Je Ha happy too!

Je Ha is called to Cloud Nine in the middle of the night. He goes at the office, enters the lift and presses button 9. But instead of going up, the elevator is going down….

Je Ha:”I’m going down!”

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