“Prince Of Wolf” ep 14 ~ Shu Pei:”I like you!”

Zhe Ming sees Hao Wei confessing to Mimi. Because Mimi hugged Hao Wei, Zhe Ming thought the Mimi accepted Hao Wei’s confession. The night he confessed to Mimi, Hao Wei found out about Mimi’s health condition and the picture Mimi received when he left Zhe Ming. To help Mimi and Zhe Ming clear their misunderstandings, Hao Wei arranged for them to meet and talk. But when Hao Wei and Mimi arrived they saw Shu Pei kissing Zhe Ming.

Episode 14

Zhe Ming was with Shu Pei when he hears Mimi whistle. He turns his back on Shu Pei who was confessing and runs towards Mimi. Arrived where Mimi was, Zhe Ming sees Hao Wei confessing to Mimi.

Hao Wei:”Mimi, can you give me a chance? Let me take care of you forever!”

She starts crying and hugs Hao Wei. Mimi knows that she might die soon. Mimi reveals Hao Wei that during the time she was aboard her condition worsened and that she only has 30% chances of survival. Because of that Mimi rejected Hao Wei’s feelings.

Hao Wei wants to know why Mimi left Zhe Ming without saying a word. She told Hao Wei about her date with Zhe Ming under the wishing tree. That day, Zhe Ming didn’t come. Instead Mimi received a picture with Zhe Ming and Shu Pei. Seeing the picture, Hao Wei realized that his father drove Zhe Ming and Shu Pei home that day because they were too drunk. He tries to explain Mimi what happened that day, but for Mimi it doesn’t matter anymore.

Thinking that Mimi accepted Hao Wei’s feelings Zhe Ming returned home where he found Shu Pei crying. He hugged her and thanked her for being by his side.

Zhe Ming:”This past year, thank you for being with me.”

Hao Wei took the picture with Zhe Ming and Shu Pei and went to see his father. They argued on that matter. Qi Hong insists that he wants to get everything for Hao Wei, no matter what he has to do for that. But Hao Wei wants a fair competition with Zhe Ming for both Mimi and the company. Shu Pei, who was coming home, heard Qi Hong and Hao Wei arguing. Later Hao Wei showed Shu Pei the picture and told her the reason Mimi left Zhe Ming. Now Hao Wei wants to help Mimi and Zhe Ming clear their misunderstandings, but Shu Pei is the one that doesn’t want to anymore. She has fallen for Zhe Ming.

Shu Pei and Hao Wei made a plan to help Mimi and Zhe Ming clear their misunderstandings. Shu Pei took Zhe Ming to a restaurant and while they were waiting for Mimi and Hao Wei to arrive, Shu Pei realized that she likes Zhe Ming too much to let him go. She gets up, gets closer to Zhe Ming, sits on his lap and kisses him. At that moment Mimi and Hao Wei arrived and saw everything. Upset, Mimi run away.

Surprised Zhe Ming pushed Shu Pei away.

Shu Pei:”I like you!”

Hao Wei runs inside and hits Zhe Ming. Then he shows Zhe Ming the picture with Zhe Ming and Shu Pei, revealing Zhe Ming the reason Mimi left heartbroken a year ago. Zhe Ming runs after Mimi and explains her everything.

Zhe Ming:”Shu Pei and I are not a couple. You’re the only one who’s been in my heart this whole time.”

They stop by a park and talk about everything. Zhe Ming explains what happened the day that picture was taken and Mimi told him the reason she left him. She told Zhe Ming that her disease got worse and she might die soon. Zhe Ming hugs her, consoles her and assures Mimi that he will be by her side no matter what. But Mimi pushes Zhe Ming towards Shu Pei. Mimi believes that Shu Pei could make Zhe Ming happy.

Mimi:”I want you to be happy.”

Shu Pei doesn’t dare to go home. She is afraid of Zhe Ming’s reaction. But Zhe Ming came looking for her. He doesn’t scold her, knowing that Shu Pei is already upset enough. He explains Shu Pei that he cares for her as a brother loves his sister and that he will do anything for her, but he only sees her as his younger sister.

Mimi doesn’t reply to Zhe Ming’s texts so Jiang Ping helps Zhe Ming meet Mimi. Jiang Ping invited Mimi and Zizi out. When Mimi and Zizi arrived, Jiang Ping started playing the guitar while Zhe Ming started singing. Mimi is touched, but she keeps pushing Zhe Ming away. While she was trying to get away from Zhe Ming, Mimi fell into the pool and pulled Zhe Ming with her. The two couples spend the day together, having fun.

That night Jiang Ping finally mustered the courage to confess his love to Zizi.

Hao Wei and Zhe Ming are called at the company by their grandfather. He will soon decide his successor. But before that he is giving Hao Wei and Zhe Ming one last mission. After the meeting Zhe Ming looks for his uncle to ask him about the picture Mimi received a year ago. Since he is there, Zhe Ming took advantage and asked his uncle the question he’s been dying to ask…if his uncle didn’t hear him on the wolf mountain or his uncle abandoned him. Of course Qi Hong denied that he abandoned Zhe Ming on wolf mountain.

The following days, both Hao Wei and Zhe Ming worked hard for their last mission. Finally the day of the final mission has come. Each of them is happily doing their events when Hao Wei hears someone talking with his father on the phone about sabotaging Zhe Ming’s event. He calls Zhe Ming, but Zhe Ming didn’t answer. Then he called Shu Pei, but she didn’t answer either. Lastly Hao Wei called Mimi and asked her to tell Zhe Ming that someone is playing to sabotage his event. But before Mimi could reach Zhe Ming one of the tents at Zhe Ming’s event fell. The tent was full with children.

Going to talk with the engineer that caused the tent to fall together with Zhe Ming, Hao Wei sees his father talking with the engineer.


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