“Sweet Stranger and Me” ep 3 ~Nan Gil:” What does your father do, son?

Na Ri returned home and saw the tattoos on Nan Gil’s back. Since then she decided to cooperate with Duk Bong and find evidence against Nan Gil. To be able to search Nan Gil’s room without being distracted, Na Ri pretends to be sick and sends Nan Gil to buy her medicine. Because she didn’t know Nan Gil’s computer’s password, Na Ri asked Dong Jin to came by and get Nan Gil drunk.

Episode 3

Na Ri returned from her flight and went to give Nan Gil his present. She saw the pictures that her mother took with Nan Gil and decided to accept Nan Gil as her family. Arrived in front of Nan Gil’s room, Na Ri hears Nan Gil threatening her uncle on the phone. Then Nan Gil changed his clothes and Na Ri saw on Nan Gil’s back two tattoos…which meant that he is a gangster. Because she made some noise without realizing it and Nan Gil heard her, Na Ri knocks the door. She comes in and Nan Gil tries to hide his tattoos from Na Ri.

Na Ri:”You have an unique taste when you’re alone.”

No matter how much Nan Gil tried to make Na Ri leave his room, she didn’t. Na Ri practically forced Nan Gil to open the present she just gave him. After he opened the present, Na Ri started talking about her uncle. Nan Gil can’t wait anymore! He gets closer to her and pushes Na Ri out of his room.

Nan Gil:”It’s like a parent getting a gift from his child.”

The next morning, Na Ri sneaked out of the house without being seen and went to Duk Bong. She signed a contract with Duk Bong in which Duk Bong will be her lawyer and they will start a fight against Nan Gil.

Returned at the house, Na Ri sneaks back to her room and screams. Nan Gil hears her and ran over.  When Nan Gil entered her room, Na Ri pretended that her back it’s hurting her and send Nan Gil to buy her medicine. To make sure that it will take Nan Gil a while to return, Na Ri wrote him on a piece of paper a strange medicine name, something that didn’t exist. As soon as Nan Gil left, Na Ri went to his room to find evidence that Nan Gil is a con artist.

Nan Gil went to every pharmacy in town to find Na Ri’s medicine, but no one heard of it. He also went to a hospital, where no one heard of that medicine. When he didn’t know where else to look for Na Ri’s medicine, Nan Gil’s alarm went off. He has a password on his computer and when someone tries the wrong password, Nan Gil receives a message on his phone… with the picture of the person trying to hack in his computer. Seeing those pictures with Na Ri, he understood the situation.

Na Ri calls Dong Jin and asks him to come over and drink with Nan Gil until Nan Gil will be too drunk to hide anything from her. Then she returned to her room where she waited for Nan Gil to come. When he returned home, Nan Gil took Na Ri some dumplings and annoyed her until she got up, forgetting that she is in the middle of pretending to be sick.

Na Ri ate the dumplings and then needed to use the toilet. She sneaked out of her room without being seen by Nan Gil, but she got discovered when Duk Bong came.

Duk Bong and Na Ri went to Na Ri’s room to talk in privet. Na Ri doesn’t want Nan Gil to find out what she is planning with Duk Bong and is still reticent if she should continue or not with finding evidence against Nan Gil and sue him. But Duk Bong encourages her to sue Nan Gil and announced Na Ri that he plans to ask that Na Ri’s mother’s accident to be reinvestigated.

Nan Gil comes to Na Ri’s room with a juice for Duk Bong and starts acting like Na Ri’s father.

Nan Gil:” What does your father do, son? Do you have siblings? Does your family get along?”

After Duk Bong left, Na Ri keeps insisting to know more about Nan Gil’s relationship with her mother, if he approached her knowing that she had some properties on her name and why Nan Gil doesn’t give Na Ri her mother’s phone. They’ve argued over that subject until Nan Gil got upset and screamed at her.

It’s Na Ri’s mother’s death anniversary. She and Nan Gil are sitting in front of Na Ri’s mother’s picture and Na Ri opens up. She talks about her relationship with her mother. Then Dong Jin came with big bottles of alcohol to get Nan Gil drunk.

While Na Ri went to get glasses, Dong Jin and Nan Gil talk. Nan Gil had already paid Dong Jin the money Na Ri’s uncle borrowed from Dong Jin, but Nan Gil doesn’t want Na Ri to know that. Also Dong Jin is curious if Nan Gil is sick. The day Nan Gil paid Dong Jin, Nan Gil was sick. He was sweating, he could barely breathe and walk.

Dong Jin and Nan Gil drink until they’ve both got drunk. They are now like close friends.

Dong Jin:”I like you!”

It’s time for Dong Jin to leave, but he already fall asleep so Nan Gil dragged him out. Luckily for Dong Jin, Yeo Joo was outside waiting for him. When she saw Nan Gil, Yeo Joo thought that Nan Gil is Na Ri’s younger brother and started flirting with him. But Na Ri got angry. It’s Na Ri’s mother’s death anniversary and Yeo Joo dared to come there. She argued with Yeo Joo and made Yeo Joo kneel before her and apologize.

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