“Something About One Percent”ep 13~ Jae In:”I don’t think I can sleep without you by my side.”

Da Hyun is safe now, but she can’t forget the night she was kidnapped. She can’t go out at night because she is too scared, she wakes up in the middle of the night because she has nightmares, she always looks behind her while walking on the street and she keeps thinking what if someone really bad would’ve kidnapped instead of Joo Hui. Jae In is there by her side, calming her and punishing Joo Hui.

Episode 13

Jae In is by Da Hyun’s side when she wakes up. She feels dizzy and doesn’t know where she is. Jae In calmed her and assured Da Hyun that he will make sure that no one will ever touch her again. Suddenly there is someone at the door. It’s Hyun Jin! Worried about Da Hyun, she came to see that Da Hyun is fine and to take Da Hyun home. But Jae In insisted that Da Hyun stay at his house that night.

Jae In:”I wouldn’t feel safe having you anywhere else.”

In the middle of the night, Da Hyun has a nightmare. Jae In, who was by her side, woke her up and calmed her. Jae In held in his arms Da Hyun the whole night and in the morning insisted that Da Hyun take the day off and rest.  But Da Hyun refused.

When Jae In arrived at work, he found Sun Woo waiting for him. Sun Woo found out what happened to Da Hyun and came to ask Jae In to completely break up with Da Hyun.

Jae In:”It’s usually bad guys who need angels the most.”

Later Tae Ha and Hyung Joon accompanied Jae In and Sun Woo. Together they’ve made plans for what they should do next and how to make Joo Hui pay for kidnapping Da Hyun. One thing is for sure, Jae In isn’t planning to handle the situation legally. If he will do so and the prosecutors will handle the case, the media will find out about Jae In and Da Hyun and all kinds of lies about their relationship will appear.

The first step is for Hyung Joon to talk to Joo Hui’s father and try to handle it and for Tae Ha to stop his father from creating troubles for their company. Both Tae Ha and Jae In know that Tae Ha won’t be able to stop his father, but it’s Jae In’s way of giving his uncle a chance.

After classes were over, Jae In picked Da Hyun up and took her to his house. It’s safer there! Da Hyun knows that something is wrong and asked Jae In what happened. Jae In had to tell her the truth, that she was kidnapped by Joo Hui. Surprised by what she just found out, Da Hyun asked Jae In to punish Joo Hui by the law, not more not less.

Hyung Joon went to see Joo Hui’s father. Chairman Han doesn’t care what Jae In does as long as Jae In doesn’t announce the police. And Jae In agreed with that. Meantime Jae In looks into Joo Hui’s family company and found out that chairman Han’s been buying SH Mall’s shares. Because he needs more power to handle the situation, Jae In decided to let SH Group back him up.

On his way home, Jae In stopped by the supermarket and bought everything he needed to cook for Da Hyun. After dinner Da Hyun insisted to go to her house so to convince her to stay there, Jae In had to leave and spent the night at the hotel. But he forgot his laptop and had to return…right when Da Hyun was coming out of the shower. He tried hard to not get closer to Da Hyun and she also tried to avoid him, but they couldn’t. In the end, Jae In kissed Da Hyun and they’ve spend the night together.

Jae In:”I don’t think I can sleep without you by my side.”

Tae Ha’s father has been fired and he will be send to America…or he could choose to stay in Korea and go to jail. In his place was put Tae Ha.

Seeing that things got complicated, Joo Hui came to see Jae In. She puts on the victim’s mask, she talks about her love for Jae In as the reason she kidnapped Da Hyun and gave her to Tae Ha and makes her speech sound as if she was putting the blame for her actions on Jae In.

Since Jae In doesn’t want to talk to her or help her, Joo Hui went to Hyung Joon. She convinced Hyung Joon to take her to Da Hyun.  Joo Hui pretends to apologize to Da Hyun and asks Da Hyun to help her and stop Jae In since Da Hyun is fine and nothing happened to her. Hearing that makes Da Hyun angry. Joo Hui isn’t apologizing because she knows she did something wrong, Joo Hui is just upset that things didn’t go the way she wanted.  Da Hyun makes sure to tell Joo Hui that she isn’t fine. Da Hyun can’t walk outside at night by herself because she is too scared. She has nightmares and wakes up in the middle of the night, remembering the night she was kidnapped.  She keeps thinking what if someone bad kidnapped her and something might have happened to her for real.

While Joo Hui and Da Hyun were talking, Jae In arrived. Seeing Joo Hui there she gets angry with Hyung Joon.

Da Hyun decided to forgive Joo Hui and said that in front of Jae In. Relieved, Joo Hui leaves and shows her true intentions. But Hyung Joon made sure to announce Joo Hui that the fact that Da Hyun forgave her it’s just the beginning because the people Joo Hui paid to kidnap Da Hyun already submitted witness testimonies against Joo Hui.  They’ve also recorded their phone conversation with Joo Hui.

Hyung Joon:”Just live a quiet, humble life and try not to kidnap people anymore.”

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