“The K2″ep 6 ~ Yoo Jin:”You…loved her, didn’t you?”

Je Ha is called to Cloud Nine where he tells Yoo Jin the reason he wants to kill Park Gwan Soo. While Je Ha and Yoo Jin were talking about Je Ha’s past, Anna managed to ran away from her bodyguards. Anna appeared at a church where her father and Yoo Jin were, but her father’s reaction disappointed her. She leaves the church and waits for her father at the place she was happy with her parents for the first and last time. She was waiting for her father, but instead of her father Je Ha came. He brought her strawberry ice cream without knowing that Anna has a severe strawberry allergy.

Episode 6

Je Ha was called to Cloud Nine. He arrived at the headquarters, got into the elevator and pressed the button 9, but the elevator went down instead of going up. Cloud Nine is a secret place where only a small amount of people can enter. The whole Cloud Nine is soundproof and is controlled by Mirror, and artificial intelligence that only listens to Choi Yoo Jin’s voice.

Yoo Jin is curious about Je Ha. She wants to know what happened to him in Iraq that he wants to kill Park Gwan Soo. After he tells Yoo Jin what happened to him, than Mirror can answer all his questions. Je Ha sits down and tells Yoo Jin what happened in Iraq. He talks about Raniya…the last day of Raniya’s life.

Je Ha came to see Raniya when she was translating a transaction between and arab man and Park Gwan Soo. Because he couldn’t talk to Raniya, Je Ha waited in his car until Park Gwan Soo left. He sees the arab leaving and then Park Gwan Soo making a sign to a soldier, then he left too. When Park Gwan Soo got in his car, the soldiers took Raniya and killed her. While he was running towards Raniya’s death body, Je Ha was hit and fell unconscious on the ground. The moment he came to his senses, Je Ha was holding the gun that killed Raniya. Later the police came and arrested Je Ha. He was framed for murdering Raniya and imprisoned. Within a week, Je Ha escaped from prison, but the Blackstone camp had already turned on him. So he had no choice but to run. He hid among the Syrian refugees and entered Turkey to get to Europe.

Yoo Jin is satisfied with what Je Ha told her and asked Mirror to answer Je Ha’s questions. Raniya was killed because she interpreted secret information between Park Gwan Soo and Abdul Omar, a Kumar leader. Few days after that secret encounter, Abdul Omar created his own army.

Yoo Jin:”You…loved her, didn’t you?”

Since he was accepted into Cloud Nine, Je Ha became a “close line” and from now on Yoo Jin is responsible for him.

Je Ha:”To me that sounds like,” you’re my slave from this point onward”. “

Meantime, Anna was watching the news and found out where her father was going to be the next day. She took from Mi Ran’s room an anesthetic and put it in Mi Ran’s cup. Then she took Mi Ran’s money and left dressed with Mi Ran’s clothes.

Anna visited the neighborhood she used to live with her mother. She walked around and remembered the moments she spent there with her mother. Walking around, Anna arrived at the photo studio that had a picture with her and her mother displayed on the window. The day that picture was taken, Anna’s mother brought Anna there to get her passport photo taken. At that time, Anna’s mother was planning to go with Anna in America. In the picture it was also another woman. That woman is living at the facility at the moment so Anna went there. When she heard Anna’s name, the old woman started screaming for Hye Rin to take Anna and go to America because Choi Yoo Jin knows everything and will kill her and Anna soon.

Je Ha returned at the house and found that Anna was gone. She had taken Mi Ran’s wallet and earpiece. Unfortunately for her, Anna used Mi Ran’s card so they are able to track her down. But Anna was lucky. She was wearing Mi Ran’s earpiece and hear what the JSS bodyguards were talking when they’ve arrived at the facility. Dressed as a nun, Anna managed to get away without being caught.

Assemblyman Jang and Yoo Jin were at a Catholic church so Anna appeared there mixed with the nuns. She looked at her father, but avoided her. He told Yoo Jin that Anna was there and she texted the bodyguards.

Je Ha:”I’ll make a move.”

The bodyguards were heading towards Anna, but the priest stopped them. After leaving the church Anna disappeared again. She went to the amusement park where she went with her parents as a child…when they were a happy family.

Anna was seating on a bench waiting for her father to come get her, but instead of her father, Je Ha came. He brought Anna ice cream and started talking to her. Je Ha lied and told Anna that her father sent him there with the ice cream. Since it’s from her father, Anna ate the ice cream…

Anna:”If it’s from dad, I have to eat it!”

While eating the ice cream, Anna tells Je Ha about the day she spent with her parents there. Suddenly she can’t breathe and faints in Je Ha’s arms. Anna has a sever strawberry allergy.

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