“Prince Of Wolf” ep 15 ~ Zhe Ming:”Tian Mimi, are you willing to marry me?”

Hao Wei found all the bad things his father did for him, including that Qi Hong abandoned little Zhe Ming on Wolf Mountain. Disappointed and hurt, Hao Wei decided to give up being his grandfather’s successor thinking that like Qi Hong won’t have any reason to hurt Zhe Ming anymore. Meantime Zhe Ming proposed to Mimi, but she fainted and was taken to the hospital.

Episode 15

Both Zhe Ming and Hao Wei have one last test until their grandfather decides who his successor is. The day of the event Hao Wei heard someone talking with his father and saying that something will happen at Zhe Ming’s event. Hao Wei tried hard to announce Zhe Ming, but it was too late. At Zhe Ming’s event a child got hurt.

Later Hao Wei sees his father paying the old Wang for ruining Zhe Ming’s event. Then Hao Wei heard old Wang saying that Qi Hong intentionally abandoned Zhe Ming on Wolf mountain and prohibited the rescue team to find little Zhe Ming. Shocked by what he heard, Hao Wei turns around to leave, but behind him it was Shu Pei. She heard everything also.

Shu Pei accompanied Hao Wei and tried to console him. Hao Wei is shocked to find out how ruthless his father can be to abandon a small child on the mountain. Still Hao Wei knows that his father is hurting Zhe Ming because of him. All that Qi Hong is doing is for Hao Wei. But even if he knows that, Hao Wei can’t agree with his father’s way of doing things.

Hao Wei:”How am I going to face Zhe Ming from now on? The mistakes my father made is equivalent to my mistakes. Let me take the punishment of his sins as his son.”

Hao Wei asks Shu Pei to not reveal what they’ve just heart, to not tell anyone how ruthless Qi Hong can be. Instead Hao Wei will be punished for his father’s mistakes because all of Qi Hong’s bad decisions were for Hao Wei.

Hao Wei:”I’ll let him lose his reason for harming Zhe Ming.”

The next morning Zhe Ming, Hao Wei, their grandfather, Qi Hong and Mandy are having a meeting. At that meeting the grandfather congratulated Hao Wei for the success of his event, but he also congratulated Zhe Ming for how Zhe Ming handled the crisis and because of Zhe Ming’s management crisis there weren’t any bad comments about their company in the media. Suddenly Hao Wei gets up and tells his family that he decided to retire from the successor competition. Everyone is surprised that Hao Wei doesn’t want to be his grandfather’s successor anymore.

Qi Hong is furious with his son for making such decision. He screams and scolds his son for giving up the company, but Hao Wei revealed Qi Hong the reason behind his decision. Also Hao Wei told Qi Hong that now that Hao Wei gave up being his grandfather’s successor hopes that Qi Hong won’t harm Zhe Ming anymore.

Zhe Ming is also surprised by Hao Wei’s decision. He talks to Hao Wei and wants to know the reason why Hao Wei decided to give up. But how can Hao Wei tell Zhe Ming that Qi Hong abandoned little Zhe Ming on the mountain and prohibited the search team to find the little boy.

Shu Pei’s mother came to Taiwan. Shu Pei, her mother and Zhe Ming and his whole family meet for a meal. At that meal was also Mimi. Zhe Ming’s grandfather, Mandy and Shu Pei’s mother are close friends and they want Shu Pei and Zhe Ming to get married. But when Zhe Ming heard about the elder’s plans, he was rude to his grandfather and told everyone that he already has someone he likes.

 Mimi feels like it’s time for her to leave so she excuses herself. Zhe Ming gets up and runs after Mimi.

Zhe Ming:”The only person I want to marry in this lifetime is you.”

Shu Pei’s mother is upset. She feels that Zhe Ming embarrassed Shu Pei by rejecting her like that in front of everyone. She wants Shu Pei to pack her things and return to America. Shu Pei on the other hand defends Zhe Ming and tells her mother that Zhe Ming really loves her…like his sister. But Shu Pei’s mother knows the truth. She knows that Shu Pei likes Zhe Ming as a man, not as a brother.

Shu Pei:”Even if I like him, it doesn’t mean that he’ll like me too.”

Later Mandy and Zhe Ming’s grandfather came by to apologize for Zhe Ming’s behavior.

Zhe Ming went to Mimi’s house, but she refuses to see or talk to him so Zhe Ming spent some time drinking with Mimi’s father. Since Zhe Ming gave up on alcohol he only drinks tea.

Mimi doesn’t come down so Zhe Ming went to her. He took her out and told Mimi that he will sleep at her house and follow her around until Mimi will stop avoiding him.

Mimi:”I just want you to be happy!”

Zhe Ming encourages Mimi to accept her surgery because there must be someone who can donate a suitable bone marrow. Still Mimi refuses to be with Zhe Ming until the end. Upset Zhe Ming doesn’t want Mimi to touch him. If Mimi continues to push him away instead of spending their remaining time together, then Zhe Ming doesn’t even want to remember their memories. He wants to forget everything related to Mimi. Scared that she will be forgotten, Mimi runs, crying, after Zhe Ming.

Zhe Ming called Mimi out, he confessed and proposed to her.

Zhe Ming:”Tian Mimi, are you willing to marry me?”

While everyone was congratulating Mimi and Zhe Ming, suddenly Mimi fell on the ground unconscious.  They rushed to the hospital and called Mimi’s parents. Zhe Ming and Hao Wei told Mimi’s family that her condition has gotten worse. The two of them already did the tests to see if either of them is compatible with Mimi, but the tests were negative. The best match must be in Mimi’s family.

Later Mimi’s parents told Zizi that she is the perfect match because they’ve tested her when she was little. Thinking that she was born just to save her sister’s life, Zizi runs away, crying. Zizi is willing to do anything for her sister, but she is disappointed that her parents didn’t give her the chance to decide what she will do with her own body. Zizi feels like she was born just to donate her bone marrow to save her sister’s live, not because her family loved her.

After Mimi was discharged from hospital, Mimi and Zhe Ming went to look for wolf dad on the mountain. But they’ve arrived too late…

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