“The K2″ep 9 ~ Yoo Jin:”Make sure you keep a close eye on them.”

Anna changed! She now eats with everyone and doesn’t stay locked in her room all day. She even leaves her house and takes self defense classes at JSS headquarters. There she meets Sung Won and leaves with him. Je Ha went also with Anna and her uncle, but at some point he lost Anna. When he finally found her, Je Ha realized that Anna missing wasn’t what he thought to be. Things change between Anna and Je Ha too….

Episode 9

Anna woke up early in the morning thinking about Je Ha. She is changed! She goes downstairs and asks to have breakfast for the first time with the cooking lady, Mi Ran and K1. Now that she revealed herself to the world, Anna wants to help Mi Ran get away from there. But K1 reveals that for anyone who knows about Anna’s real identity it’s impossible to leave. Those that know about Anna will be killed as soon as they won’t be needed anymore.

Je Ha is at Cloud Nine. Yoo Jin is furious with him for letting Anna’s existence be knows. But seeing the way Je Ha is willing to protect Anna, Yoo Jin gives up. They’ve met at Cloud Nine to talk about their mutual enemy, Park Gwan Soo. They know why Park Gwan Soo was at Blackstone and why Raniya was killed so now they need to find evidences against Park Gwan Soo.

Yoo Jin:”Anna is like another Raniya to you?”

Je Ha wants to kill Park Gwan Soo, but Yoo Jin gives him a better alternative. Park Gwan Soo dreams about becoming president so they have to take his dream away. If they find evidence of Park Gwan Soo’s trip to Blackstone than Park Gwan Soo won’t be able to dream of becoming. When Park Gwan Soo will be ruined, than Je Ha can give Park Gwan Soo a rope with which Park Gwan Soo can kill himself willingly while regretting having killed Raniya.

Because Anna is having trouble sleeping, Mi Ran took her to JSS infirmary. There Anna met Young Chun who offered to teach Anna some self defense moves. While Anna was in self defense class, Choi Sung Won came. He hugged her and introduced himself as Anna’s uncle.

Yoo Jin and K2 are at JSS headquarters when they see Anna with Choi Sung Won. Yoo Jin is shocked and tried hard to keep Anna away from her brother. But Sung Won threatens Yoo Jin with exposing Anna’s identity if he can’t take Anna for lunch. Anna agreed to go out with the man that calls himself Anna’s uncle, but she doesn’t go alone. She asks Je Ha what he thinks about her going with Sung Won and K2 decided to accompany her and Yoo Jin asked him to watch over Anna.

Anna:”I do need permission. Is it okay if I follow this man?”

Yoo Jin:”Make sure you keep a close eye on them.”

The place Sung Won wanted to take Anna wasn’t a restaurant, but a hospital. He took Anna to see the save psychiatrist that consulted Anna after her mother’s death. While Anna was with the doctor, Sung Won took Je Ha with him to an office.

Sung Won:”Anna will choose me! So protect her…as one of my men.”

When Je Ha realized what was going on, Anna and Mi Ran were already gone. Je Ha is desperately looking for Anna when Sung Won called him. Sung Won send Je Ha the location where Anna is, but asked Je Ha to come alone or Anna will be in danger. Arrived at the location where Sung Won took Anna, Je Ha saw everyone there, the cook lady, Mi Ran, K1 and understood that everything was a plan for Anna and the once guarding her to get rid of Yoo Jin.

Anna and Je Ha are walking on the beach and talking. Suddenly Anna sees Mi Ran and K1 playing on the beach and she wants to play too. Je Ha refused saying that it looks childish, but he ended up doing what Anna wanted.

After dinner Anna wanted to take a walk on the beach because she feels hot after dinking some wife. But Je Ha doesn’t let her. He takes her inside and helps her cool down. Before leaving Je Ha gave Anna a walkie-talkie to call him if she hears anything strange.  They talk with each other, for a while, using the walkie-talkie, but suddenly Je Ha doesn’t answer anymore. Anna goes to check on him and sees Je Ha sleeping on the sofa. She gets a blanket from her room to put it on Je Ha. But when she got closer, Anna sees Je Ha all sweaty and tears falling from his eyes. He was dreaming about the day Raniya died. Je Ha woke up from his nightmare and hugged Anna tightly.

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