“Something About One Percent”ep9~ Jae In:”I’m being jealous!”

Da Hyun spends her last moments in Jae In’s house. They go shopping together, she cooks for him and they eat together like a family. Jae In even comes home for lunch to eat what Da Hyun made.

On the day he went to see his friends, Jae In took Da Hyun with him. But that was the worst decision he could make because Joo Hui was there too. Joo Hui isn’t pleased with the relationship between Da Hyun and Jae In and ends up insulting Da Hyun.

Episode 9

Jae In:”I feel like I need to hear confessions while I’m sober.”

Jae In and Da Hyun went at the hotel to have breakfast. But Da Hyun isn’t comfortable with the situation. She doesn’t want people to see them together and start rumors. When team leader Kang comes to call Jae In over to the office for work, Da Hyun tries to hide to not be sees. She tries hard to avoid being seen by team leader Kang, but Jae In introduced her to team leader Kang.

After breakfast, Da Hyun went to her house. She found the courage to go inside, but she is still afraid. When Jae In called her and found out where she is, he asked Da Hyun to come outside and wait for him. They will enter Da Hyun’s rooftop apartment together.

When he was on his way out, Jae In was hugged, from behind by his ex-girlfriend. He pushed her away and left. But she left a mark on Jae In’s jacket so when Jae In and Da Hyun met, Da Hyun saw the makeup mark from Jae In’s jacket.

Da Hyun:”Do you really go to the hotel to work?”

They enter Da Hyun’s apartment and look around to see if anything is missing. And the thief didn’t take anything from her house. The only thing that wasn’t where Da Hyun put it was the dating contract that Da Hyun and Jae In signed.

Da Hyun is jealous! She keeps looking at Jae In’s jacket and acts jealous. She insists that Jae In goes to the hotel to have relationships with women. And Jae In keeps explaining that it’s nothing between Joo Hui and himself.

Jae In:”She’s just a woman I know!”

On their way home, Jae In and Da Hyun stop by the supermarket to get something to eat. At Jae In’s house there are only drinks, but nothing to eat. At the supermarket they act like a happy loving couple. At the house, Da Hyun cooks for the two of them. But the happy moment stopped when Jae In gave Da Hyun the key of his house and asked her to stay there for a while. Da Hyun refused! She can’t continue stay at his house and be seen by someone. Also Da Hyun doesn’t want to fall in love with Jae In now when their contracted relationship is about to end.

Da Hyun:’I can’t fall for you, Jae In!”

Jae In came by early to see if Da Hyun is alright and eat what she cooked. He finds Da Hyun frightened and hugs her to console her. While they were eating, Jae In told Da Hyun that he bought her apartment and is renovating it at the moment. After eating, Da Hyun planed to go see Ji Soo at his event, but Jae In stopped her. Jealous that Da Hyun will see Ji Soo, Jae In took Da Hyun with him to meet his friends. Unfortunately Joo Hui was there too.

Since Jae In doesn’t want to introduce Da Hyun and Joo Hui, Hyung Joon had to step in. He tells Joo Hui that Da Hyun is Jae In’s girlfriend and that Jae In loves her. But the moment Da Hyun was alone, Joo Hui approached her and insulted Da Hyun.

After her conversation with Joo Hui, Da Hyun is upset. She doesn’t say anything, but Jae In can clearly notice that something happened to Da Hyun. In front of his house, Jae In forces Da Hyun to tell him why she is so upset and realizes that Da Hyun is jealous.

Upset, Da Hyun goes inside, but Jae in rings the bell. She opens the door for him and asks him how the owner of the house doesn’t know the password.

Jae In:”I wanted to see how it feels to have someone open the door for me.”

Da Hyun gets something to drink and her jealousy crisis continues. Jae In drinks from her bottle and continues to explain her that it’s nothing between Joo Hui and himself. Then he put the bottle down and kisses Da Hyun.

The renovations at Da Hyun’s apartment are finished so it’s time for her to return home. Jae In made sure to install all kinds of gadgets to make the apartment safer for Da Hyun. As soon as they go inside Jae In sees Ji Soo’s poster and tells Da Hyun to throw it away because he doesn’t want the picture of another man on her wall.

Jae In:”I’m being jealous!”

Jae In goes home and his house feels empty. They only lived together for a few days, but his house is already empty without Da Hyun there. Meantime Da Hyun also misses being with Jae In.

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