“The K2″ep 7 ~ Jang Se Joon:”Anna is a hostage!”

After she ate the ice cream Je Ha gave her, Anna couldn’t breathe. She has a severe strawberry allergy and thought that by committing suicide like that, she won’t be a burden for her father anymore. Luckily Je Ha took her to a doctor in time and Anna survived. When Anna came back to her senses, Yoo Jin came by and made Anna feel worse. To help Anna, Je Ha forced Jang Se Joon to come and see his daughter. But Je Ha didn’t the reason Jang Se Joon was refusing to meet Anna and after he found out, Je Ha regretted his decision.

Episode 7

Je Ha found Anna and went to her. He lied saying that her father send him and brought Anna ice cream. Without knowing that Anna s sever strawberry ice cream, Je Ha gave her strawberry ice cream. Anna ate the ice cream willingly and fainted in Je Ha’s arms. He starts CPR on her while the other bodyguards call for an ambulance. But the JSS director canceled the ambulance and gave them the order to not take Anna to a hospital.

Chief Jo brought his car into the park and Je Ha put Anna inside. The two of them drove Anna to JSS infirmary in a critical condition.  While waiting for the doctor to save Anna, Je Ha feels guilty for feeding her strawberry ice cream. The time she was unconscious, Anna remembered the night her mother died. There was someone in the room, someone who covered her eyes.

Later, Je Ha is upset that he can’t do anything to help Anna. If he tries to help her in anyway, everyone that knows about Anna’s existence, including the doctors if she will be taken to a hospital, will be killed. Young Chun sees Je Ha and tells him more about Anna’s story. Hye Rin, Anna’s mother, married a Korean man who was living in America so Anna is registered under that man’s name. Legally Anna doesn’t have any connection with Jang Se Joon. But something happened and Hye Rin returned to Korea with her daughter and introduced her to Se Joon when he was happily married to Choi Yoo Jin.  At that time Jang Se Joon plaid the happy family man role with Hye Rin and Anna behind Yoo Jin’s back.

Choi Yoo Jin found out about Anna’s suicide attempt and came to see her. The doctor from the JSS infirmary advised Yoo Jin to let Anna see a psychologist because Anna’s mental health isn’t good. But Yoo Jin refused. No one has to know about Anna’s existence, no matter what happens to Anna in the process. She enters Anna’s room and tells Anna that her father won’t come see her because Se Joon doesn’t want to see Anna.

Yoo Jin plays with Anna’s fragile mind telling Anna that she means nothing to her father. She tells Anna that Anna is a insignificant burden from his past.

Anna:”Dad…doesn’t love you!”

Since telling Anna that her father doesn’t love her didn’t work, Yoo Jin moved one. She talked trash about Anna’s dead mother. Yoo Jin said that Hye Rin used Anna to blackmail Jang Se Joon. Then Yoo Jin, pretending to be sympathetic with Anna’s pain, remembered Anna that Anna gave her alcoholic mother some pills that killed Hye Rin. But now that Anna remembered that someone was there, this doesn’t work either.

Anna:”There was someone at our house then. And they tried to kill me too.”

Of course Yoo Jin can’t let Anna remember what happened with Hye Rin and insists that Hye Rin died because of the sleeping pills Anna gave her.

Yoo Jin:”Your mother died because of the pills you gave her.”

From outside, Je Ha heard everything Yoo Jin told Anna. He couldn’t let things go on and intervened in Anna’s defense.

Je Ha:”Anna is quit ill.”

After Yoo Jin left, Je Ha promised Anna that her father will come see her.

Je Ha:”I’ll bring your father to you.”

Je Ha went to Jang Se Joon’s event. He sees some suspicious men and tells the other bodyguards, but the team leader insists that everything is alright and no one is suspicious. But Je Ha keeps watching the suspicious men. When one of the suspicious men made a move, Je Ha jumped on him and realized that the suspicious man was K1. Suddenly the other suspicious looking men got up and started throwing eggs towards Jang Se Joon. The bodyguards pretend to try to stop them when Jang Se Joon defended the men that threw eggs at him. Je Ha understood what was going on. Jang Se Joon asked him bodyguards to make a scene at the event so he could defend them and look good in front of the people gathered there, that will bring him more votes.

Jang Se Joon went to wash up. In the room a young lady was waiting for him. He enters the shower and lady gets something from the bodyguard outside. Je Ha saw them and understood that Jang Se Joon was in danger. He got Jang Se Joon out of there and took his to see Anna.

On the way to JSS headquarters, Jang Se Joon told Je Ha the whole story, the reason why he refuses to see Anna. Choi Yoo Jin is keeping Anna as a hostage to control him. If he meets Anna and says a wrong word, Se Joon is afraid that Choi Yoo Jin might kill Anna. So he prefers not seeing his daughter, but knowing that Anna is alive.

Jang Se Joon:”Anna is a hostage!”

Jang Se Joon enters Anna’s room knowing that Yoo Jin is watching them on the surveillance camera.  He pretends not to know about Anna’s strawberry allergy and when Anna tries to tell him what she remembered about her mother’s death, Se Joon stops her. He tells her to not talk about the past or say that someone killed her mother because if someone will hear her it will get in his way of becoming president. Se Joon threatens Anna with not seeing her ever again if she continues to say that Choi Yoo Jin killed her mother.

There is something that Anna must know. She asks her father if he really loved her mother and if Hye Rin used her to threaten Se Joon. But Se Joon must protect his daughter from Yoo Jin so, even if he feels like dying on the inside, Se Joon chose to hurt Anna more that she is already suffering.


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