“Sweet Stranger and Me” ep 1 ~ Nan Gil:”I’m your father! ”

Hong Na Ri, a flight attendant, returns hometown after her mother died and her finance cheated on her. At her mother’s grave, Na Ri meets a young man, named Go Nan Gil, who introduces himself as her stepfather. Before she died, Na Ri’s mother married the younger Go Nan Gil so now he lives at her house and runs her dumplings restaurant.


Soo Ae                        as     Hong Na Ri

Kim Young Kwang    as    Go Nan Gil

Lee Soo Hyuk             as    Kwon Duk Bong

Jo Bo Ah                     as    Do Yeo Joo

Kim Ji Hoon               as     Jo Dong Jin

Episode 1

The day Na Ri’s long term boyfriend finally proposed to her, Na Ri found out that her mother died in an accident.

Na Ri:”Nothing in life is predictable!”

Ten months late, Na Ri sees her finance and her coworker, Yeo Joo together and realizes that he is cheating on her. She imagined going over to Dong Jin and Yeo Joo and beating them up. But she couldn’t do that.

Na Ri:”You keep the trash that I threw away.”

Upset and disappointed, Na Ri went to visit her mother’s grave. From there she called Dong Jin to break up with him. At that moment Dong Jin was with Yeo Joo going on a date on the beach. Na Ri tells them that she saw them together and threatens Yeo Joo to not appear in front of her, to now eat, to not smile, to not stay in front of her.

After the phone conversation, Na Ri sees the young man who was sleeping near her mother’s grave. He was trying hard to avoid Na Ri, but she saw him in the end. He also was at Na Ri’s mother’s funeral, but avoided Na Ri.

The young man that was sleeping beside Na Ri’s mother’s grave is Go Nan Gil. He is the owner and chef of a small dumplings restaurant.

Na Ri and Dong Jin met. She insists that it’s better for them to break up, but Dong Jin hasn’t told his family yet. He wants to get back with Na Ri and does everything he can to convince Na Ri to forgive him. He even talks about Na Ri not having anyone around after her mother died and that during the ten months after her mother’s death, Na Ri’s uncle borrowed money from Dong Jin. Still Na Ri can’t forgive Dong Jin for cheating on her.

Drunk and with a newly bought shovel, Na Ri goes to her mother’s house. There she sees Nan Gil again. Since it was the middle of the night and she was drunk, Na Ri got scared and attacked Nan Gil with the shovel. Luckily he wasn’t hurt.

Nan Gil is the owner of Na Ri’s mother’s house. She never met him before, but Nan Gil knows who Na Ri is. Since Na Ri is too drunk at the moment, they will talk the next day when she will be sober.

Nan Gil woke up early in the morning to prepare the dumplings. Then he tries to think of a way to tell Na Ri who he is, but he can’t seem to find the right way. Suddenly he hears Na Ri screaming and runs to her room. When Na Ri woke up her vision was blurry.

Na Ri:”I can’t see!”

While moving around the room without seeing, Na Ri dropped some pills. When Nan Gil saw the pills on the ground, he thought that Na Ri might have tried to commit suicide. He took Na Ri in his arms and runs outside. In front of their gate, there was Kwon Duk Bong. Nan Gil and Na Ri get into Duk Bong’s car and they go to the hospital. On the way, Na Ri told Nan Gil that she might have took two sleeping pills.

Arrived in front of the hospital, Nan Gil carries Na Ri inside. She can see now, but she is barefooted. At the hospital, Nan Gil, who is clearly younger than Na Ri, treats her informally, acts like her guardian, scolds her and told everyone that they are family. After Na Ri’s check up, Nan Gil told Na Ri who he is.

Nan Gil:”I’m your father! I’m Hong Na Ri’s stepfather.”

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