“Shopping King Louis” ep 13 ~ Louis:”I’m hugging you because I like you!”

Louis’s grandmother had a conception dream and suspects that Bok Shil might be pregnant. Meantime Louis asked butler Kim to tutor Bok Nam and butler Heo to teach the three girls that attacked him and Bok Shil a lesson.

Louis proposed to Bok Shil!

Episode 13

Louis’s grandmother had a conception dream so she woke up happy. She sent Louis to invite Bok Shil to dinner. Arrived at Bok Shil’s office, Louis gets jealous when he sees Joong Won’s name tag as “daddy long legs”. But he is hungry so he asks Joong Won to order something to eat for them.

After eating with Joong Won, Bok Shil and Louis left. They’ve had some desert and met Bok Nam. Together with Bok Nam, Louis and Bok Shil went to the police station to tell detective Nam everything Louis remembered and everything Bok Nam knows about the day of the accident.

Bok Shil and Louis went to Louis’s house to have dinner with his grandmother. Since she suspects that Bok Shil might be pregnant after her dream, the grandmother asked butler Kim to give them some drinks. After she tasted the drink, Bok Shil ran to the bathroom with an upset stomach. Back at the house, Louis told Geum Ja about Bok Shil’s upset stomach and Geum Ja becomes suspicious that Bok Shil might be pregnant too.

Bok Nam has to return to school. Because Bok Nam doesn’t know a lot of things, Louis asked butler Kim to tutor Bok Nam. When he first met Bok Shil, butler Kim thought that she looked familiar. Now that he sees Bok Nam, butler Kim feels that Bok Nam’s face is even more familiar.

Louis came by Bok Shil’s office again, but this time it’s about business. Goldline needs someone that can provide them with fresh vegetable so Louis thought that Bok Shil’s company will be a good decision. After discussing their conditions, Bok Shil and Joong Won accepted Louis’s offer to sign a contract with Goldline.

Louis:”I’m hugging you because I like you!”

Louis has asked butler Heo to discipline the girls that beat him and Bok Shil and took Bok Shil’s money for telling Bok Shil were Bok Nam could be. Now the three girls have to peel garlic and get paid for it until they return all the money to Bok Shil, which after Louis’s calculations will take about 13 days. Meantime, next to the three girls, Bok Nam is studying.

The only once who are at Louis’s house for fun are Bok Shil, Geum Ja and In Sung who are Louis’s grandmother’s guests.  Louis sits at the piano and sings a song for everyone. His grandmother looks around and sees her house full and the emotions make her cry. Her house seems lively now.

When he took Bok Shil home that night, Louis proposed to her.

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