“Something About One Percent”ep 10 ~ Da Hyun:”I think I’ll have to kill him!”

Joo Hui released the news that she and Jae In will get married. Da Hyun saw the news and got angry. She avoids Jae In for a while and at that time Tae Ha appeared. Tae Ha is getting closer to Da Hyun.

Episode 10

Da Hyun came by the hotel to eat with Jae In. He is a little busy so she waits for him. When Jae In came to Da Hyun, he found her talking to his aunt. Later, while they were eating, Da Hyun asked who Tae Ha is. Both Jae In and his aunt mentioned Tae Ha so she is curious who that person is. Jae In tells Da Hyun that Tae Ha is his cousin and that she should just ignore him if Tae Ha ever approaches her.

After lunch, Da Hyun went to Hyun Jin’s store. Unfortunately Joo Hui was there and insulted Da Hyun again. But this time, Da Hyun didn’t stay silent like a fool and spoke in her defense, making Joo Hui feel bad too.  Da Hyun left the shop angry and refused to answer Jae In’s calls for the rest of the day.

Ji Soo has a small concert at SH Mall organized by Tae Ha. Da Hyun goes with Ji Soo and after the concert she meets Tae Ha, but of course Tae Ha didn’t mention his name. When she returned home, Da Hyun saw Jae In waiting for her. She avoided Jae In and ran inside her apartment. Jae In followed her, knocked at the door and when Da Hyun opened, he asked why she is so upset. He needs to know to be able to explain himself or clear the misunderstandings Da Hyun might have. While talking, Jae In reclaimed Da Hyun that he is the one that always calls her first. They cleared the misunderstandings and everything seemed to go well between them. But the next morning the news about Jae In getting married with Joo Hui appeared.

Da Hyun:”I think I’ll have to kill him!”

After his breakfast meeting, Jae In comes to his office and finds his employees busy answering the phones. Team leader Kang follows Jae In to his office and shows him the article. Jae In is shocked by the news and intends to find out who released that false news and take legal actions against that person.

Jae In calls Da Hyun to explain her that article, but Da Hyun isn’t answering so he decided to go look for her. On his way, Jae In met Joo Hui. He talks in privet with Joo Hui and reclaimed her for creating that mess. He is angry with her. He makes it clear that he will not marry Joo Hui. At the end of their conversation, Jae In prohibited Joo Hui to call his name…after all that is what Da Hyun wants.

Joo Hui:”I can become ruthless too!”

Unfortunately for Jae In, after he finished his conversation with Joo Hui, Sun Woo saw Jae In and Joo Hui together and wasn’t pleased.

Jae In met Da Hyun. He tries to stop her from seeing the article about his engagement, but it’s already too late. They argue over that matter. Da Hyun believed the article and believes that Jae In cheated on her and is really engaged with Joo Hui.

She is acting strange. Even Da Hyun doesn’t understand her behavior of jealous girlfriend after being cheated…especially when the contract between Jae In and herself will be over soon. Jae In hugged her and asked her to trust in him.

Jae In:”Trust only me and think only about me.”

In the weekend, Ji Soo has another event. He is singing at an orphanage. At that event Tae Ha came too. He offered to take Da Hyun home and when they arrived in front of Da Hyun’s home, Jae In was there.

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