“The K2″ep 10 ~ Je Ha:”Give me this woman’s head!”

Sung Won is using Anna as a powerful sword to attack Yoo Jin. But Anna trusts her uncle too much and doesn’t realize what he is doing. He showed Anna the police report regarding her mother’s death and convinced Anna to appear in  the same TV program as Yoo Jin and corner Yoo Jin. But after that, Yoo Jin’s secretary send her men to kill Anna!

Episode 10

Mi Ran put some make up on Anna and excited Anna looks for Je Ha to see her. But Je Ha left early in the morning. So Anna sends him a picture with how she looks and then she calls him.

Anna:”Kim Je Ha, you’re mine now!”

Later Sung Won comes to Anna and shows her the police report of her mother’s death. Anna is a powerful sword that Sung Won can use against Yoo Jin.

Yoo Jin is having an interview and she is answering the host questions by lying and turning everything in her favor. But suddenly the host announced that Anna is the special guest and called her in. Yoo Jin and K2 are shocked. Anna shouldn’t be there, but Sung Won convinced her and brought her there to create troubles for Yoo Jin.

During her interview Yoo Jin said that Hye Rin didn’t know Lafelt, the designer that was looking for Anna. But when Anna was interviewed, she said the contrary. Anna said that her mother and Lafelt were close friends. And to prove that Anna was saying the truth and corner Yoo Jin more, the host played a video recording with Lafelt saying that he and Hye Rin knew each other and were friends.

After the video recording, Anna said that she wants to solve the mystery around her mother’s death…implying that her mother was murdered, Hye Rin didn’t commit suicide like everyone knows .

Anna:”I want to know why my mother died.”

Sung Won took Anna to a studio for a photo shot. The photographer tried his best, but for the pictures to turn out well, he needs to use his flash. Sung Won has a solution for that too. He gives Anna some pills that are supposed to calm down her panic disorder.

Je Ha sees Sung Won giving Anna the pills and becomes suspicious. He tries to stop Anna from taking those drugs, but Anna trusts Sung Won took much.

Anna took the pills and while they become effective, an hour, everyone from the studio went to have lunch. Je Ha goes out to get some fresh air and sees some strange men coming. Those men forced their way in. Je Ha runs to Anna and tells her to leave using the air vent. Stubborn and foolish Anna wants to stay back with Je Ha. But why??? When she can’t fight and help Je Ha, why would she want to stay with him and disturb him? If she is with him, Je Ha will be distracted. He will have to concentrate on helping and saving Anna instead of fighting those men.

Ohhh…please!!! Just slap her and get some sense into her stupid head!

Finally Anna left as Je Ha begged her to. Then he calls Yoo Jin, but instead of Yoo Jin, her secretary answered the phone. Dong Mi is the one that send those men there after Anna and she isn’t willing to stop them. She doesn’t care what happens to Anna, she doesn’t care what Jang Se Joon’s reaction will be and she doesn’t like Je Ha.

The gas is in every corner of that studio and the strange men are in. Je Ha managed to fight some of them and get a mask.  But he looks for the others and a fight starts again. In the middle of the fight, Je Ha loses his mask and falls on the floor. The gas doesn’t let him breathe. Anna sees everything from the vent and comes to help him. But as it was to be expected she is of any help. She runs away and one of the masked men follows her. While being chased, Anna keeps screaming, calling Je Ha’s name… Why you ask? Because that’s what one should do while being chased! You have to scream as laud as you can to let your chaser know exactly where you are!!! (me being sarcastic here…). Oh yeah. Since we are on the topic, I can’t stop wondering…why didn’t Je Ha get on the air vent together with Anna? They could’ve got out together while the masked men were searching the studio, right?

And…of course Je Ha could overcome the gas and save Anna. The masked men couldn’t breathe without the mask for even 2 seconds, but Je Ha, as the hero, the superhuman, was able to breathe in the gas for almost an hour…. As usual the other JSS super bodyguards, K1 and Mi Ran appeared after the fight was over…

The only place Dong Mi can’t attack is Anna’s former house. K2 decided to bring Anna back to her secret house.

Anna is still trembling from fear so Je Ha helps her get inside the house. When they are inside, they kiss each other.  Later K2 is called at Cloud Nine. Yoo Jin and her team have a plan to kill Park Gwan Soo and the only piece that it’s missing is Je Ha.  If Je Ha accepts to do according to Yoo Jin’s plan it could be difficult for him to return alive. Still Je Ha accepted. But he has a condition, he wants Dong Mi’s head.  The second condition is Yoo Jin’s promise that she will leave Anna alone and if she does that Je Ha will make sure that Anna won’t create trouble for Yoo Jin.

Je Ha:”Give me this woman’s head!…I’ll definitely come back to you!”

Je Ha is ready to go after Park Gwan Soo without knowing that Dong Mi gave another order behind Yoo Jin’s back again. Dong Mi ordered the JSS bodyguards team leader to kill K2 and take his phone.

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