“Something About One Percent”ep 16~ Final episode!

This is the final episode of “Something about 1%”. In this final episode everything works out for the best for everyone. Jae In and Da Hyun get married. Tae Ha and Hyun Ji start a relationship…but only the writers know when they managed to fell in love….

As someone who saw “1% of Anything” with Kang Dong Won and Kim Jung Hwa and loved it, I have to admit that this was a good remake. Ha Seok Jin is a good actor and I like his dramas, but…. I liked more the way Kim Jung Hwa played the role of Kim Da Hyun. Also in the drama from 2003, it took Lee Jae In and Kim Da Hyun a while to fell in love. There were some episodes in which Lee Jae In was mean with Kim Da Hyun before felling in love. Meantime in the 2016 remake they’ve met and in the next episode they fell in love and Lee Jae In was mean just because the others were telling us he is…but I couldn’t see him being mean at all. So that was kind of disappointing. Of course the 2016 remake has 10 episodes less than the 2003 drama, but still I was expecting Lee Jae In to be mean with Kim Da Hyun for at least one episode…one date…something.

Another thing is that Tae Ha and Hyun Jin are a couple. The writers shown us that Tae Ha likes Hyun Jin in the last 5 minutes of the drama and …they’ve immediately became a couple. But this isn’t a problem with just this drama. Lately, in the last years, in every drama is the same…they don’t make drama’s like they used to…

Episode 16

“You saved my life!”

Jae In and Da Hyun visit Jae In’s grandfather and mother to get their permission to get married. There Da Hyun meets Jae In’s grandfather. At first she doesn’t recognize him, but soon she remembered the old man whom she found lying unconscious on the ground and took to the hospital. Jae In’s family gave their permission and welcome Da Hyun into their family. Now it’s time for the hard part, getting permission from Da Hyun’s family.

They’ve went to see Da Hyun’s parents and asked for their permission. But Da Hyun’s family is against her marrying a rich man and have a hard life. All their life, Da Hyun’s parents hoped that Da Hyun will marry an herbalist that could take over her father’s business. Now that she came with Jae In, Da Hyun’s father is willing to give up the herbalist son-in-law as long as Da Hyun marries someone their level.

For several days, Jae In visited Da Hyun’s parents, but they didn’t let him inside or talked to him. After coming daily for a while, Jae In got permission to come in and talk to them. He even provoked Da Hyun’s father. The battle was accepted and the two men drunk for a while together. When they were completely drunk, Da Hyun’s father gave Jae In permission to marry his daughter.

Jae In:”I got his blessing! Let’s get married, Kim Da Hyun!”

Jae In went to the school. He got on his knees and proposed to Da Hyun.

Jae In:”Don’t leave me and live with me, please! Kim Da Hyun, will you marry me?”

The wedding day came and passed. Hyun Jin filmed the wedding and recorded herself sending her blessings to Da Hyun and Jae In. Later, while they were watching the video from Hyun Jin, Da Hyun and Jae In saw Tae Ha coming to Hyun Jin. Tae Ha likes Hyun Jin and asked her out.

As Jae In’s wife, Da Hyun has to go to all kinds of meetings with high class ladies. She went to a classical music concert with Jae In’s mother and other ladies. But Da Hyun isn’t into classical music so she ended up embarrassing herself while telling everyone there that she likes idol pop music and her favorite singer is Ji Su…

Oh, come on!!! As a teacher one should be smart and know when to talk and what to say. How can she talk about idols at a classic music concert???? Is she a fool?????

Da Hyun has been overworking herself for a while so she feels a little dizzy and tired. Jae In takes her to see a doctor and the doctor gave them the good news…Da Hyun is pregnant.

Tae Ha on the other hand followed Hyun Jin around until she accepted dating him. But Hyun Jin is against marriage. Tae Ha on the other hand is sure that he and Hyun Jin will get married.

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