“Something About One Percent”ep 11~ep12~ Jae In:”Do you want to be with me until the very end?”

Da Hyun found out the reason why both Jae In and Tae Ha approached her and isn’t happy. She forgave Tae Ha quite easily, but with Jae In she is hard, making Jae In do thinks that he never thought he would do for someone. But when things were going well between them, Joo Hui couldn’t stay put and kidnapped Da Hyun.

Episode 11

Jae In waits for Da Hyun to come home. When she finally arrived, Jae In sees Da Hyun with Tae Ha. Hearing Tae Ha’s name, Da Hyun understands why Tae Ha never gave her his business card and she has a lot of questions. Both Jae In and Tae Ha explained Da Hyun the reasons they both approached her…because of their grandfather’s will. Upset that she was used, Da Hyun gets angry. Tae Ha apologized, but Jae In doesn’t understand why Da Hyun is so furious. Tae Ha and Jae In agree with one thing, they both got upset when Da Hyun said that look alike.

Da Hyun is still angry with him so after he tried for several days to get on Da Hyun’s good side again and failed, Jae In brought her balloons and flowers. She was impressed and let him inside and even talk to him. When Da Hyun saw that Ji Soo’s poster is coming down, she tried to stick it back on the wall, but Jae In didn’t let her. She was about to fell, but ended up in Jae In’s arms and he kissed her.

Jae In:”I never used you!”

It’s been a while since they last seen each other so Jae In can’t leave so soon. Even if he doesn’t like ice cream, he invited Da Hyun out for ice cream just to spend more time with her.

Da Hyun is waiting for Jae In to finish his meeting. While she was waiting, Joo Hui approached her again, telling Da Hyun to stop being pathetic and clinging to Jae In who isn’t going to marry her. Joo Hui even said that Jae In’s grandfather arranged for her and Jae In to marry three years ago because Joo Hui is from a rich family who can help Jae In.

Da Hyun:”Having encounters like this with you is really pissing me off.”

Tired of her Joo Hui’s behavior,  Da Hyun called Jae In over and asked him to chose between the two women. If Jae In accepts Joo Hui’s help and decides to marry her than he and Da Hyun will have to break up at that very second. But Jae In is sure of what he wants, even if he isn’t aware of it yet. He chose Da Hyun in front of Joo Hui and asked Joo Hui to never bother Da Hyun again.

Da Hyun:”You chose, will it be me or Han Joo Hui?”

From the hotel, Jae In accompanied Da Hyun to Hyun Jin’s store to buy a dress for SH Group anniversary party. Da Hyun insisted to meet Jae In’s grandfather and there they will meet. Back at the house, Da Hyun and Jae In met Tae Ha. He came to Da Hyun to apologize once again for approaching her with an ulterior motive. But actually he wanted to see what type of person Da Hyun is because even Tae Ha could see that Jae In changed since he met Da Hyun.

The day of the party came and Da Hyun arrived too. She wants Jae In to keep his distance from her to not be sees together. She is afraid of the complications that will appear if the reporters will see them together. At some point Da Hyun got bored and her feet were sore. She went outside to take a rest and Joo Hui approached her again. As usual Joo Hui insulted Da Hyun.

Episode 12

At the party Joo Hui approaches Da Hyun and insults her again. She found out about Jae In’s grandfather’s will and tells, more like ordering, Da Hyun to end the dating contract with Jae In. She even offered to pay Da Hyun the money Da Hyun wants.  But Da Hyun fights back, smiling.

Da Hyun:”I’ll be completely fine without your money, thank you.”

Joo Hui:”Jae In has been my man since three years ago. I…love that man!”

Hyung Joon sees Joo Hui bothering Da Hyun and sends Jae In over. Da Hyun decided to return at the party, holding Jae In’s hand like she wanted to tell everyone there “this is my man”.  Back to the party, Jae In’s aunt approached Da Hyun to insult her. But Jae In’s mother was close by and jumped to defend Da Hyun.

Finally understanding that she and Jae In are from two different worlds, Da Hyun left early.

Since Da Hyun was depressed, Hyun Jin took her out for drinks. Da Hyun got drunk and Hyun Jin called Jae In to pick his girlfriend up.

At Da Hyun’s house, she confesses again. She tells Jae In that she wishes that they weren’t dating because of the contract or that Jae In wouldn’t be rich. Da Hyun wishes that she and Jae In just date because they love each other. Jae In looks into Da Hyun’s eyes and confesses that he feels the same way.

Jae In:”Do you want to be with me until the very end?”

In the morning, Jae In came to pick up Da Hyun and have breakfast together before going to work.  At night they are supposed to meet. Jae In comes to pick up Da Hyun from school after working until late at night. He keeps waiting for her, but Da Hyun isn’t there. Joo Hui came earlier with two men and kidnapped Da Hyun.

While Jae In was looking for Da Hyun around the school, late at night, Joo Hui called and met Tae Ha. All Joo Hui needs is Jae In so she kidnapped Da Hyun and locked her into a hotel room and gave the key to Tae Ha. Joo Hui plans to make a deal with Tae Ha so Tae Ha could marry Da Hyun. But Tae Ha isn’t willing to play Joo Hui’s game. Tae Ha called Jae In and told him where Da Hyun is.

Thinking that Tae Ha is the one that kidnapped Da Hyun and worried that Tae Ha might have done something to Da Hyun, Jae In rushes over. As soon as the hotel door opened, Jae In hit Tae Ha.

When he calmed down, Jae In realized that Tae Ha isn’t that stupid to kidnap Da Hyun and then call him over. They talk, fix their misunderstandings and Tae Ha tells Jae In that everything was done by Joo Hui.

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One Response to “Something About One Percent”ep 11~ep12~ Jae In:”Do you want to be with me until the very end?”

  1. Just stumbled upon your blog (fan-frigging-tastic) content by the way. It’s basically asian drama heaven haha. I’ve been out of the game for a while now, 2 years or so, and my god is it hard to find a new drama to watch. So much has changed. I’ve heard so much about Something About 1% and mostly good things, the story seems cute too. Maybe it’s time for me to give it a go. Anyhow, stay awesome!

    Would you by any chance be interested in sharing some of your content on Creators? We’re currently branching out and I for one would love to see more asian drama content on the platform. I saw your blog and couldn’t help but get in touch. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail so I can expand on that. My contact details are on my blog. Hope to hear from you.

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