“Something About One Percent”ep 15~ Jae In:” I love you, Da Hyun!”

Da Hyun and Jae In broke up, but they both are suffering. Seeing her friend in so much pain, Hyun Jin went to see Tae Ha and they’ve made a plan to bring Jae In and Da Hyun back together. Realizing that he can’t support the idea of seeing Da Hyun being happy with another man, Jae In went to her. He confessed and proposed to her.

Episode 15

Jae In seemed fine, but having split up with Da Hyun affected him too. He drinks in order to forget about his pain, but it doesn’t work. He remembers every moment he spent with Da Hyun since the first moment they’ve met until they’ve broke up. He looks at the pictures they took together, but there isn’t anything he can do…

Jae In:”Nobody can make me forget her.”

Da Hyun and Hyun Jin went to see Ji Soo’s concert at SH Mall. After the concert Da Hyun sees Jae In happy with another woman…without knowing that the woman with Jae In is his younger sister, Soo Jung.

Time passed and both Jae In and Da Hyun miss the other, but they continue with their lives. Jae In is going to blind dates, but he doesn’t like any of the girls he meets. Of course, Jae In’s mother realizes why Jae In is so picky with the girls he meets…either of them is Da Hyun. Worried about her son’s happiness, Jae In’s mother goes to see Da Hyun. She doesn’t talk to Da Hyun. She just watched Da Hyun sending her students home, hugging them, encouraging them with a big smile on her face. But after her students left, Da Hyun became sad…

Da Hyun meets her friends, Sun Woo and Hyun Jin and pretends to be fine. She started eating well and smiling like nothing happened. She even buys clothes. But Hyun Jin knows Da Hyun too well to be fooled. Hyun Jin knows that Da Hyun is pretending to be fine.

Since she can’t spend her life waiting for Jae In, Da Hyun started going on blind dates. She met a good man, but she can’t pay attention to him so she decided to leave. Their meeting was at Jae In’s hotel so when she left, Da Hyun met Jae In. They didn’t talk, they just looked at each other for a while and then they’ve each continued with their lives.

Seeing Da Hyun suffering, Hyun Jin decided to do something. She went to see Tae Ha and forced Tae Ha to help her make a plan to get Jae In and Da Hyun back together.

Tae Ha made sure that Jae In sees Da Hyun at a blind date thinking that Jae In would react in any way. But Jae In didn’t! Since he saw Da Hyun on a date with another man Jae In couldn’t concentrate on his work and went to see Da Hyun.

Jae In hugs and kisses Da Hyun. He tells her that she will have to quit school, that there will be bodyguards following her around, that there will be people being mean to her and that he won’t be able to be with her always, but he wants Da Hyun to marry him.

Jae In:”Don’t talk about other men! I want to marry you!”

Da Hyun’s been waiting for Jae In to come to her and ask her to marry her for all this time, but when he actually did what she was expecting him to do, Da Hyun didn’t have the courage to accept his proposal. She rejected Jae In!

The next day, Jae In came to pick up Da Hyun from school. He forced Da Hyun to go with him. He explained her that the woman Da Hyun saw him shopping with was his younger sister. Then they’ve went for a walk and Jae In confessed that he loves Da Hyun so he can’t see her marrying another man and be happy with him.

Jae In:”Stay by my side! I love you, Da Hyun!”

Hearing Jae In’s confession, Da Hyun finally accepted to marry him. She loves him too, but she has two conditions for accepting to marry Jae In. First condition is that Da Hyun won’t give up her job as teacher. The second condition is for Jae In to convince his family to accept and love Da Hyun. She can’t accept everything else, but she can’t accept being hated by people that will become her family.

Da Hyun:”I love you, too!”

That night Jae In didn’t go home. He spend the night at Da Hyun’s house, to know her there by his side.

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