“Swimming Battle” ep 14~ Yu Die:”I killed my mother!”

Fiona isn’t pleased that Ah Fei and Yu Die are back together and made a plan to create trouble again. Finding out that Yu Die is a PTSD patient was a huge help. She put the high school director to sent a withdraw petition for the Flying Fish swimming team. After the papers come out, the Flying Fish couldn’t stay at the sports village anymore so Fiona offered to let them stay at a camping site until Ah Fei finds a way for the swimming team to be able to compete. The camping site is the same one where Yu Die’s mother’s died.

Episode 14

Hai Fei returned to help the swimming team. He and Yu Die talked and resolved everything. They’ve promised to never put each other in the same situation and face whatever comes towards them together. With everything solved, Yu Die and Hai Fei start playing on the beach, when Fiona saw them.

Fiona has to get a document from Hai Fei’s house. She goes over and before leaving, Fiona sees a document that was saying that Yu Die is a PTSD patient.

The Mayor’s Cup is near so Yu Die and Hai Fei brought the swimming team to the sports village. There everyone else try to stop them from staying there because of the poisoning incident of the Marlin’s swimming team. Unfortunately for them Hai Fei doesn’t get intimidated so easily and he threatened them with suing everyone who tries to stop them from staying there when they will be proven to be innocent.

Hai Fei:”Who dares to mess with the Flying Fish team, see you in court.”

You Yu and Shan Shan are on their way to were the Flying Fish team is with drinks. The Marlin’s team stopped them and started harassing Shan Shan in order to get information about what Xiao Mi likes. When You Yu tried to stop Ah Lang from harassing Shan Shan, Ah Lang hit You Yu. When a fight started between the two boys, coach Hei, Yu Die and Ah Fei came running. Seeing the boys fight, coach Hei started accusing You Yu of attacking Ah Lang. Unfortunately for coach Hei, another swimming team saw everything and spoke in Flying Fish swimming team favor.

Because there are witnesses that Ah Lang started a fight and the Marlin’s team could be disqualified, coach Hei changed her attitude. She talks nicely and asks Yu Die and Ah Fei to not create trouble for her team. They’ve talked and reached an agreement, but the conversation didn’t went to the direction that coach Hei wanted…after all Hai Fei is a business man that knows how to get what he wants.

While the adults were negotiating, the teenagers where talking about the reason Ah Lang was harassing Shan Shan. Hearing what happened, Xiao Mi sees in that incident a way to motivate Yi Lei in winning against Ah Lang. To make Yi Lei jealous, Xiao Mi pretends to prepare for her first date with Ah Lang.

At the sports village, Yu Die and Ah Fei have to share a room. They are both nervous about their first night together and they each think about what could happen, which way to sit or their sleeping habits. But nothing was like they’ve imagined. They had some red wine and Yu Die got drunk. She kissed Ah Fei and fell asleep while she was talking.

The two teams are training hard under their coaches surveillance when a prosecutor comes in. The prosecutor came to interrogate Ke Qi after seeing on the surveillance camera that Ke Qi and another man broke into the principal’s office. Since she was caught, Ke Qi revealed that she saw the principal near the kitchen before the Marlins swimming team got poisoned and she broke into the principal’s office to find evidence that it was him the one that poisoned the food.

While the prosecutor was interrogating Ke Qi, en envelop came for Ah Fei and Yu Dei. The principal has asked for the Flying Fish swimming team to withdraw from the Mayor’s Cup competition and the request was accepted. That moment Ah Fei asks his team to continue training and listen to Yu Die while he and the principal went to see Ah Lou.

Ah Lou helps the prosecutor restore the hard disk, Ah Lou took from the principal’s office. Meantime, Ah Fei tells everything to Fiona, without knowing that Fiona is behind the principal. Hearing that Ah Fei and Yu Die are back together, Fiona continued with her plan. Since the Flying Fish swimming team has withdrawn from the competition, they can’t stay at the sports village. They can’t stay at the hotel and they can’t leave either. Ah Fei has asked them to stay there and practice while he makes sure to find a way for the Flying Fish team to be allowed to participate in the Mayor’s Cup.

Yu Die doesn’t know what to do and where to take the students and like a saving angel, Fiona appeared with a solution.  Not knowing Fiona’s true evil side and true intentions, Yu Die accepted to go with the Flying Fish swimming team at the same camping site where her mother died while saving her.

Fiona returned at the camping site and pretending to care for the Flying Fish swimming team, she took Yu Die with her to buy something to eat for the teenagers. She took Yu Die on the same spot Yu Die’s mother’s died and started talking about her. Since Yu Die didn’t show any sign of remembering her mother’s tragic accident, Fiona pushed her to remember. Fiona threw her bracelet into the water and let Yu Die get into the water to look for it.

Fiona:”Yu Die, that thing that you’ve chose to forget, let me help you recall it.”

Yu Die slipped and is taken away by the strong current. She manages to catch a branch, but that moment Yu Die’s memory came back. She remembered her mother dying while saving her!

Yu Die doesn’t talk. She runs back to the camping site, crying and screaming and locks herself in the room. Yi Lei is worried so he called Ah Fei.

Yu Die:”I killed my mother!”

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