“Shopping King Louis” ep 16 ~ Louis:”Being yourself is a powerful thing!”

After Louis’s grandmother died, her conception dream came true and a wedding happened. At the wedding Louis realizes that Ma Ri likes Joong Won and encourages her to confess. Unfortunately Joong Won isn’t interested. Joon Won meets a girl that remembers him of Bok Shil and fells in love with her.  After the wedding, Louis watches a video recording with the 30th anniversary of his company and realizes that on that day, when they were children, he and Bok Shil first met.

What I didn’t like about this drama: First of all Louis didn’t change during the whole drama. From the first episode until the last episode, the writers made Louis look like an retarded… Bok Shil obviously changed, but on certain episodes, Bok Shil doesn’t have any womanliness. Also on some episode Bok Shil walks like if she had a dirty dipper hanging her ass…..

Episode 16

Louis is in a meeting with his department. He uses the same words Joong Won used to use to scold them, but Louis encourages them. Joong Won on the other hand became the president of Gold Group. He often comes by Louis’s department because he is bored in his own office and misses his old team. He takes out from his wallet a piece of paper and shows it to everyone. At that time when Louis hadn’t recovered his memory yet and worked as a part timer, he gave everyone in the department some stars…everyone except Joong Won. On Joong Won’s paper, Louis drew a big heart and thanked him. From that day, Joong Won kept that piece of paper with Louis’s heart in his wallet.

Joong Won:”Will you go on a date with me?”

Joong Won asked Bok Shil to go out with him. They had lunch together for the last time. Joong Won decided to let go of his feelings for Bok Shil and accept Bok Shil and Louis’s relationship. From now on they will take Louis with them too. On their last meeting, Joong Won encourages Bok Shil to get her high school diploma and get into university. He believes that she could become successful.

Louis’s grandmother died recently, but after she died, her conception dream came true. Butler Kim got butler Heo pregnant and they’re getting married. At the wedding everyone was invited and wished their best to the new happily married couple and their future child. The next wedding will be Geum Ja’s because she was the one that caught the bride’s bouquet.

Louis:”Being yourself is a powerful thing!”

Louis realized that Ma Ri likes Joong Won and encouraged her to show her true feelings and not try to be someone that she isn’t. Taking Louis’s advice, Ma Ri send Joong Won texts. But that didn’t help her. Joong Won met a girl from a rural area that reminded him of his first encounter with Bok Shil and fell in love with Wang Mong Shil.

Louis wanted to take Bok Shil out for lunch and propose to her, but Bok Nam had other plans. Bak Nam wanted to eat and home and stick to them the whole day.  Suddenly Ma Ri’s mother called Louis saying that she has a present for him. She was watching a video recording and gave it to Louis.

Louis invited Bok Shil to see a movie and rented the whole theatre. The movie started and it was about their first meeting…when they were children… before Bok Nam’s birth.

The video was about Gold Group 30th anniversary.  At that event there were 30 people that received the limited 30 music boxes that were made especially for the 30th anniversary.  The 30th winner was a couple, the woman was pregnant and her husband was holding a little girl. Bok Shil looks at the video and recognizes the woman’s dress. The couple was her parents and the little girls that the man was holding was Bok Shil.

Later little Bok Shil sees little Louis crying that he didn’t get a music box. The little Bok Shil got closer to little Louis and gave him her music box. Because she couldn’t pronounce her name well, little Louis thought that the little girl’s name was “Ko Bo Shi” and named his dog after her…remembering her all his life.

Louis:”Bok Shil, I love you!”

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