“Sweet Stranger and Me” ep 2 ~Nan Gil:”I can’t say my daughter is my daughter…

Na Ri found out that Nan Gil is her stepfather and tries to find evidence that Nan Gil is a con artist. But Nan Gil saw her! Few days later, Na Ri realized that Nan Gil has tattoos on his back…which means he is a gangster.

Episode 2

Na Ri found out that Nan Gil is her stepfather. She is shocked! She can’t believe that her mother married a man younger than her and more important she can’t believed that her mother married without telling her. Na Ri asked to see a picture as proof that the marriage really occurred. Nan Gil scolded Na Ri for speaking informal with him and asked her to respect him. Then he showed Na Ri a picture with him and Na Ri’s mother from the wedding day.

Na Ri:”Stepfather, you should show me proof.”

Duk Bong heard the conversation between Na Ri and Nan Gil and when he found Nan Gil alone, while Na Ri was talking with the doctor, he tried to convince Nan Gil sell his land. Nan Gil refused as he always did. But Duk Bong keeps going until Na Ri heard him insulting her death mother. She got angry and scolded Duk Bong.

Later, Duk Bong tells Na Ri about his intention to buy the land on which is her mother’s restaurant. He also told Na Ri that the land is on Nan Gil’s name. Then Duk Bong plants suspicions in Na Ri’s mind by telling her that to his it looks suspicious that her mother died in a car accident right after she put everything on Nan Gil’s name.

From the hospital, Nan Gil and Na Ri went to a restaurant nearby to eat. The lady from the restaurant thought that they were a couple and Nan Gil tried to correct her, but Na Ri stopped him. Na Ri doesn’t want anyone to know that Nan Gil is her stepfather. She prefers people to think that they are either a couple or siblings.

Nan Gil:”I can’t say my daughter is my daughter… She won’t say her father is her father…”

While they eat, Nan Gil and Na Ri talk about the situation they are in at the moment and about Na Ri’s mother. Na Ri has a lot of questions and Nan Gil accepted answering to those questions. If there is some question he can’t give Na Ri an answer, then he will stay silent.

Nan Gil:”I married her because I was in love!”

Nan Gil finds Na Ri searching around in his room. She was trying to find evidence that he is a con artist. So when Nan Gil found her inside his room, Na Ri tripped and hit her leg on the bed. Jumping in one food because of the pain, Na Ri fell with the hands in the dough Nan Gil had there. He gets upset and throws Na Ri out of his room. Then he made Na Ri prepare dinner because he is waiting for a guest.

Dinner is ready and the guest arrived too. The guest is Dong Jin, Na Ri’s ex finance. Nan Gil doesn’t know that Dong Jin cheated on Na Ri and they’ve broke up. But when Dong Jin arrived, he surprised to see Nan Gil talking informal to both Na Ri and himself, while Na Ri is being all formal and respectful with the younger Nan Gil.

When he found out the truth about Na Ri and Nan Gil’s relationship, Dong Jin gets angry at Na Ri for being so respectful with a young gigolo that fooled Na Ri’s mother. Dong Jin also starts talking about Na Ri’s mother’s death…did she really died in a car accident or was murdered…Na Ri was about to trust Dong Jin again, but at that moment Yeo Joo texted him. Yeo Joo knew that Dong Jin went to see Na Ri and wanted to make her presence known.

Na Ri kicks Dong Jin out, but Dong Jin brings up the money Na Ri’s uncle owns him.

Na Ri is leaving. She exchanged phone numbers with Nan Gil, who seems extremely happy that she is leaving, phone numbers. While Nan Gil went to get Na Ri some home cooked food for the flight, Na Ri went outside where Dong Jin was waiting for her. He acts as if Na Ri broke up with him without him doing anything wrong. At the time while Dong Jin was being rude to Na Ri, Duk Bong passed by. Nan Gil asked Duk Bong to give Na Ri a ride to Seoul. It’s better for Na Ri to leave with Duk Bong than with Dong Jin or the bus.

Dong Jin:”Why is he taking my girlfriend?”

After Na Ri and Duk Bong left, Nan Gil threaten Dong Jin to not appear in front of Na Ri ever again because he, Nan Gil, will repay Dong Jin the money Na Ri’s uncle borrowed.

Nan Gil:”Don’t show your face in front of Hong Na Ri again?”

The night Na Ri returned she saw some gangsters in front of her uncle’s house. Her uncle is on the run and she can’t get in touch with him. Nan Gil showed up to get rid of those gangsters that seemed to know him. Later at their house, Na Ri hears Nan Gil talking on the phone with her uncle. Nan Gil was threatening the uncle to not show up in town or contact anyone he knows.

After the phone conversation, Nan Gil changed his clothes and Na Ri saw on Nan Gil’s back some tattoo…which meant that Nan Gil was a gangster.

Nan Gil:”You know I always keep my word.”

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