“Sweet Stranger and Me” ep 4 ~Nan Gil:” This father is helping his family’s mental health.”

Na Ri has the storage room’s key and opened the door. But as soon as she entered the storage room, someone locked Na Ri inside. She spend the night in the cold room and in the morning when Nan Gil opened the door, Na Ri accused Nan Gil of locking her inside.

Na Ri went to Dada Finance after receiving some documents from them. She told Nan Gil that she is going there and he came to get her out. But on their way out, Nan Gil fell on the ground.

Episode 4

Nan Gil is drunk so he goes to his room. Duk Shim follows him inside and covers him with a blanket. On her way out, Duk Shim sees Na Ri and locks Na Ri in the storage room. Na Ri got Nan Gil drunk to get the key from the storage room from him. The storage room was always open, but now it always closed so Na Ri wanted to see what Nan Gil is hiding there. But as soon as she entered, Duk Shim locked the door and left.

The next morning, Nan Gil hears Na Ri screaming from the storage room. He lets her out and Na Ri accuses him of locking her inside. They argue for a while, but then Nan Gil remembers that someone was in his room last night and since Na Ri was locked in the storage room it couldn’t be her. They look around and saw a small footprint.

Na Ri has to go on a flight. She leaves for Seoul to get ready. Arrived at the airport, Duk Bong came to see her. He got ready all the necessary documents for Na Ri’s lawsuit against Nan Gil, but he needs Na Ri’s stamp. Unfortunately Duk Bong made the trip to the airport for nothing. Na Ri said she will read the documents and decided if she wants to go one with the lawsuit of not. Then Nan Gil called her.

Na Ri’s uncle came to see Nan Gil. The once he run away from threatened him with go look for Na Ri. To see if they’ve reached Na Ri or not, Nan Gil called her.

Duk Bong went to Nan Gil to try and convince him to sell the land. As always Nan Gil refused!

Nan Gil:”I have to knead. This father is helping his family’s mental health.”

When Na Ri returned from her flight, she received news that at the office someone brought her some documents. She went to get the documents and saw that they were from Dada Finance. She goes to Dada Finance, even if Nan Gil told her not to.

Since she already went there, Nan Gil told her to not make eye contact with the people form Dada Finance, to not talk to them, to not read any documents they give her and to not listen to what they have to say. But, as usual, Na Ri didn’t listen. She did exactly what Nan Gil told her not to. When Nan Gil arrived, Na Ri was reading the fake documents the lawyer form Dada  gave her.

Nan Gil threatened Wan Shik to never get close to Na Ri again then he left. He grabbed Na Ri’s hand and took her out. But outside, Nan Gil starts sweating and can’t breathe. Suddenly he fell on the ground.


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