“Something About One Percent”ep 14~ Jae In:”I have no intention of living with you!”

Things are going well between Jae In and Da Hyun, but unfortunately the day of their break up has come. Either of them wants to break up, but no one said the word and they end up breaking up. Following their break up, Da Hyun fell sick, while Jae In keeps working day and night.

Episode 14

Things between Jae In and Da Hyun are better than ever. They go on dates, they spend every free time together, they talk on the phone every night and they call each other early in the morning…like a normal couple.  But no good thing last forever. The last day of their dating contract arrived.

Jae In’s mother came by the school to talk to Da Hyun. She may not be Jae In’s birth mother, but she never thought that Jae In wasn’t her son. She is a good person and doesn’t insult or humiliate Da Hyun, but Da Hyun knows why she came by the school. Da Hyun assures Jae In’s mother that she and Jae In will not get married, that they will break up soon. Jae In’s mother doesn’t want Da Hyun as Jae In’s wife, but she still feels that it’s a shame to lose a good person like Da Hyun. After meeting and talking to Da Hyun, Jae In’s mother understood why her father-in-law introduced Jae In to Da Hyun.

Jae In called Da Hyun and they’ve met. The next day it’s their last day together and Jae In wants Da Hyun to meet him early in the morning so they could go on a trip .

Da Hyun and Jae In met early in the morning, before the sun got up. They went to the beach where they’ve acted like a real couple. They’ve took out their shoes and walk barefooted on the beach. They hold hand and played around.

Both Jae In and Da Hyun regret that they have to break up. There are still a lot of things that they didn’t do together, but they will have to do the rest on their own. They sit down at the restaurant and talk about their future plans, about what kind of future partners they want to date. Da Hyun says that she will want a man that helps kids in the park, that gives them presents and encourages them, a generous man. But Jae In doesn’t realizes that Da Hyun described him. All the things that Da Hyun said she wants from her future boyfriend are all the things that Jae In did during the time they’ve dated.

Jae In:”We look good together!”

Suddenly Jae In gets up and leaves the table for a while. He returns with a gift for Da Hyun, a necklace.

Jae In:”Do you wants to stay together today?”

They want to stay more together, but Jae In’s mother calls him. Jae In’s grandfather fainted and was send to the hospital. Knowing his grandfather, Jae In feels like his grandfather is acting sick to make Jae In and Da Hyun stay together longer. Still Jae In has to go to the hospital.

Before going to see his grandfather, Jae In sends Da Hyun home. They say their last goodbye! Both of them is waiting for the other to say that they don’t want to break up, that they fell in love with each other, but either said anything. It’s hard, they both suffer, but they break up.

Jae In :”So you didn’t fall in love with me? Make sure you meet a good man!”

Da Hyun:”Don’t meet a good woman!”

Arrived at the hospital, Jae In discovered that his grandfather wasn’t playing an act. It’s been a while since his grandfather was sick and hit that fact from his family.

Jae In returned to the main branch. He is now the executive director of SH Group. He would’ve wanted to marry Da Hyun, but he knows that Da Hyun would’ve had a hard live with him. He now has a lot of bodyguards following him around and if Da Hyun’s would’ve married him, than she should’ve had bodyguards too… Jae In will have to work a lot more than he is at the moment so Da Hyun will be all alone and will have to attend a lot of social meeting by herself. Also there is a high possibility that Da Hyun could get kidnapped again if she would’ve stayed by his side. Knowing all of this, Jae In let Da Hyun go.

Because Da Hyun isn’t answering her phone, Hyun Jin went over. Arrived at Da Hyun’s house, Hyun Jin finds Da Hyun lying on the floor unconscious. She put Da Hyun, who is burning with fever, in bed and called her brother.

Jae In is working when his birth mother called him. His sister ran away to Korea.  He goes to the agency were Soo Jung is auditioning to become a singer and dragged her out. To know her safe, Jae In took Soo Jung to his hotel, but Soo Jung wants to live with her brother.

Jae In:”I have no intention of living with you!”

At the hotel, Jae In and Soo Jung met with Hyun Jin. Thinking that Jae In moved on and Soo Jung is Jae In’s girlfriend and knowing how sick Da Hyun is, Hyun Jin got angry. Hearing that Da Hyun is sick, Jae In went to her place. He couldn’t see her, but he went in front of Da Hyun’s house.

Jae In is also suffering after his break up with Da Hyun. He keeps working nonstop. He barely goes home and works day and night. His mother came by with change clothes and they’ve went to have breakfast together. But Jae In can’t stop thinking about Da Hyun.

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