“Shopping King Louis” ep 14 ~ Louis:”Bok Shil should we…get married?”

Bok Shil and Louis’ s relationship is going well. They are spending time together and they are happy. It’s time for a team building and Louis invited over not just his department, but also everyone that helped him, including detective Nam. Unfortunately Bok Shil was kidnapped at that team building…

Episode 14

Mr. Goo’s bag was stolen to the only way he has to contact Seon Goo is through his wife. He goes to Jae Sook’s bookstore and she called her husband. When Seon Goo came in, he was shocked to see the Louis was also there. Scared that Mr Goo might have said something to his wife and Louis, he drags Mr. Goo out.

From Jae Sook’s store, Louis went to Bok Shil’s house.  Soon after he arrived, all the things that Louis ordered arrived too. Louis ordered matching clothes, matching sunglasses, matching shoes for him and Bok Shil and the bag that Bok Shil made him return when bought it for her before getting his memory back….and a lot of other things.

Louis:”Bok Shil’s world!”

Later Louis wanted to cook for the two of them. Unfortunately he made a mess and Bok Shil had to clean after him so at the end she was really tired.

Bok Shil:”Why am I so tired when you were the one who cooked?”

Bok Nam isn’t improving his studies at all so butler Heo called Bok Shil. He doesn’t want to study anymore .While Bok Shil was trying to scold her brother and make him study, Bok Nam wanted to run away. Unfortunately for him, Geum Ja heard everything and she scolded him.

Geum Ja:”Bok Nam, you have two choices! You can either live like my son or live like Louis. Which one do you want?”

At first Bok Nam said that he wants to be like Louis, but when he heard how hard Louis studied and that Louis can speak various languages, Bom Nam changed his mind and said he wants to be like In Sung. His answer made Geum Ja scold him even more.

Louis:”Bok Shil should we…get married?”

The next day, Louis, Bok Shil, Ma Ri, Joong Won and everyone in their department went on a team building . They’ve split into teams and played various games to see which team will wash all the dishes. Louis’s team, formed by Louis, Ma Ri, In Sung, butler Kim and Hye Joo, won the battles and Joong Won’s team was chosen to wash the dishes.

In the middle of the night, while everyone was having dinner, the last person who was invited came…detective Nam Joon Hyuk.  After dinner there is another game…King of Masked Singer. All the men put masks on and sang in front of the women who gave them stars. Louis was the winner again.

It’s late and they play a game to see which one will sleep with whom. Ma Ri ended up sleeping in the same room as Bok Shil, butler Kim choose the room with In Sung and Joon Hyuk while Joong Won and Louis ended up sleeping together in a tent outside.

When everyone was asleep, Louis and Bok Shil arranged to meet. Because Bok Shil’s jacked is wet, Ma Ri gave her jacked to Bok Shil. On her way to meet Louis, Bok Shil was kidnapped by Mr.Goo. Seeing Bok Shil wearing that jacked, Mr. Goo thought that Bok Shil was Ma Ri. He was intending to kidnap Ma Ri and threaten Baek Seon Goo.

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