“Shopping King Louis” ep 12 ~ Detective Nam:”We’ve found Bok Nam!”

Louis found Bok Nam and together they’ve made a plan to reunite Bok Shil and Bok Nam. The two of them were helped by In Sung, butler Kim, butler Heo, Joong Won and detective Nam. When she heard that her brother, whom she thought was death, is alive, Bok Shil can’t believe it. Suddenly Bok Nam appeared before her.

Episode 12

Bok Shil found Louis begging on the streets with his memory lost again. She calls butler Kim and takes care of Louis until butler Kim arrived. But when Louis saw butler Kim, he got scared and ran away. While chasing Louis, Bok Shil got on a yacht and the yacht left with her. Soon detective Nam called her.

Detective Nam:”We’ve found Bok Nam!”

Strangely, Bok Nam was on the same yacht as Bok Shil. He takes out a phone and shows Bok Shil a video with Louis. As he promised Bok Shil, Louis found Bok Nam. Louis pretended to have lost his memory again to make Bok Shil and Bok Nam meet. The other day, when he was chasing Bok Nam, Louis fell and hit his head. After the hit, Louis remembered what happened the night he returned to Korea. A motorcycle gang stopped him. The leader of the gnag was hitting him so Bok Nam saved him. In order to not get into trouble, Bok Nam asked Louis to give him everything, shoes, clothes, watch, phone. The plan was for Bok Nam to give everything to the gang’s leader and return after Louis and take him home. But while waiting for Bok Nam, Louis fell and hit his head of a fire hydrant and lost his memory. Meantime Bok Nam gave everything he took from Louis to the gang leader. After the gang leader took Louis’s car and belongings the accident happened. The gang leader died in front of Bok Nam.

Coming to his senses after remembering everything, Louis keeps following Bok Nam until he caught Bok Nam. When he finally caught Bok Nam, Louis explained him that he doesn’t have to be scared. Louis told Bok Nam about his relationship with Bok Shil and together they’ve made the plan for Bok Shil and Bok Nam to meet.

Louis:”Bok Nam saved me! I’ll protect you from now on!”

Louis and Bok Nam filmed a video together and asked everyone to help them with their plan. The most important part of the plan was in Joong Won’s hands. He was supposed to bring Bok Shil to Busan and let her meet Louis out of a coincidence. In Sung was the one that followed Louis and announced everyone when Bok Shil and Louis met. When Bok Shil called butler Kim, he was supposed to tell Bok Shil to wait for him with Louis at the dock.  After butler Kim arrived, Louis was supposed to run to the yacht. On the yacht butler Heo was in charge of taking care of Bok Nam and tell the driver to leave the dock after Bok Shil gets on. The last part of the plan was for detective Nam to call Bok Shil and let her know that Bok Nam is alive.

Everyone returned to Seoul. Geum Ja waited for Bok Shil Bok Nam and Louis with the meal ready. They’ve ate together then Louis and Geum Ja left. Bok Nam and Bok Shil are reunited after a long time so they must have a lot to talk about.

The man that was attacked instead of Louis at Bok Shil’s house woke up from his coma. He ran away from the hospital before detective Nam arrived and called Baek Seok Goo to threaten him.

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