“The K2″ep 8 ~ Anna:”I killed my mother!”

Anna has caught the public attention and Je Ha takes advantage of the situation to save Anna from her prison. He the public know Anna’s address and made sure that a lot of people will gather to meet Anna. And everything was like Je Ha planned. Now Yoo Jin can’t touch Anna until the public will lose interest in her.

Episode 8

Anna is curious why Je Ha saved her. She wanted to die, but Je Ha can’t and doesn’t want her to die. They start arguing when Je Ha tried to explain Anna that there are people worried about her, people that want her to be well.

Je Ha:”I don’t want you to die!”

Anna was discharged from the JSS infirmary and Je Ha is taking her home. On their way, Anna remembers that Je Ha did CPR on her and she’s too embarrassed to let their eyes meet. But she is curious what did Je Ha promise her father…the promise that Je Ha will protect Anna from anyone, including Choi Yoo Jin. Then Je Ha tries to make Anna understand that her father didn’t abandon her. If her father had abandoned her, Anna wouldn’t have been alive at the moment.

The day Anna ate the ice cream strawberry, before Je Ha found her, two girls took a selfie next to Anna. Of course Anna showed up in their picture. The girls have the impression that Anna is the girl that the designer Lafelt is looking for and posted the picture online.

A boy sees Anna and Je Ha on their way to the secret house and recognizing Anna follows them. When Anna got off the car, the boy took her picture. Je Ha sees him and puts Anna back in the car. Then he goes to the boy, who showed Je Ha the picture that the two girls posted online looking for Anna. At that moment Je Ha got an idea of how to protect Anna…he can expose her to the public. Je Ha asked the boy to post Anna’s picture online together with the address of Anna’s house. He also asked the boy to gather as many people as he can in front of Anna’s house in an hour.

After the boy left, Je Ha got Anna inside. On the way he told her to stay put when he says “ice” and to move when he says “ding”. He is training her like a little puppy.

A lot of people gathered in front of Anna’s house, teenagers, normal people and media. Everything seems to be the way Je Ha planed. He gave instruction to Mi Ran, the cooking lady and Anna of what to do. He encourages Anna to introduce herself to the people waiting in front of her house. Of course Choi Yoo Jin isn’t please with what is happening and send the offensive team over. She is on her way too.

Before Anna got out of the house, Je Ha signaled her to stay put until he removed the snipers. While Je Ha was busy fighting one of Yoo Jin’s men, Anna appeared in front of all the people gathered outside. She introduced herself as the daughter of late actress Uhm Hye Rin and the deceased movie director Go Joon Ho, Go Anna.

Anna:”I’m not an angel!”

To stop Anna from talking to the public, Yoo Jin’s right hand, secretary Kim used her phone flash. That moment Anna’s phobia appeared and is hard for Anna to breathe. Anna fell on the ground and playing the role of a worried mother, Yoo Jin jumped to help Anna.

Yoo Jin:”My child is sick!”

Je Ha sees Anna going on the roof and follows her. He sits far to not be seen and watches over Anna. He looks at her, reminiscing all the moment with her si smiling like a fool. Suddenly Anna slips and thinking that she will fall, Je Ha runs over. Anna didn’t fall, but Je Ha did. Embarrassed he wants to leave, but Anna asks him to stay with her.

Anna:”Don’t go!”

Anna thanks Je Ha for everything he did for her since their first encounter in Barcelona until that night. Then Je Ha makes Anna understand her situation at the moment. Choi Yoo Jin let Anna live because she didn’t have to worry about Anna. But now things are different! Anna was exposed to the public. Everyone knows about Anna’s existence at the moment, which made Anna be Yoo Jin’s greatest weakness. With one word from Anna, Yoo Jin’s word can break down.

Je Ha:”You’ve become Choi Yoo Jin’s greatest weakness now.”

They stay on the roof for a while more. Anna opens up in front of Je Ha and talks about her mother. The night Hye Rin died, Jang Se Joon had to visit them. But he didn’t came so Hye Rin did what she always was doing when she was disappointed in Jang Se Joon…she was drinking. Not wanting to see her drank mother cry, Anna gave Hye Rin some sleeping pills.

Anna:”I killed my mother!”

The next morning Park Gwan Soo found out that Kim Je Ha was a mercenary in Iraq and is on Interpol’s black list after killing a refugee at Blackstone camp.

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