“Shopping King Louis” ep 15 ~ Joong Won:”Ko Bok Shil is missing!”

Bok Shil is missing! She was kidnapped! Joong Won and Louis woke everyone up and they all went to search for Bok Shil. Seeing the recordings on the surveillance cameras, detective Nam realizes that Bok Shil was kidnapped. They start looking for Bok Shil when Louis received a phone call from the hospital. Bok Shil and her kidnapper were involved in a car accident. After the incident with Bok Shil, Baek Seon Goo decided to turn himself in to the police and reveal what he did.

Episode 15

Joong Won wakes up in the middle of the night and notices that Louis isn’t there. Thinking that Louis must have gone to a room instead of sleeping in the tent, Joong Won went outside. He encounters Louis who was nervous because he couldn’t find Bok Shil. Together they go to Bok Shil’s room, but she wasn’t there either. They tell Ma Ri to wake up everyone and let them know that Bok Shil is missing while Louis and Joong Won went to search for Bok Shil outside.

Joong Won:”Ko Bok Shil is missing!”

Without knowing that he kidnapped the wrong person, Mr. Goo calls Baek Seon Goo to threaten him. Mr. Goo wants money in exchange of the person whom he kidnapped.  Meantime Louis, Joong Won and Ma Ri accompanied detective Nam to check the surveillance cameras and they realize that Bok Shil was kidnapped.

When he realized his mistake, Mr. Goo called Baek Seon Goo again and they’ve arranged to meet. But on his way to meet Baek Seon Goo and get his money, Mr. Goo was involved in a car accident.

Louis is at the police station, worried sick about Bok Shil, when someone from the hospital calls him. Louis, Joong Won and detective Nam hurried to the hospital and when they’ve saw Mr. Goo, they’ve recognized him. Louis tells detective Nam that Mr. Goo knows Baek Seon Goo and that he met Mr. Goo at Ma Ri’s mother’s bookstore, while detective Nam reveals Louis that Mr. Goo is the man that got hurt in Bok Shil’s rooftop apartment. Hearing that Mr. Goo knows Baek Seon Goo, Joong Won becomes suspicious.

Bok Shil:”I like you very much!”

Louis took care of Bok Shil while she was in the hospital. He fed her, he helped her tie her hair, he gave her water and didn’t let Bok Shil do anything. When Bok Shil was discharged, Louis carried her to her rooftop apartment where Geum Ja, In Sung and Bok Nam were waiting for her. Everyone was so worried about Bok Shil that now when she is home they treat her like a queen and Louis, Geum Ja, In Sung and Bok Nam become Bok Shil’s maids.

Louis hears from butler Kim that Baek Seon Goo told everyone that on the day Louis returned to Korea Louis took Baek Seon Goo’s car and drove away while Baek Seon Goo was in the toilet. Louis remembers that it didn’t happen like that and keeps thinking about Baek Seon Goo’s suspicious reactions from all this time. Then, in the middle of the night, Louis went to see Baek Seon Goo.

Baek Seon Goo kneels before Louis and apologizes while revealing everything he did. He was angry when Louis’s grandmother announced all of a sudden that she will give Gold Group to Louis without consulting it with Baek Seon Goo, whom had given all his live to the company. Angry, Baek Seon Goo thought that if Louis would be involved in a small accident than his grandmother would’ve send Louis back to France. Unfortunately things went out of control. Ever since Louis appeared alive, Baek Seon Goo has been living in anxiety that people might find out what happened. Now he is sorting everything in order to turn himself in to the police. Baek Seon Goo has even instructed his lawyer to give all the shares that he has at Golg Group to Louis.

The next morning, Baek Seon Goo turned himself in. Mr. Goo woke up too and he was also arrested. But unfortunately Mr. Goo blames everything, including Bok Shil’s kidnapping, on Baek Seon Goo. Luckily for Baek Seon Goo there is someone who believes in his words and that someone is Louis. To help Baek Seon Goo, Louis and Joong Won caught Ma Ri’s mother’s stalker and took the pictures from the stalker to the police. Between those pictures were photos of Baek Seon Goo going to his wife’s bookstore with the money Mr. Goo requested.

Another evidence in Baek Seon Goo’s favor was found…the recorded conversation between him and Mr. Gioo. In that recording Baek Seon Goo was telling Mr. Goo to not kill Louis, just to slightly injure him so Louis’s grandmother would sent Louis back to France.


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